Jeff Gutt


Jeff Gutt - Not just your average struggling musician from Detroit. He is humble and a bit shy I believe. After getting the privileged of meeting him and going to many gigs all in different cities of Michigan my world changed. We all have a story or a part of our life that we feel pain for a loved one, a friend, a family member and the most difficult of all... A troubled child in harms way. I had to find a place that I could go to be free from that pain just for a little while. The only thing I could still feel something for other than the emotional pain of my child was the voice of Jeff Gutt. His voice and music is a healing agent. He has helped me get through these really tough days of life more than he will know. He draws you in to where you can't keep your eyes off of his performances and he puts you in a place where you are longing for more music and the sound of his gifted voice. The past 4 years have been very rough on me. I very rarely left my house other than to go to work and try to help my family get through the crisis. At a mandatory work Christmas party I attended at Hamlin Pub dinner was just served. I heard someone beginning to sing a song called "Turn The Page". After the first verse I immediately excused myself from the dinner and went out to see who the person was singing and that was Jeff Gutt. Playing acoustic guitar along with another outstanding guitar player Gary Pittel. I watched that full set never returning back to my dinner or the rest of the Christmas party. When the set was over I went over and told Jeff how great he was and asked about future performances. He told me about his web site and how to look up his future shows. As I went once or twice a month to see him sing either acoustic or with his band I began to feel a little more engaged with life. I made some new friends as Jeff had quite a large following even before he tried out for X Factor. I began to watch his videos on You Tube and even bought his CD of original music. This man has a gift that should be shared with the world and X Factor 2012 allowed that to happen. As I have said before we were lucky he didn't make the final cut in 2012 as it allowed us locals to have one more year of him on the smaller stage giving us the gift of his voice. I know I'm not alone when I say he has been very generous with his time doing charity work while raising his son and trying to get a record deal. Going back to X Factor 2013 and finishing in second place solidifies that he belongs on the big stage. He definitely has a gift and the world is going find out what a true artist he is. Thank you Jeff for all that you've done for me without even knowing. I now have a peaceful place to go when life becomes too much... And that place is your music. Stay on your new journey of success so we can have more of your gift of music. Kelly Rowland was right on target when she said to Jeff "This is what you are supposed to be doing"... And that is making music with more

About died when they let Jeff go early from The X Factor last season. Only reason I watched the auditions this year was to see if he would come back and he did! The second he walked out on that stage I was jumping up and down screaming! I am constantly on YouTube watching his videos from The X Factor and also the ones of him from his previous bands, BWNN, Punch and Dry Cell. Can't get enough, not now, not ever! No intention of watching the show next year, Jeff Gutt was the climax for me! I so can't wait to see what the future holds for him and definitely will buy everything he has done so far and everything he does from here on out! My new favorite singer! Proud to be a member of the #JAGarmy!

Words cannot express how much respect I hold for Jeff. Not only is his voice a good mix of some of the greatest rock legends, he is just the essence of humanity. Jeff often said that he'd been dreaming of being a rockstar since he was six years old, and the fact that he persevered and is still fighting while many others would have stopped long ago is just amazing. And you can tell that by the way he looks at Talon he simply loves him, and Talon loves him too. People have said that bringing up his son is a sob story, but that's not Jeff's fault, it's the public's. Stereotypes nowadays are there's only single moms, that dads shouldn't have to, blah blah blah. Jeff loves Talon, and he states it openly. Let's all applaud him right now, and wish this amazing man an amazing career.

I have been following Jeff Gutt since 2012 X-Factor and was eager to see him get onto live shows this 2013 season. His vocals are so beautiful with their raw raspy emotions he brings forth to tell us a story in lyrical form. His vocal range is truly sick. His vocals are a rare find as many entertainers have great & beautiful vocals but their range is contained whereas his holds no boundaries. He can sing any genre and make the song his own just by the extraordinary gifted tones he has. He makes me think of poetry put to music for our enjoyment. When Jeff sings I am transported on a ride into a fantasy world where I can visualize the lyrics in action like a motion picture or video playing in my mind.

When he sang "Open Arms" it drew me in like he was speaking or crying out to me to look and see him for whom he is and please be there for him. I wanted to cry as tears seemed to overwhelm me. When he Sang "Amazing Grace" I was transported into the skies as he drew out his arms & looked to the heavens. Like WOW. The beauty of "Hallelujah" was so felt by the audience you could hear the gasps of awes when his tone went so pure and wondrous. Now lets go to "Demons" where he took a song many classified as a giving up to the devil or Satan song. Well just by the use of his tone of vocals & the yearning implemented at the right places he took that song of condemnation to a song of redemption as he cried out for help to deal with what was going wrong in his life. It became a song of HOPE rather of giving up. "Creep" by him was taken to a new level and if had been his own song would have been a hit that would have withstood time. Then there are many who state no one can do justice to Steven Tyler songs such as "Dream On" and Jeff Gut just showed everyone listening that Steven Tyler had just met his match in the sick vocals range category. As it was no matter what song Jeff sang the original artists' sales sky rocketed and they began charting again. Jeff held 6 placements in the Top 10 Rock genre at the same time. This has never been done in the history of talent shows of this type by any other artists. Jeff Gutt deserves to be #1 in this contest as his performances have shown.

Many of the artists on this list deserve to be here as they are truly great. But none of them as far as I am concerned are of the caliber as Jeffrey Adam Gutt. I will be a life time fan of this man and his crew as they proceed to begin their journey into the music biz world. I believe they are on their way to making a world impact for America.

I really wish he had won the X Factor not only because he is the most talented singer in my eyes but also he had worked so hard to get to where he is now. I've heard a lot of modern rock artists and I can definitely say his voice is one of the greatest. I've also heard his original album and not even a single song didn't disappoint me while quite often I get disappointed by some other rock artists. I really wish he will get bigger than the X Factor next year.

Nobody on XFactor came close to Jeff's performances in every way, he does not need any hot chicks around him or a dance troop, he is just himself, full of passion. His whole body was in the delivery, truly amazing to see that. Why didn't the judges say more in his favor or was the voting slanted in Simon's direction. I am still in Jeff withdrawal, still upset he did not win. He deserves for some record company to sign him, he will deliver. He is unique and us fans want him to entertain us.

Jeff Gutt has one of the best Rock voices I've heard in a while. He has such control over it, so versatile. He can go from soft ballads to heavy metal and everything in between. He was able to rock out on every song that he performaned. He had me at "Hallelujah" on season 2 when he auditioned. This show I believe was the best thing that happened to him, and I believe he will succeed. I had never purchased any songs on iTunes he came along.

Jeff Gutt is now my favorite singer! I haven't had a favorite singer in several years. He is just so incredibly talented and seems like such a good person.

I only watched the X FACTOR for Jeff and he should have won! He has so much Vocal talent and heart & Soul! I'm so sick of pop music, a Rock singer never wins. Simon needs to make a rock contest show to be fair to the world.. rock music has no rep-resentation and it needs to! That would be the show I would watch every year. No one has come close to Jeff Gutts talent on X FACTOR.. Every song he has done/recorded so far are a run away success and I'm so glad they are!

A truly incredible talent. Persevering, creative, great ability to infuse new depth into existing songs with the rocker twist. Can also play guitar and write his own material. A real example of someone who slipped thru the cracks. Hopefully this time around the right people were watching at the right time. Wouldn't be disappointed if a major band didn't want to bring him on board either to open with or join their band. He's got it all. It's his time!

He's Absolutely The Best Rock Singer In The History Of The X Factor..
The Performance Of Dream On Was Better Than The AeroSmith's Original.. Demons Too Was Better Than The Original Song Of Imaginary Dragons.. Just A-MA-ZING

I've been following this young man's career for quite a while now, mostly on You Tube and on videos. How he hasn't been discovered until now is beyond me. Finally, God took it into His own hands and said "HEY" You aren't letting this guy escape your notice! His voice and performance style is just pure magic.


Jeff out performed not only the contestants but the guest pros as well. He didn't belong on the XFactor because he was way too talented. It's actually a travesty that he has not been discovered sooner. It didn't matter if it was Hallelujah or Creep or O Holy Night or Demons or Feeling Good, the man KILLED every performance. It's a shame the Rock audience doesn't watch XFactor because they missed some BRILLIANT performances. Xfactor is for the bubble gum fan. Jeff is raw and gifted talent. Standing O from me on every performance. I have seen comments from 10 years old to 89 praising his efforts. His vocals could not have been better. Fan for life here. By the way, I was lucky to have discovered him on XFactor so this is pure unbiased opinion. Its been a long time since I experienced that kind of entertainment and I loved every minute of it.

I fell in love with Jeff Gutt and his phenomenal voice watching The X Factor 2012 in his outstanding audition singing one of my favorite songs ever, "Hallelujah" I absolutely loved him and when he didn't even make it past boot camp I was utterly shocked! This season, Jeff came back and stopped at nothing to grab the win. Even though he finished in 2nd, he is by far one of the most amazing singers I've ever heard. I have NEVER seem a more determined person than him. And everything he went through wasn't only for him, but his beautiful son Talon. Jeff wanted to pursue his career successfully then any other contestant by far, which earned him the 1st place win in my book.

I'm from Guatemala. The show just ended last week and it'll start airing in Latin America next month. Started to watch it because of Paulina Rubio at judges' table and LOVED Jeff ever since he auditioned. Wish he would've won but, hey! In Latin American talent shows, first place winners are not always the most successful and some 5th-place winners have bigger careers. Bet Jeff wil be huge! Simon Cowell and Sony Music would be dumb if they don't sign him up!

Jeff Gutt, is an amzing artist. So much talent, a gift that he feel the music he sings, that we audience feels to the bone. This man is A-MA-ZING

I was torn between voting for Jeff and Taylor Henderson of XF Australia (who by the way was the runner up this year and is outshining the winner on the iTunes and ARIA charts by miles). But... Since I am a old time rock girl I had to vote for Jeff. The power of his voice is colossal! If he made any mistakes I sure didn't notice them. I think if he had performed a few of the more modern songs he probably would have won. But then he wouldn't have been the true rock star talent I came to love! He may not have had the sugary-cutsie factor but he sure had the pure talent factor!

Amazing vocals that have made "Hallelujah" a huge Rock hit. O Holy Night, & all his re-makes of Open Arms by Journey, Dream On by Aerosmith, Creep by Radiohead, Say You Say Me by Lionel Richie, Try by Pink Demons by Imagines Dragons were kickass great. Rockers hope for Rock-n-Roll making in big in the USA

An amazingly talented man who has vocals like angels he's a beautiful man inside and out, he's captivated audiences and his fans are never going to be silenced. We in it forever

Jeff Gutt touches his audience in a powerful yet very personal way.

I'm not much of a rocker, but Jeff Gutt is amazing. He should have won this season. His singing is much stronger than all the other contestants'. Can't wait to buy his album!

Jeff Gutt, Has such AMAZING talent! I could listen to him all day and not get tired. I love the control and the range in his voice. Jeff is so unique. He could sing the A B C's and draw you right in. He sings with so much feeling and passion. By far the best rock singer I heard in a long long time.

He's perfect, enough said, he shoulda won the x-factor, what a shame that he didn't.

He has global support, I'm from the Caribbean and I love his vocals, I'm not into Rock but the way Jeff sings it is amazing (Loved Oh holy night), he made me fall in love with music again, I'm waiting patiently for about 5 CD's... One for me and 4 for my friends as gifts..