Top 10 Yo Mama Jokes


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Yo mama so ugly she made onions cry
Yo mama so stupid she put a battery up her ass and walked down the street singing I got the power oh oh oh
I can't stand with lmfao I'm cracking up holy crapping damn!
That waz the funniest joke ever! I told my friend and she peed her pants(literly)
[Newest]Though so lame lame lame lame lame lamest I got good one yo mama so ugly set on a onions it trees into apple

2Yo mama so fat she had to go to Sea World to get baptized
Ok... Ya know, I do not even think this is the least bit funny.
Yo mama so dumb, she tried to climb mountain dew.


Epic only problem is mama ain't Christian so I don't really know how it is to get baptized besides that epic!
Yo my brother said to me to go on the internet and look up some mama jokes and when I went on we had a competion and my turned out the best. Thank you 4 the jokes.
[Newest]Yo mamma's so big, she put a sheet over the ocean and called it her water bed!

3Yo mamma so fat I took a picture of her last Christmas and it's still printing
I'm going to say that one at school torromow
Ha best one there it is so funny if wan to tell your friends that one I'm sure they will laugh because that is hilarious
Yo moma so fat when she sat on her ipod she invented the iPad
Yo mama so fat when she wore a yellow raincoat a man called TAXI
[Newest]I love it most

4Yo mamma is so fat, her pants size is Bitch lose some weight.
I think this should be the first yo mama joke on the list, it took me 5 min to stop laughing
I started to pee my pants
I started to laugh my head off lmfao
Love it so much think it is hilarious!
It took me about 1 minute to get it though but I finally got it
It took you 1 minute to get the joke? Because, if that's true, you're an idiot.
I honistly thought that was the funniest yo mama joke I've ever heard in my life! I was giggling so much that when my mother came in the room she asked what I was giggling about and I told her and she started giggling so hard she fell on the ground and broke my little sisters Barbie doll house! I love this joke so much! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂so funny!
[Newest]Yo mama so ugly she made 3 blind kids cry

5Yo mama so stupid she got locked in a grocery store and starved
Hey that was my joke! But I got another one! Yo mama so fat and so dark that when she swims at the beach people always said "OIL SPILL! " Yo mama so ugly that she made blind kids cry! Yo mama so poor that her Welcome mat only says Wel!
Heard it. L have to say that it's not that funny here's one:Yo mama so dumb she thought that a quarter back was a refund
How about Yo mamma is so stupid, she walked outside when people said, "it's chilly out here."

6Yo mama so old her birth certificate says expired on it.
Laugh out loud it's so true with my mom.
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL man I have to change my pants four timesHAHAA
This joke is so funny I laughed my ribs out, and when I tell it to my friends they might die laughing about it
[Newest]To mama so old that if she had kids now they would be born at the age of 100 years old

7Yo mama so stupid she got hit by a parked car
Yo mama so stupid that she slept on the alarm clock to wake up on time
Wow that is so funny me and my bro read it and almost dropped the computer
That's funny. This joke I can actually say to my friends or something. Laugh out loud that's that's a good one. Yeah so thanks for the list and I just want to tell everyone that I like pie. PEACE OUT!
[Newest]Classic joke, I love this joke I told it to my friends and they cracked up life eggs!

8Yo mama so stupid she thinks a quarterback is a refund
#1 I told this joke 2 my friendz and they were crackin up
Laugh out loud the quarterback is hilar

This is my joke
Yo mama so fat when she fell in the ocean the whales started singing we are family
Genius, even to a European haha. Should be higher up on the list, well played. I'm going to use it on my friend later
[Newest]I changed it up to yo mama so stupid she played for the high school women's football team as a quarterback so she could get a quarter back on lunch money!

9Yo mama is so stupid she sat on the TV and watched the couch
That's funny
I was cracking up
P. S. Its really funny
But all my friends where laughing so hard
Nice one, but I got better: Yo mama so fat when she became an astronaut it took 27 years to remodel the Apollo 19.
That is funny and I will use it!


[Newest]Yo mama so fat that when she swam in the ocean the whales started singing we are family

10Yo mama so stupid she sold her car for gasoline money
How dumb is that? Laugh out loud..
Yo mama is so fat when anakin skywalker saw her he thought it was the third death star!
Your mama so fat her back look like a pat of hotdogs
yo thats the best joke in the world nice =)
[Newest]That's kinda good like for instance yo momma so fat when she sat on Walmart it lowers the prices

The Contenders

11Yo mama is so stupid when a burglar was stealing her T.V. she ran up to him and gave him the remote.
I am putting that one on my list
I love this one it's so funny been laughing for half an hour laugh out loud
I think you should put this joke in the first place rank I laughed so hard
[Newest]Great joke why not number one the sea world joke stinks

12Yo mama so stupid she brought a spoon to the SuperBowl
I liked that one because I can actually say it to someone


OMG! everybody knows this one; but still funny!
I love this one me and my friend laughed so hard!
[Newest]It's a oldy but still good

13Yo mama so fat Dora can't explore her.
This joke is by far the most funniest I agree
I saw this being used before but at the end it should have been can't not can.
I told that to my friends they laugh Heller hard
[Newest]It very funny you know

14Yo mama so stupid she told a yo mama joke at an orphanage
Best 1 and yo momma so stupid she saw a bus with white people and yelled stop that tinky
That is so wrong, but funny.
Such a good yo mama joke. Laughing forever
[Newest]Why is that not #1?

15Yo mama's so fat, when she sat on a dollar George Washington sang "oh say can you see get your fat ass off me!"
I love the jokes this is my 1 post so far but I changed my pants 9 times
Totally sharing with my friends
I love that joke do some more of those I laughed my but off
[Newest]Awesome I pissed my pants LOL

16Yo mama so fat the police busted her for 12 pounds of crack
Might be the funniest one I've ever read
Yo mama is so small she can do back flips under the bed
Your mama is so fat she gave her son a hug he got lost in her fat

17Yo mama so old when i asked her her age, she died.
To momma so dumb she stuck a battery in her ear and said " I got the power! "
This is dumb its suppose to be yo mama so old when I asked her to act her age she died
Super super laugh trip
[Newest]Yo mama's so stupid she told this joke

18Yo mama is so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone
This is so funny I told it to all my friends and they died
So funny I got tonsils
Lord this is so funny...

19Yo mama is so fat when I killed her in Call of Duty I got a 5 kill streak.
I got one yo mama so fat she don't need the internet shes world wide yo mama so fat when she put on a yellow rain coat and went outside trafic slowed yo mama so fat when she stepped on th scale she saw her phone number
That is not funny. you know some 5th graders could be on here and get scared to death
Cool P.S. so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so funny but ass
[Newest]I play Call of Duty and that's so funny

20Yo mama so ugly she made One Direction, go the other direction

Yo mama so fast her DNA type is kfc
Yo, mamma so old that she thought you were a black hurangatang
[Newest]That is the funniest yo mama joke I've ever heard

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