Toughest Football Stadiums


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1Soldier Field - Chicago Bears

Its cold, windy and miserable. Plus you'll get wacked by the Bears' ferocious defense. - athilos

2Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia Eagles

Any philadelphia fan will tear you apart but only Eagles fans can take it to a whole new level.

The Linc as they call it is new, but during their run to the Super Bowl, this place was rockin - athilos

By Far, the Greatest fans in sports, its not even close. The most passionate and trusting fans in the nation. Loudest stadium in the leauge

3Qwest Field - Seattle Seahawks

The 12th man extremely loud in last year's playoffs. A million times better than the Kingdome. I wonder if the shade keeps the fans energized - athilos

The 12th man will dominate anyone who dares enter quest field!

4Lambeau Field - Green Bay Packers

Easily has the most tradition of any stadium in the NFL. During the Holgram era, this place was probably 1 or 2, but the Pack have slacked off.
- athilos

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5FedEx Field - Washington Redskins

Can seat the most fans. The 91,000 are right on top of the players too - athilos

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6Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City Chiefs

Voted loudest stadium in the NFL, three straight times. ENOUGH SAID! - phigginskc

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7RCA Dome - Indianapolis Colts

The stadium isn't too loud, but it is very tough because the Colts seem to play better football here - athilos

8Heinz Field - Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have been hard to beat here, fans extremely loud too.
- athilos

9Gillete Stadium - New England Patriots

no body but the pats won there this season.
- alexx3

Ask Peyton Manning if its tough to win here. - athilos

10Invesco Stadium - Denver Broncos

If the fans don't get to you, the altitude will. - athilos

It is a mile high

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11M&T Bank Stadium - Baltimore Ravens
12Edward Jones Dome - St. Louis Rams
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