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21World C-3 (Super Mario Bros 2 Japan)

Might as well lump the rest of World C with this level, since after this, you have C-4, which is 7-4, only much harder with a ridiculously impossible sneak under a fire stick section.. And if you lose all your lives there, you have to do C-3 again and again. Anyone who's made it past world C is a god among Mario players.

Green springs + constant wind + Lakitu = Me is sad.

I once hit a Lakitu on my way down from falling...

22Don't Touch Anything - New Super Mario Bros.U

To be fair, this is a Challenge mode level, but it's almost impossible. You have to complete the stage without gaining a single point. This means you need to pull off several frame-perfect jumps in a row. I've seen sadistic romhacks more forgiving than this.

23Pit of Panga - Super Mario Maker

Really hard definitely the hardest level in any fame here!

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24Bowser's Castle - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The castle itself took me two tries, however the battle took me countless tries.

I love New Super Mario Bros Wii but I highly detest this level! The elevator part is ahrd, and the second phase of the Final Boss Battle is RAGE! - HeavyDonkeyKong

This game is terrible and this level is an Armageddon of so much fury that even Fawful can't have that much!

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25Wario's Castle - Super Mario Land 2
26Toad's Turnpike Extra Cup - Mario Kart 64

You are driving the wrong way down a dual carriageway. Enough said

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27Toad's Turnpike Reversed (Extra Cup) - Super Mario Kart 64

The hardest Mario Kart track by far. It is very hard to dodge the cars, especially when there are 2 trucks side-by-side. The item placements are also annoying as well. I have raged at the game many times on this course.

Super Mario Kart 64 - what an awesome re-entitlement for this awesome game!

Only time in a Mario kart game where, all of the cars come towards you. Their is no path tod rive with the cars like in Moonview Highway, you spend the whole level dodging. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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28Frustration (All Melons) - Yoshi's StoryV2 Comments
29Special 8-Crown - Super Mario 3D Land

A secret level that is only unlocked if every level is played with both Luigi and Mario and you have to reach the top of flag each level

For those who haven't played this level, ya know how hard it is? As hard as TRYING IT 500 TIMES AND ONLY BEATING IT TEN TIMES!

Took me about 100 tries to realize that I needed a statue leaf. Then it took about 20 more

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30Rainbow Road - Mario Kart Super Circuit

Jumps, boost panels to get you out of control, bad kart physics. Do I really need to explain? - recaller

Thought the SNES one was hard? Oh boy, you haven't seen anything. No guard rails, boost pads that send you flying off the track, and really floaty controls. This is the hardest MK track of all time. - Zach808

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31Chapter 8-3 - Super Paper Mario
32Mystery House Marathon - Super Mario 3D World

Actual torture. I still can't beat the level and when I play it, I feel like dying when I loose.

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33The Watermelon Festival - Super Mario Sunshine

The level requires you to take a watermelon to a fruit stand. Sounds easy. The problem? It is super sensitive and cataquacks all over the level. If a cataquack touches it, you have to do it again. You won't die a lot but it is time consuming and annoying. It took me days to complete.

PROTIP: Defeat all of the Cataquacks by using the sand dunes. Trust me, this mission is a lot easier if you do this.

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34Rainbow Road - Mario Kart 8

Every time I play this track, I fall off because of the following:
1: Lack of guardrails.
2: Speed boost that may throw you off the track if you have no idea what you're doing.
3: Me playing bad or someone else playing bad.
4: Getting hit with items while gliding.
It's one of the hardest Rainbow Roads, but the Mario Kart Wii one is worse.

I thought this level was easy, so I had no problem beating it.

35Bowser's Castle - New Super Mario Brothers DS

I think that the bosses are the hard part of this!

This stage is so long. There is so many thwomps that make it annoying and then their is the anti gravity part. I hate it. The boss isn't that hard, which is a mirical.

36Chai Kingdom - Super Mario Land

To be honest, I had no problem beating this level

37Stove Canyon - Wario Land
38Rainbow Road - Super Mario Kart

I put this on there because it is the hardest track in the whole entire game.

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39Way Cool - Super Mario WorldV1 Comment
40Donut Plains 3 - Super Mario Kart

I put this on here because someone said that this track is arguably the hardest in the entire game. This is the original and not the Wii you version.

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