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1 Disney Infinity 2.0 Disney Infinity 2.0

I am glad this is number 1 it can have like everything it has marvel and Disney I like the one with star wars as well it is so awesome

This was awesome but you know now we have more - Jordan01

Has star wars Disney and marvel enough said -stan lee

Boom awesome sauce

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2 Lego Dimensions Lego Dimensions

Why won't they just give us Dorothy everyone wants her

Guessing by the end of february this will be number 1

Disney dimensions sounds like a great idea for me

Two words Disney dimensions : /

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3 Amiibo

What game has Mario link sonic mega man Kirby Yoshida peach girl squid boy squid meta knight luigi donkey Kong plush Yoshi mega plush Yoshi pac man Zelda Ganondorf king dedede Bowser Diddy Kong sheik animal crossing characters Mariokart characters and now I think I have proved my point so

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4 Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Skylanders Spyro's Adventure

The first one is usually the best

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5 U.B. Funkeys U.B. Funkeys

If these were around when skylanders were around it would have been a big rivalry

No one knows how great these were any more

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6 Disney Infinity 1.0 Disney Infinity 1.0

This one was awesome

This one was great

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7 Skylanders Trap Team Skylanders Trap Team
8 Disney Infinity 3.0 Disney Infinity 3.0
9 Skylanders Giants Skylanders Giants

Best skylanders game

Loved this game

10 Skylanders Superchargers Skylanders Superchargers

This one was awful I cannot believe how fast you have to love it it is an awful game

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