Top Ten Tracks in Mario Kart 7, 8, and Wii

Everyone tackled the individual games, how bout we do 3 modern ones. No Retros

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1Mount Wario (8)

Another great mountain stage. They need more tracks like this. All the mountain tracks have been really good

A great ride down the mountain, but I would have liked to end where I started

The best track in Mario kart 8, they should make this track real.

This place is just fantastic I'm sure you know why - Pizzaboy456

2Rainbow Road (7)

This rainbow road is probably one of the best in the series. Just WOW, this track is a masterpiece

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3Piranha Plant Slide (7, 8)

In 8, I didn't like gliding up in the waterfall. Otherwise 8 was fabulous

In the sewers. A sever track with a catchy theme. Yay - Pizzaboy456

4Koopa Cape (Wii, 7)

Best track ever! I just have so much fun every time I play it! I wish this was a real place. If you don't agree on it being the best track ever, at least agree that it's the best Wii track.

Great in Wii, but they just ruined it in 7.

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5Electrodome (8)

Most overrated track ever! This track sucks. So does its music. I hate when it gets picked online.

It does not! If you think it sucks that means you never listen to the music

This is SO good that I almost thinks it's better than #1. But hey its mount wario

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6Cloudtop Cruise (8)

I like this level. I certainly found it cool when you in the thunder clouds. It really brings the theme of the level. Also, this level shows them remembering cannons.

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7Coconut Mall (Wii, 7)

Driving in a mall, going outside.. But those stupid cars! - Pizzaboy456

8Rock Rock Mountain (7)

It's name fits it's theme a lot. Have you ever wanted a race of just flying, and flying,. Well here ya go - Pizzaboy456

I thought it was called Alpine Pass

9Rainbow Road (Wii)

This is probably the second hardest Track in the series (behind the SNES version) But it's colorful, catchy tune, and a cannon.. In space! - Pizzaboy456

10Music Park (7, 8)

The remix in Mario kart 8 is so addicting. I'm surprised they didn't include anti gravity, but this track is still awesome - Pizzaboy456

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11DK Summit (Wii)

How does this not have a vote

12Daisy Circuit (Wii)

This stage is terrible. One of the worst tracks in the game

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13Maple Treeway (Wii 7)

This should be #2

14Big Blue (8)

If I'm being honest here, this should be #1. - xandermartin98

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15Rosalina's Ice World (7)

YES a track based on my favorite Mario kart character Thanks NINTENDO

YES a track based on my favorite Mario kart character. Thanks Nintendo!

Why is it in special cup. This course is so easy.

16Sunshine Airport (8)
17Neo Bowser City (7)

A great race. The only thing I can fault is in PAL regions, its called Koopa City, and there aren't many koopas

18Super Bell Subway (8)
19Wild Woods (8)
20Animal Crossing (8)
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