Top Ten Trap Rappers of All Time

Top Ten Trap Rappers Of All Time, Trap Music is associated with shouter drug lords who sell records and dope.

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1 Gucci Mane Gucci Mane

He has an ice cream cone on his face

Trap God, Trap Back, Trap House, Back To The Trap House, and Trap God II is coming out!

There is no trap music with out gucci

When you think trap rap and ATL, Gucci's one of the first things that comes to mind.

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2 Future Future

A lot of people say he is trash and if it weren't for autotune he would be no where. Now I'm not saying he doesn't use autotune but if you watch any interview is voice sounds already robotic almost. If you watch his freestyles he's honestly a pretty good rapper and he also seems like a really cool guy.

Not the best but he's very versatile.

Even though he really isn't close to being the best he's still able to set a place alight with his auto-tuned voice actually playing a big part in that.

I'm a huge future fan cause of his versality and his flow. He's not the best lyricist but he's autotune singing is really good

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3 Chief Keef Chief Keef Keith Cozart, better known by his stage name Chief Keef, is an American rapper and record producer from Chicago, Illinois.

He's really hard to understand but Love Sosa is great

My favorite player butler and I have a butler...

Come on he is the best listen to finally rich (deluxe) best album ever

Cheif keef is one of the best rappers to ever come out of chigaco

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4 Drake Drake Aubrey Drake Graham, known professionally as Drake, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

Is not now nor has ever been a trap rapper

You used to call me on my cell phone

He's more of a storyteller than a trap rapper

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5 Young Jeezy Young Jeezy

All The Thug Motivations Plus The Real Is Back.

Jeezy is the best in my mind. him and gucci is like kobe and Jordan

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6 Fetty Wap Fetty Wap Willie Maxwell II, better known by his stage name Fetty Wap, is an American hip hop recording artist from Paterson, New Jersey.

If you can call muffled sounding caterwauling rap music, fine by me

Best trap rapper of all time! 679, trap queen and my way are the best trap rap songs I've ever known about. The trap rapper that got me into trap rap

He has a dope trap sound. 679 and Trap Queen are two of the best Trap Rap songs I've ever heard.

True KING of trap in my personally opinion all his songs have a great beat and good hook! This is a true Trap Rapper, But where the hell is KG he isn't even in the top 10? TF someone needs to fix that...

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7 Rick Ross Rick Ross William Leonard Roberts II, better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper and entrepreneur.

Ross raps from the perspective of a drug lord not a low level trap dealer

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8 Yo Gotti Yo Gotti Mario Mims, better known by his stage name Yo Gotti, is an American rapper. In 1996, Gotti released his debut album Youngsta's On a Come Up under the alias Lil Yo.

New To The Game but good at the trap

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9 Fredo Santana

They call him trap king fredo for a reason

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10 Young Thug Young Thug Jeffrey Lamar Williams, better known by his stage name Young Thug, is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He became known for his commercial debut single "Stoner." Notable Albums/Mixtapes: Barter 6, Slime Season, Slime Season 2, I'm Up, Slime Season 3

People don't give this guy a chance but he actually makes good songs and if you actually read the lyrics of his good songs he is kinda lyrical.

One of the best beat riders in the game

Slurry speech and pointless topics, but stays on track and has clever rhymes

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11 Juicy J Juicy J

Juicy J and Three 6 Mafia are the originators of trap and you can definitely hear it in all the dark three 6 beats

12 Migos Migos

There beats are insane and they kill most of there songs.

Migos literally started the genre of trap and get no credit for it

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13 TI

His beats aren't hardcore southern trap beats, but TI is the only Southern rapper with good lyricism, good flow, and some cool beats. Just listen to What you know, dead and gone, no matter what, that's all she wrote, live your life, and the list goes on

Hands down best trap rapper of all time!

Best lyrics I've ever heard in my life.

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14 Kevin Gates

How is Kevin not higher up on here? He is definitely in the Trap section, and is amazing. La Familia, for example is amazing.

I agree with you, but La Familia is a terrible example. He is a Dow Jones rapper (up-and-down). One song he'll kill it, and the next he will rhyme a bunch of elementary bull over a hard beat.

Although his first studio album wasn't among his hardest, Gates' large library of hard mixtape material makes up for it.

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16 2 Chainz 2 Chainz Tauheed Epps, als o known as 2 Chainz, is an American rapper. He is more popular when contributing guest verses to people like Kanye West, B .o. B, and Lil Wayne . His latest album, ColleGrove, came out earlier this year .

Most garbage rapper of all time to be honest.

His songs don't even make sense and are so boring

Ehh... He was hot for a little while, but fell off a ' cliff!... Who ever his writer was must have quit!

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17 Travis Scott Travis Scott Jacques Webster, better known by his stage name Travis Scott, is an American hip hop recording artist, record producer and musician from Houston, Texas.

He isn't really a rapper in my opinion

Every song he has done are completely lit. He's the best.

He's from the trap scene in Houston

A true musician puttin down some Kanye style with some streetness to the table and voila. Bon appetit

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18 A$AP Rocky A$AP Rocky Rakim Mayers, better known by his stage name ASAP Rocky, is an American rapper, record producer, director and actor from Harlem, New York.

I'm an A$AP fan but he's no trap rapper

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19 Lil Herb
20 Waka Flocka Flame Waka Flocka Flame Juaquin James Malphurs, better known by his stage name Waka Flocka Flame or simply Waka Flocka, is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.

Hard in the paint down with gucci

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