Top Ten Trappable Villains In Skylanders: Trap Team


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21Blaster-TronV4 Comments
22Tae Kwon Crow

Very string he is almost as strong as wolfgang

I like that he has up close and ranged attacks.

He's the second strongest villain

He can teleport

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23Grave Clobber

Grave clobber has bones that come out of the ground he should be #1

24Scrap Shooter

He has unlimited single-fire-barrel attack. IT IS POWERFUL.

He is the best and he has a cool voice

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25Sheep Creep

He may be the weakest villain, but he is the only villain in the game who can dish out rapid-fire attacks by holding the button. Also, he can defend himself while attacking!

He is the only villain in the game who can dish out rapid fire attacks, and he can defend himself while attacking. Who said all sheep were bad?

I love sheep creep he is my third favorite after Wolfgang chomp and chomp mage

This guy looks cool and has unlimited corn guns.

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26Rage Mage

He is at 46 because there are 46 villains. His attacks suck the first attack can be good but enemies can hit you the staff attack only does 23 damage evolved he is the worst trappable villain

27Masker Mind

How is this guy so high? He is by far the lamest and weakest villain ever.

28Bad Juju

He is strong because last level


How is Luminous this far down, and Gulper 5th! That is bull crap man

I love his second attack. Minions are the best

30Tussle SproutV2 Comments
31Eye Five
32Buzzer Beak

He is so weak but I julie put him anyway

33Trolling Thunder

Who doesn't want a giant tank?


His attacks are great in battle, and he's easy to capture. Need I say MORE?

35Shield Shredder

What! Grinnade is OP as Pepper Jack, and that's a brilliant comment. Grinnade should be number 10.

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37Chill Bill

Chill Bill's theme song is so legit you forget you're playing a kids' game

Chill Bill is in the mix!

Chill Bill is the Best!

38Lob Goblin
39Mab Lobs
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