Top Ten TV Shows for Teens in 2014


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Vampire Diaries
Vampire diaries is my ultimate favorite T.V. show. It has me laughing so hard, scared, and crying. But I also love pretty little liars
I love it! My ultimate favorite show ever!
I love this show

2Pretty Little Liars
It has secerts that are un knowed it so cool

3The Carrie Diaries

4The Fosters
Amazinggg I'm obsessed : )

5The Voice


7Girl Code



10Gossip Girl

The Contenders

11New Girl

12Sam and Cat

13The Lying Game

14The Walking Dead

15American Horror Story

16Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

17Death Note

Pokemon is th gratis show ever made wach it you will fall in love with it wach it very Saturday morning 8:30 at Cartoon Network or on boomerang at 3:00 and at 3:30 I want to be the vary best.

19South Park
I find this show very hillarious and everyone watches it in my school. Much better than Vampire Diaries


21Finding Carter


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