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21 Truce Truce

Truce is so powerful and has very beautiful slow and calming setting, it is also so beautiful because many people (including myself) can connect to the lyrics that are emotional yet amazing. This song is also so empowering, whenever Tyler sings "Stay alive for me", it truly allows me to feel happy inside and allows me to keep a steady head and to be strong when I know that I'm at hard points in my life. All in all, the song Truce is a gift from the Gods and it is helping me and many other fans to stay strong and it allows us to believe that things truly to get better and that anything is possible.

Truce is so powerful and I think the reason people love it so much is because most Twenty One Pilots fans could easily relate to the lyrics. Overall the song is very beautiful and the piano and vocals are very calming and it's definitely one of my favorites even though it makes me cry every time I hear it.

Very gentle and soft. The piano soothes me and calms me when everything else cannot. It's my favorite song despite the fact my favorite album is self titled. It makes me both happy and sad but most of all, it helps me get through each day. "Stay alive, stay alive for me."

Truce is not my favourite TØP song, but it's up there. Seeing it land down here is kinda disappointing. Yes, it's a short song. Yes, Josh doesn't play in it. It's just Ty and his piano, but I love that about this song! It made a great finale for their live show, and the first time I heard it I had to forcefully stop myself from crying. (It took a lot of negative thinking, but that went away because this song fixes everything.) I remember looking at the lyrics on Genius, looking at the meaning and almost crying again because I can't express how much I appreciate Tyler because he really acts like he knows us to a personal level. It's a song that makes you feel good about yourself, and make you cry anyways.
Stay alive for me. My favourite words. Ever.

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22 Fake You Out Fake You Out

This song describes how I feel on a day to day basis. I "break" multiple times a day, and I can't complain to anyone because they will just get annoyed with me (this is what has happened every time I've tried to vent to anyone, whether it's my best friend or someone I just met.) So, I'm forced to fake a smile and continue on with my life. And trust me when I say this: I will fake you out.

This is the first song I got addicted to. Tyler and Josh are two of my favourite celebrities, and I have quite a lot of celebrities I like (Brendon Urie is too perfect okay). This song brings back so many memories for me and it means so much; it's a brilliant song and I hope it gets higher.

How is this so low? It is amazing, especially the parts where Tyler's voice goes high. It has an amazing chorus and you could listen to it hundreds of times without becoming bored.

I love to rap it because the rap part is so true. Kids these days are killing themselves. - AnonymousChick

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23 Hometown Hometown

After seeing them on tour, this song will always stick with me the most. The visuals were stunning, and there was a magic trick they somehow pulled off that I'll never forget as long as I live

It sounds like something my parents would listen to and I still love it because the lyrics are so amazing and meaningful. - AnonymousChick

Amazing, smooth dance track. Proves they can create any genre of alternative music.

I love this. It's so beautiful and depressing. Best song on Blurryface. One of their most underrated.

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24 Not Today Not Today

This song is so catchy and sounds so happy but in the song one of the lyrics are "Listen I know, this one's a contradiction because of how happy it sounds, when the lyrics are so down." They know how to get someone to tap their foot, and this song does just that and more.

Absolutely Amazing. One of my best friends, also a hardcore clique member, like me, we were singing this, and my other friends came up to us, trying to interrupt. One of them just gave up and started singing along with us. We sounded horrible, but's the thought that counts.

I heard it for the first time and I just love the chorus. It makes me so happy and I don't know why. The song says that it's a contradiction because of how happy it sounds but the lyrics are so down. - AnonymousChick

How is this song 25? This was the first twenty one pilots song that I have ever heard,and I still think it is the best. It has a catchy tune and everything. What else would you want?

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25 Fall Away Fall Away

My all time favorite song. Relatable and deep, with raps, and great music. It helps me through anything, and gives me hope, which may be odd considering the lyrics are talking about falling apart, but it really does.

I hear Tyler Joseph's Drown before this so I knew the second rap part and easily learned the first. It's pretty darn cool. - AnonymousChick

The First Album has the best Vocals by Tyler, And the Music was Amazing, that was a Song that will never be repeated

It's emotional but pleasing, I personally love all of their songs but this would have to be my favourite

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26 Forest

"This situation's becoming dire; my treehouse is on fire and for some reason I smell gas on my hands.. this is not what I had planned, this is not what I had planned! " SO. GOOD.

Extremely catchy chorus and tune, and the rap is very powerful. My favorite lyric of all time is featured in this song, being: "I scream, you scream, we all scream 'because we're terrified of what's around the corner". Quite underrated if you ask me.

I didn't vote for this song but it is so good! To the opening verses to the catchy chorus and then to Tyler's powerful rap. Truly one of their top songs and am surprised that this song isn't more well-known.

This song has hands down some of their best lyrics

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27 Oh Ms. Believer Oh Ms. Believer

Who doesn't love this song? Honestly when I first heard it, it stabbed me in the chest with feels. It's beautiful, and it should be higher on this list. - GhostlyDawn

This is one of my favorite songs, I personally think it should be higher on this list. It's a really beautiful song.

This is the song that made me fall in love with twenty one pilots, so beautiful and amazing lyrics as usual

This is my Christmas song

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28 Trapdoor Trapdoor

This song is so amazing... the melody itself is kinda eerie but beautiful, and the lyrics are SO POWERFUL (this can be said for p much all of their songs but trapdoor stands out to me)

This song is absolutely incredible. Honestly it's one to make you cry because of how sincere and upset Tyler was while singing this. Beautiful melody for sure!

I am very upset that this song isn't even added to the list at all, figuring it's my favorite song by them. This song is amazing, because it describes the life of a man and his life struggles. It's incedibly relatable and catchy. If this song doesn't make it to the top 10, Imma be pissed, because it's truly brilliant...

Best song I've ever heard, I'm not even a huge fan, but it's meaning is amazing

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29 Polarize

WAIT, WHY ISN'T THIS HIGHER! IT'S AWESOME, one of my really good friends is moving so then I will just listen to this song and be like, "we have problems but we don't care!

Honestly this is such a great song! It's got the perfect mix of instrumentals and vocals. This song needs to be much higher on the list!

Amazing song. I really wish this was higher in this list. I normally go to work and put this on repeat one for a decent amount of time.

Why is this song underrated?

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30 Message Man Message Man

How, how, how is this 48th? It should be in the top ten.

The lyrics, the beat.. This song rewards every listen.

This song is so good, the beat is amazing, the drums are, as usual, astounding. "Please use discretion when you're messing with the Message Man."

Why. Is. This. Song. At. Number. 40!? I love the rap towards the end, and sounds intense with a great beat the whole way.

This is such a great song I love it so much

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31 The Pantaloon The Pantaloon

The pantaloon is an upbeat fun song that has some good meaning in there. Very very catchy and cute

Best song from their first album. Great album to ponder and a very good lesson can be learned from this song. - cartaris101

Great song, catchy, interesting lyrics. What's a pantaloon?

I used to hate twenty one pilots before I heard this song, I think people focus way too much on vessel and blurryface, people need to start to talking about their self titled album

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32 Can't Help Falling In Love

I cried like a baby the first time I heard it, still do sometimes. It's such a beautiful cover and reminds me off my boyfriend.

Knowing that this song touched me lyrically in everyday possible, it holds an extremely special and sacred place in my heart. Such a great cover.

Tyler Joseph is a cutie pie in general, but know he's even more admiring. Love, love, love this cover. Makes me cry ever time.

Not an original, but still awesome none the less.

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33 Cancer Cancer

The depth of emotion Tyler conveys through his voice and style of singing is just Amazing. Watch out for the massive Drop this song has to offer to you which will take you on one hell of a trip"

This song to so good! I thing twenty one pilots did a better job at this song than, My Chemical Romance did to be honest. I cry when I hear this song! IT IS THE BEST

So many people hate it but I love it and I think that, althouhg it isn't as good as the original, it's really great and deserves respect. It's very emotional and while I prefer the piano, an electronic remix/cover of this song is amazing - AnonymousChick

I hate this song, if you want to make money off a topic as serious as cancer you need to be someone who contributes to a cure, Personally I never made it past the "Soggy from the chemo" lyric, as I was sent into a boiling rage, from how this guy can sing about dying when he is 100% cancer free. like sonic '06, just In music.

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34 March to the Sea March to the Sea

This song needs to be up there! Please listen to it and give it a chance, I clicked on this song on accident and it will forever be my favorite song of theirs now! "my eyes are focused on the end of land, but then again the voice inside my head says: follow me instead"

This song is one of those that I can most relate to. I feel like I am on a "march to the sea" every day. "Follow me instead" is exactly what that voice in my head tells me when I get too close to the end of land. I love this song so much.

One time I was just a wreck and I locked myself in my bathroom and started playing music. I had never heard this song but I was too depressed to change it. I let it play through and by the end I felt so much better. this song honestly needs to be higher on this list. If you haven't heard it please listen to it. Thank you.

Probably my favourite song of all time. Relatable to everybody, it is somehow both simple and complex all the same time, builds perfectly.

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35 We Don't Believe What's On TV We Don't Believe What's On TV

"This song is so fun to dance and groove to and is great when hiking or even just sitting in the car. You have to listen closely to truly understand the lyrics."

I was at a twenty one pilots concert and I heard the drums start and I whispered 'oh no' because my sister loves it so much. I love it too. It's so sweet. - AnonymousChick

This song is one of my favorites off the album...actually I love them all but this one is just amazing!

You can relate to the lyrics in a way that you can't with most songe

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36 Clear

I love this song so much. In my opinion, I think the RAB songs are too underrated. You guys need to start listening to them. It's my favorite album and this is one of my favorite songs from the album. But RAB is such a beauty, along with Self-Titled by the way, but just because a song might be older than others, it doesn't make it the worst song in the world. The rapping is beautiful, Tyjo's soft voice, and his early mentionings of Blurryface really make this song that much more emotional. So just give clear a try. I don't want it to be one of the least popular songs they have. So please guys...

Their 3rd best song in my opinion. the strings at the end, the rapping, the electronic rock sound

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37 Taxi Cab Taxi Cab

Beautiful. In my opinion, all there best stuff was on their self-titled album, and this song was the best. As is usual with TOP, it has a deep meaning, without being boring or confusing. And it just sounds so beautiful!

For me, the line "and I want everyone to know that I am half a soul divided" catches me every time. I literally have to resist crying, this song is so deep, and what's more, it's relatable

The last verse is one of the best Tyler has written. To me, this is one of the few songs that can compete with songs like blasphemy and kitchen sink

One of the best and most meaningful songs I have ever heard. This should be much higher

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38 Lovely

This song has so much emotion. The words will stay in your brain and your heart as Tyler is telling you to stay alive and that he will make you believe you are lovely.

This is such an amazing song. Whenever I heard I had to just replay it and get to know every part of it. This should be in the top ten at least. Love it so mich

I heard the song when some of my great friends were contemplating life, and it made me just want to sing this song to them.

I used to love this so much. I need to download it so I can listen to it more. - AnonymousChick

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39 Slowtown

Why is this fascinating song all the way at the bottom of this list?

The only reason this song is low ranked is because it is rare to find. But if you do find it, it is at least a top 10 for 21 pilots

I know this one isn't very popular but I actually really really love it.

Its like stressed out but better

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40 Glowing Eyes

The song is a journey and it speaks the unspeakable. To me it's about that place that's dark and obsessions and torturous darkness, yet it's so hard to leave. Somehow you don't want to leave it- you got caught in its cycle. But you need to fight through for the people who need you. This song is beautiful and dark, but ultimately it fights the battle we all need to fight. It's incredible

This song just has an amazingly happy sound to it, and its one of those songs you can listen to on repeat on not get sick of.

This is such a pretty song. Josh's vocals make it so much better. Not to mention the flawless lyrics

Such an amazing song

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