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1 Shooting

Call of Duty! - Don't care what anyone says, I love the series even if it has the boring Black Ops Declassified - sryanbruen

This list is what's wrong with new gamers.

Grand Theft Auto Call of Duty HALO LOVE IT - randomdutchguygaming

Love me some Uncharted. - letdot52

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2 Fighting

The best fighting game(in my opinion) is Injustice: Gods Among Us. - letdot52

3 Action/Adventure
4 Racing V 1 Comment
5 Arcade

I've always loved arcade, it never ends. - ToptenPizza

6 Horror
7 Role Playing

I've always loved RPGs. Fighting is good, platformers are good, and I do like shooters, but RPGs are my favourite types of video games. Like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, Paper Mario, Xenoblade Chronicles and the like. - smrpg1996

Yup, most of my favorite games are RPGs, including Pokémon, Tales of, Kingdom Hearts! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

8 Dark/Bloody
9 Building
10 Card

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11 Educational
12 Platformers

Every time I think of platform I think of Mario - Matt92647

13 Avatar
14 Kinect
15 Life
16 Sports and Recreation
17 Puzzle & Trivia
18 Music
19 Classics
20 Running
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