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1Sarah Jessica Parker

You all have serious psychological esteem issues embedded in you si ce your youth. No human WORKS at this to put others down for how they came into the earth.

Perhaps, though you'd never admit, you wish you were in Show Business, and you are full consumed for ANY actor or actress or performer of any kind whom have MADE IT to where you all know you could never be... or have the courage.

You spend TIME with no apparent life blogging about others, where YOU need to do SELF EXAMINATION and you are aware... You aren't good enough to make it. Your INSECURITIES, ALL of you to knock anyone, spending ANY AMOUNT OF TIME BULLYING.


You are what you HIDE BEHIND IN WRITING LIKE THIS AT ALL, spending time on bullying. EACH OF YOU ARE UGLY INSIDE FOR TAKING THE TIME TO JUDGE. And YOU seem to allegedly perceive yourself as the ideal middle, accepted LOOK.

IT IS AL OF YOU WHOM ARE UGLY, and INSIDE REFECTS OUT. YOU CAN'T RUN FROM WHAT EAC OF YOU WRITE BEHIND A COMPUTER... UGLY. You may put makeup on you face. Do you have it IN you to SHOW SELF as to what your worst looks like?

Or are you already doing a good job showing what you DO look like behind your screen... UGLY INSIDE, thus OUT.


THEY are good inside. YOU WILL REMAIN UGLY, as you HAVE revealed your ugly self hiding behind the, "Pay no attention to that man/woman behind the curtain". (The Wizard of OZ).


YOU HAVE No peace and dream to be what you are not and have no courage to be. ALL OF THEM HAVE "applied" self and MADE IT.


DISAGREE? You will only be defensive and continue LYING TO YOURSELF.

Dr. Dante' M. PhD. Psychologist

Granted, she can't control how she looks, but it's ludicrous that she is trotted out as being some type of sex goddess. Her face looks like a man's foot.

To be honest, most of the women on this list aren't that bad looking but Sarah Jessica Parker is butt-ugly. Yeah, she good looking... For a horse.

I love Sarah Jessica Parker to pieces. She makes me so happy. She's beautiful and smart, and I want to be just like her. 😊 - RockFashionista

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2Tori Spelling

I couldn't agree more. She doesn't look good on screen and definitely not in person. My friend and me saw her in person, my friend didn't know who she was, but she screamed out "what is that? " laugh out loud, it was pretty rude, yet funny.

Honestly, on this dreadful list I can only agree with this one. Tori is honestly hideous and looks absolutely terrible. The rest of the actresses are simple beautiful though, but Tori is just disgusting looking.

She looks like Jesse Jackson with the eyes on the sides of the head... With a good tan she can pass as his daughter.

I always thought she was a horse in clown's make-up.

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3Tilda Swinton

Are you joking? Just because her appearance is different and not so feminine doesn't make her ugly. She's striking and actually very beautiful - but you idiots can go run back to your generic glossy-haired supermodels, I guess.

She looks like an ugly, washed out transvestite. Kind of reminds me of a David Bowie or Annie Lennox "want to be. " I can't stand her eyes. Put on some eye make-up you albino!

She is just plain ugly. She should be a symbol of depression. If some one wants to make a logo of depression, her picture should be on it.

She's stunningly gorgeous & unique. So far from ugly

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4Maggie Gyllenhaal

Probably the ugliest actress I can think of I can't even watch the dark night because of her terrible acting and taking katie holms place

By far the ugliest actress. She has to be related to a producer or something. The dialog in Dark Knight called her character beautiful multiple times, but her ugly face and sagging, frumpy body were nauseating. It was bizarre and so hard to watch.

She is not leading lady material. I can't make myself like her at all. Seriously, this might sound mean but her face and voice really bothers me. Her face is droopy and she doesn't age gracefully unlike her brother.

Hideous doesn't deserve to be in the Dark Knight

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5Toni Collette

Totally agree -- it is hard watching her on the show and when she comes into frame I turn -- the show will probably be cancelled, I hate to say it, because of her face. She is probably a nice persona and I feel bad saying this, but she looks like a model for bad plastic surgery.

I searched because I couldn't believe I would be the only person almost repulsed by her. Probably going to stop watching hostages. Her mouth hanging open looking stupid is nauseating.

What's wrong with you people, who do any of you think you R. I wish I could see just one of you voting. It's because of people like you that this world is the way it is. No wonder these young girl's have so many problems today, they all think they have to look like a supermodel to be of any worth. You all should be ashamed of yourselve's, Look in the mirror all of you. I think all of these women are beautiful in there own way.

I have always thought this Australian actress was ugly beyond words and dumb founded how she got roles. Viewers can't watch her because of her face and that's why the shows get cancelled. For some reason Australia has a problem with pumping out ugly actresses.. Nicole kidman is another one.

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6Uma Thurman

God, what a bunch of jerks! God, jealous much... Who said the sum of a man or woman is what they look like... I wonder what all of you look like... Probably not half as good as any of these actresses you are bashing to repair your bad self-images! - carrottop4ever

Uma isn't bad looking, kind of different but still attractive in her own way.

You all actually take the minutes and your time too comment on these people and yes I am commenting on you guys because you need to back off you don't even no these people just have some dignity for your selves be a little nicer.
Secret person #78

She is not bad looking

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7Gabourey Sidibe

Definitely should be number one one this list. Even if she was slim she would top it easily.

Um, I don't know how you people can think that such a beautiful person is ugly. Honestly! She is truly beautiful, and kind, but you people are truly ugly, and you just can't see that! - iamabeggar

8Whoopi Goldberg

She belongs in the "Planet of the Apes" movies, because she's so ugly. But that is in insult to apes! She should be #1 or #2 on this list.

I never thought she was all that

I thought you had to be human to make this list.

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9Glenn Close

She looks like a transvestite on a bad day.

Repulsively ugly inside and out and a mediocre actress at best.

Great actress but does kind of have an androgynous look to her.

Mediocre in every way

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10Sandra Oh

Good actress, just always has a very sad face. It can't all be oriental, many Chinese don't have a perpetual sad expression.

Again shes not ugly but just not Hollywood pretty, I wouldn't be repulsed if I worked with her or something. This list is a bit harsh.

The ugliest woman in show business!

Very pretty and very talented I lover her in every way

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11Gwyneth Paltrow

Her physical appearance is bland and plain, at best. The period pieces she is so fond of working on are well suited for her look. Her eyebrows are so fair they do not show up. Her eyes are smallish and rheumy looking. Her nose is straight, but she has very thin lips and a slight overbite. Her real ugly is on the inside though. Rather than spending the last hours of her father's life holding him and crying with him and talking to him, she instead tortured him by force feeding him macrobiotic noodles. She seems incapable of adapting to any of life's inevitabilities without attempting to exert control.

All that smug righteousness doesn't count toward pretty points? Nonsense. She's amazing. Just ask her.

But she is beautiful, how could she be put on this list

:(... Looks like a stick and not even a charm look on face

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12Jennifer Aniston

Her jealousy over Angelina Jolie has made her look physically ugly. She has a mans chin and bad nose which is a turn off. You can see she is a smoker form the lines above her lip. (i'm a smoker and have the same lines above me lip as I'm about the same age as her)She needs to give up the smoking as her looks will be going down fast within the next 5 years. She has the girl next door looks, so wouldn't say she is ugly. Just average greek looking woman. All she had to do was give brad a couple of kids like he wanted when they were married and she wouldn't be living a regretful miserable life which shows on her face which makes her look ugly. When she is washed up and old and acting roles stop she will be a very lonely woman with massive regrets in not having kids, so kinda feel sorry for her.

Jenifer aniton to me was never a pretty woman. At her very best she is average looking. Hollywood tries to make us believe she is beautiful. It is mere publicity. She has been very lucky to be where she is at.

I've never understood the appeal of Jennifer Aniston, to me she looks very average and rather manly. Her chin is the epitome of masculine. Angelina Jolie is a lot sexier and otherworldly beautiful.

She's a has been wonder how many face lifts she's had

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13Renee Zellweger

I wouldn't say she is ugly, just weird looking with those closed up eyes. One would think she is half Chinese having those ugly eyes. An over-rated actress in most movies but was good in bridget jones diary and made colin firth look even more sexier. Looks like she sucked a lemon to hard which is a pity and I agree that the major reconstructive surgery she recently had has shown improvements. But I doubt she will ever get movie offers again as she looks like a completely different person and that's when you get ditched! She looks better with the blonde hair as the dark hair makes her look ugly for sure.

Her face looks sour, it's like she sucked lemon all the time and her eyes not quite right if I should say. Don't make facial expression like that, smile that's even better

Squinty eyed and mousy looking, although her recent major reconstructive surgery has shown some improvements!

I agree, she is not ugly, but weird

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14Meryl Streep

Always felt she was homely, but her superb acting somehow makes you forget about her looks...

Honestly, if playboy should offer her money you can't refuse for posing nude, it will only be for her name and certainly not for her beauty. Nobody would buy it anyway.

Attractive, talented actress. Not conventionally beautiful, but beautiful in a classic way.

Always overacting, does not deserve oscar

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15Misha Barton

I think she is beautiful! I can't believe she is on this list at all.

She's actually really pretty. a lot of other actresses that could be on this list instead of her!

Why is she on this list, she is pretty

She's a soft 5

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16Kristen Stewart

Oh gosh she is the ugliest person inside and out on this plant. Has no talent, does not even know how to act. Is so selfish, self-centered, is a spoiled little brat that get's her way all the time and doesn't care about anyone else but her self, self-obsessed, self-absorbed, shallow, spiteful, in-attentive, arrogant, snobby, is really clingy, whiny, is really mean, ungrateful, is a evil schemer, moody, completely-dis respectful, is a liar, is such a tarty home-wrecking slut, uses men to further her career, high on drugs-drink, I hate her pot shaped head, I hate her teeth, I hate her hair, I hate her voice, I hate her face, she can't smile, emotion-less, humor-less, I hate her body shape, she is so weak, not-creative, she thinks she is so good when she is not at all in any such shape or form of way, she is the worst person who has an acting job who actually does not deserve her spot in the industry because she just can't act and simply does not even know how to act, flat-chested, she is a serial-cheater, I Hate everything about her, I hate her so much, she should be fired for not being able to do the job, destroys people that she comes into contact with, is boring, is like a one-trick pony, she is the number one ugliest-worst person to ever be born that has a acting job in the world and on this planet, is the fakest faker, is totally fake, manipulative, 2 faced, I hate her habits (lip nibbling, nail biting, not showering, not washing her hair, not wearing perfume, dressing like the tomboy, picking her nose, swearing like a stupid little brat that thinks it's so cool to be so dis-respectful everyone, I mean telling the media that "she doesn't give a whatever about any thing or anyone-or who ever she may hurt, is not edgy, pouty little sulker, trouble making Stirrer, suck-up, stuck-up her bony bum, she is so skinny that she is the stick of bugs life(film), delusional hypocrite, truth-twister, hollywood's slut, cold shiny hard plastic, she is more like a boy than a girl, control-freak, non-maternal, non-professional, non-committed dis-loyal, dis-honest, hate her annoying hair flipping, eye blinking, unnecessary stuttering, slurring words, scream is un-realistic, she is the right rottenest stinker that stinks worse even than a stunk at all creative jobs, she should definitely be number one on this list!, she is heart-less, heart cold as stone, pretends to be the innocent victim when she is not, I can't bare watching her in any films it's a form of physical torture, is so plain, I HATE HER SO MUCH.

I don't think Kristen Stewart is ugly at all. Why she is on this list I don't know. A lot of younger jealous girls is my guess, as I think she is just shy and her star sign (an arias) has a lot to do with the bad way she is portrayed in the media. People born under this star sign are secretly very nervous people although they come across as super confident people like their star sign suggests. She is a nervous wreck in T.v interviews which makes for uncomfortable viewing as like the now deceased Heath Ledger (Australian actor.. Broke back mountain) Both of them are star sign Arias and both are/were very nervous in their T.V. interviews. Kristen is actually half Australian as her mother is Australian and she looks more Australian than American. She has the aussie beach girl look which makes her look fresh and natural looking. There is nothing ugly about her, she just looks like a normal 20 something year old young girl with an average looking face, although she could learn to smile more and relax. ( but remember relaxing is hard for an arias as they like a Gemini always have something on their mind that gets the better of them and can make them look very serious) She shouldn't even be on this ugly list. She is actually quite pretty done up.

Can't stand the way she acts she plain does bad acting. and her long teeth! She looks like a little boy with long hair in girls clothes. Not pretty at all ugly, ugly.

Was better looking years ago, now looks like a dike!

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17Melanie Griffith

Is ugly but not as ugly as the rest on this list. Antonio probably left her because he is hot and she wasn't good looking enough for him. She looks washed up & old (obviously plastic surgery was a waste of money as it didn't improve her looks) I feel sorry for her with every pretty younger looking girl out there throwing themselves at her ex (Antonio)when she was with him. That would of annoyed me as well. She is ugly but not as ugly as some of the other ugly ones on here.

She was much, much, much more beautiful in her youthful years when she was natural (no plastic surgeries)!

18Beyonce Knowles

Very ugly and very boring. Is she so overrated because of political correctness, or what is it? It makes her even more repulsive that the media goes so overboard in portraying her as some goddess. She deserves her success about as much as her faker husband.

There is nothing beautiful about Beyonce! She can't sing and she certainly can't act! She's overrated and very unattractive to me! YUCK! - curlyqgirly

Can't stand this girl she can't act at all. She only messes up movies for the other actors. can't stand the way she moves her head side to side and thrust her chest out when she dances eww gets under my skin!

Non talent, average looks, bigot.

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19Damitha Abeyratne
20Gayana Sudarshani

Are you Insane! Have you ever seen a more Uglier Actress than the Sri Lankan Gayana Sudarshani!? And How on Earth can Super Beautiful, Goddess like, Aphrodisiac American Women be Ugly!?
Uma Thurman, Mischa Barton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Ariana Grande, Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore & Cameron Diaz are a TRILLION Times more Beautiful than this Sri Lankan Piece of Trash can! - Nirmal1991USA

Without a doubt the Ugliest Actresses ever Born!

It's preposterous, ludicrous, farcical & burlesque that she's enthroned as being The Sex Goddess and the Supreme Sex symbol of Sri Lanka. Her face looks even worse than a pile of rotten cat poop. There are no words in the English language to describe how terribly pugnacious this woman looks like. To be honest from the way she looks, I'd swear she's an ugly, washed out Tranny. She thinks that because she has a Prestige series signature Panty issued by Gayathreedias Panties (Gayathreedias Gayana Sudarshani XKV8000 Extreme) that she's the Sex Goddess or Sri Lanka, but the 100% pure truth is that she's the Ugliest Female ever to walk on this Planet!

The Ugliest Woman on the Planet & she's from Sri Lanka!

She's also the Ugliest & the Most disgusting woman to play a Lesbian Role in a Motion Picture: In 'Mamath Geheniyak' with fellow Actress Anusha Sonali. Youtube Mamath Geheniyak Lesbian Scene, tell me Gayana is not the Ugliest Actress of All-time! (She's the Darker one out of the two) That scene made me Puke on my own Lap! Yaik!

She is not ugly! She's not cookie cutter blonde/blue stick figure - that makes her more attractive by a mile!

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