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1Sarah Jessica Parker

If having a face the shape of a horse's wasn't bad enough, every feature on her face is ugly. Her nose is huge, bony, and oddly shaped with a big bulb on the end, her eyes are too narrow, and one's higher than the other, her lips always look dry and nasty, she's got horse teeth, when she smiles she gets all these vertical lines in her cheeks, her cheekbones stick out in an ugly way, she's got no jaw (except her chin), her chin is horribly shaped, and, good god, what's that thing on her chin? I can't for the life of me figure out how anyone thinks she's attractive. And, to top it off, she's got an ugly, skinny body.

I looked up butt-ugly in the dictionary and they had her picture there!

Number 1 ugliest in my book. Impossible for me to understand how she gets work. I always think it is a satire of some sort when they pair her with a handsome actor. I sit and stare in disbelief waiting for the punch line that never comes.

She Is not pretty but she 👌 🙆 😐 👍

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2Rosie O'Donnell

Fat and extremely ugly. Water on the brain big head. And she is not a "good" person. She is rude, hateful and nasty. If you have an opinion different from her she will be even more nasty. Vile mean spirited person.

Well, I don't really pay attention to her and most of the time I hear people calling her "fat". I'm sorry but fat people can be pretty too. HOWEVER, I saw what her personality is like and boy is it f***** up so I'm gonna have to agree that she's ugly.

When are people going to see that beauty is only skin deep. It's the most horrible you can do to a person. The real beautiful people may not be winning any Miss America Pageants, but I bet her heart is a big as good.

I hate her, I think she is opinionated and obnoxious, and I can't get passed that and her loud annoying mouth to see her facial features! (She is one NASTY mean person! )

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3Miley Cyrus

Squinty eyes, messed up teeth, ugly body. Get some braces and some singing lessons!

One word. OVERRATED. To the max. She's not a good singer, I don't know why people are so crazy about her.

Looks like she is inbred. Giant head on a little body. Terrible role model as well

Hillbilly white trash and accentuates it with stupid tattoos.

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4Paris Hilton

1 word: skanky. Well they want more words so nasty, disgusting, scrawny, etc.

She's ugly and stupid. She can't do anything. She's a hooker. She can't sing or act.

Unattractive girl with the nose of the toucan bird
She is extremely overrated and I don't understand why she still deserves her fame

I have to disagree. Paris Hilton is many things, spoiled, rich, snobbish, etc., but she's still very very hot, even as old as she is by now, age has not diminished her looks and I'm sure she's done her fair share of drugs and partied it up. If she weren't from an extremely wealthy family and acted more wholesome and down to earth people would have a different opinion about her. She may have an ugly personality, but Paris Hilton's appearance is not ugly by any stretch of the imagination.

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5Lady GaGa

This creature is truly ugly, she needs to be NUMBER ONE. How in the world did this beast become regarded as "hot"... I can't figure it out.

Just Hideous in the flesh, perhaps the ugliest person of all time! Why do you think she tries to dress crazy all the time? Not because she's "gaga" but because she is so horrid, ugly and physically repulsive.

Urgh. Weak chin, droopy small mouth, concorde nose, skinny face, no cheekbones, cellulite, stupid pretentious tattoos... I could go on but I haven't got all day. Surely she's older than 25?

He is the worst looking woman!

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6Yoko Ono

I hate this woman. Please look at her singing on YouTube it will make you laugh. I don't think it's a matter of being ugly but she ruined the best band in the world then when apparently in love with John Lennon she was sleeping with male prostitutes.

First of all, Yoko Ono didn't break up the Beatles, it was John who chose to be influenced by her, and if he loved her it doesn't matter.

Ugly and sad. She looks like a bad nightmare and boy is she scary. She thinks she can sing and thinks we care what she has to say. The only decent thing in her life is Julianne Lennon and that ain't her biological son. At least he has talent.


Yes, you too can marry a superstar and that will qualify you to become a star too! LOL! WHERE IS THE TALENT?

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7Oprah Winfrey

She should not be on this list. She is not ugly. She's a regular-looking black lady when not wearing makeup, and with the makeup, a very pretty one. Some people are just being hateful because of her money. I do think she has gotten to be pretty full of herself and sees herself as some kind of enlightenment guru. All those terms she uses when on one of her enlightening jags really turn me off. I used to love her but not so much now.

I respect her, but she needs to take a lot of that money and use it for animal charities, disease research like cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and Diabetes, Alzheimer's, children's charities, the poor, the environment, wounded Veterans, and so on, not keep wasting so much on things to show off and pamper herself and her friends and just keep rolling around in luxury like a pig in slop. No one needs all that crap!

I believe in having what you need to be comfortable, but then there's having way, way too much. That's when you need to give back. I know she does give to charity and has an African school for girls and college funds at a black college, and she does a lot of good, but it could be SO much more. She is not living by the things she is preaching. It's hypocritical. That's why I don't love her like I used to.

She has lost touch with the things that are important, and with her true deep-down self, and just wants to be powerful and live like a queen and live it up and show off and be pampered. She is materialistic. She doesn't need hundreds of shoes that cost thousands of dollars a pair, she doesn't need all the sprawling mansions, the fancy cars and expensive clothes and private jet and yacht and all that. It goes against all she supposedly believes in, if you listen to any of her "enlightened" rantings.

She's not that enlightened, in my book, to be so self-involved and so into material possessions. I know she's not responsible nor obligated to help the world, but she can't take it with her, she has no children, no one to leave it to, she has way WAY too much, and needs to practice what she preaches!

When I started reading it I had in my mind, her name will definitely come. I did not wonder for I am assured of the fact that she scores well when it comes to ugliness.

Monster, beast, creature. There aren't enough words to describe the hideousness of the once crack smokin-bone thug who believes she's received a bad deal, though her billions state otherwise. She truly is as ugly on the outside as she (well, IT) is on the inside. Go get another $34, 000 purse, while the rest of us eat SPAM and weep.

She is just one BIG phony!

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8Joan Rivers

There is no amount of botched plastic surgery that could make her look young and attractive again.

When I see her, she makes me want to go stone blind. And her voice is even uglier than her hag face.



Joan Rivers liked to criticize people too, but she's dead & gone. Leave her alone!

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9Jocelyn Wildenstein

What a train wreck she is! She is so god damn ugly, it almost hurts to look at her. And the worst part is, she thinks she looks good!

It's really quite sad actually how she thought she would win her husband back by getting lots of plastic surgery.

I wonder if in the past she had an unhappy love episode and wants nobody to hurt her again.

She was actually a kinda decent looking person before all of the plastic surgery. Honestly, it's kinda speechless. She's just ugly. When I think of ugly I think, yep Jocelyn wildenstein

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10Tori Spelling

Looks like a cross between a drag queen and a horse. All yea daddy's millions not gonna make u beautiful honey!

How in the hell is goat-eyes not at the top this list?!?

The only way to describe this washed up once kind of T.V. star is disgusting. I honestly don't know how her husband can kiss her without throwing up. Is she really that surprised he cheated on her? I mean its probably happened like 6 times because if I had to go home to a woman who looks like a mix between the Elephant man and a horse with a ton of the trashiest make up and a whiny dumb annoying gross and all around insufferable valley girl personality I would probably kill myself. Someone needs to put this THING out of its misery and take its spawn away before she gives them whatever kind of insecurities that will lead them to get 583 procedures to turn them into the anus of someone who just ate leftover chipotle from a gas station like their mother. Disgusting pieces of white trash should be sent to Translvania, emphasis on the trans, maybe he doesn't want to sleep with you because one penis in the bedroom is enough to add on to the fact that he might as well pour chemicals in his eyes so that he can kiss her and pretend that she is maybe satan because she's not even 1/10 as pretty as the devil. Frankenstein is probably feeling like miss america when he looks at this trainwreck.

I really like what you said about the mix between of elephant man and horse! 😅

Well she was once really cute. But age and surgery ruined her.

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11Amy Winehouse

I think she was a special kind of beautiful, before the drugs. And that voice. Loved her.

The poor girl is dead, so sad she will forever be remembered for these very assets that we have commented on.

She needs to eat more drink less and cake on less makeup looks like the bride of Frankenstein.

Ugly is as ugly does and this woman is horrible

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12Donatella Versace

That is what happens when you visit plastic surgeon more often than dentist... Poor woman must have some psycho problems.

Yes, Miley and Paris are ugly, but seriously. This creature redefines ugly. Her face is entirely plastic, and after all that surgery, she looks like her face is constantly being smashed against a window.

But that wasn't the way she looked before her surgery. She is to be pitied rather than ridiculed.

Did she run into a parked car? Damn she is ugly.

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13Megan Fox

She has a horrible personality, she acts as she owns the world. I also do not find her attractive, she is very fake, and the only reason she is considered "pretty" or "hot" is because of her posing almost naked, and playing a slut. Bad example for girls, and I do not think any normal guy would bring Megan Fox-like girl to meet his parents. But again, it is just my opinion, I do not look up to any celebrities, they are all fake and overrated.

What the hell has she done to her face recently? She looks like shes a 60 year old woman who's had a ton of plastic surgery to make herself look young again! And how about those fake I didn't have botox forehead pictures?!

I don't think she is ugly as a whole, but her stupid attitude and her plastic surgery amounts which make her looks unattractive both inside and out.

All the jealousy is sad

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14Nicki Minaj

Why the hell does the radio keep playing her crappy voice!
And why does other poor rap artist keep featuring this retarded public toilet?!

Would literally prefer to listen to the sound of children on crack crying.
She is a fat, ugly, fake individual who makes my ears bleed.

She is just fake, nothing about her looks real. Her ass and boob implants, yuck!

She seemed original when she first appeared on the scene but now I feel if I see her in one more video I'm gonna scream. Has it become a law that she has to appear in every video these days, or why does everyone work with her?

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15Tea Leoni

This is a joke, right? She was and still is totally gorgeous! I agree with some of these, but this just seems wrong to me! Ki

Seriously? She was in a show that lasted only one season. Maybe it was the early 90s. She had red hair and was stunning! Her husband (or ex? ) is a different story, but in her twenties she could not be beat. She's still quite lovely.

I don't know why she is on this list. She's pretty and hilarious. Love you Tea!

I couldn't watch deep impact because of how ugly she is

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16Courtney Love

Gross overall, weird word requirements to meet minimum requirement.

There is a beauty to courtney love. Such a sad person but she
Shines from within. Her eyes are full of emotion. She tries so
Hard to look better. I love her sadness and her radiant warmth.

I think she looks kind of peaceful and ethereal after all her plastic surgeries. Before I did not think she was attractive to much, but she had some good surgeries and her hair coloring and style looks nicer and she looks cleaner.

She is as ugly as the murder she got away with!

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17Kim Kardashian

She just looks so unnatural! Way way to fake looking.

a whiny bitch, whore, ass waay too big, and has the face of a horse... I want to go up to her an hold a sugar cube in front of her to see what she does.

Fake looks! Anyone with a wig and a ton of makeup can look like her bleach! She is fake, selfish, bitchy, whiny and a classic narcissist.
All her tweets are of a desperate self loathing insecure borderline personality. Confirmed by her wedding and 72 days later divorce.

I mean yeah shes not talented and famous or absolutely nothing but come on guys she DEFINITELY isn't one of the ugliest people in the world

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18Roseanne Barr

If I was to be eaten by any ugly celebrity, she would be the one.





The voice and the personality are the ugliest thing about her. The rest is so-so.

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19Kristen Stewart

You have to have expressions to be attractive, right? Well this womans already lost the hotness competition. Get a life "bella"

By far one of the most uncomfortable in public, I want to be a star but leave me alone non- stars today. Is it me or does she look just like trailer-trash? She is ALWAYS wearing see-thru clothes. News flash honey: you got nothing' to show. What a skank!

Gross. She looks like an awkward little boy, and she acts like a constipated zombie. Her repulsive attitude seems to be a futile attempt to appear relevant. As talentless and annoying as she is, I'm flabbergasted as to how anyone could possibly find her attractive.

She looks way better with blonde hair

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20Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift shouldn't be on this list

Taylor is that basic, annoying ass blonde chick that was in every highschool knew in high school. Constantly whining, constantly playing the victim, constantly in your face trying too hard to be your friend, constantly following someone around because she can't be on her own for five seconds. She's the one who dates your ex and claims it's no big deal, but then throws a huge fit when she sees you with hers. She dated the first guy who gave her an ounce of attention so she always walks around like a sad little bald cat because she didn't want to listen to anyone, and she got hurt. She's the one who sends nudes to three different guys, but then cries and tries to play the victim and get them all expelled or even arrested when people found out she sent nudes.

There's nothing cute about her, she isn't talented, and she's a fake hipster who hangs out with a bunch of girls that are barely 20. Maybe because the younger ones are easier to manipulate.

Notice people who are actually mature and too old for childish little games have separated themselves from her, which is why she has a music career anyway. All of her songs just talk down on other people who have "done her wrong", when it's clearly her who is the problem.

Taylor is ugly, her eyes are so stupid and she's ugly on the inside. She think she's all the. And one week she dates a boy and the next 2 weeks she breaks up with them to make a new song.

Taylor is awesome. Should not be on here. Jealous haters!

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