Ugliest Female Celebrities

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Sarah Jessica Parker
If having a face the shape of a horse's wasn't bad enough, every feature on her face is ugly. Her nose is huge, bony, and oddly shaped with a big bulb on the end, her eyes are too narrow, and one's higher than the other, her lips always look dry and nasty, she's got horse teeth, when she smiles she gets all these vertical lines in her cheeks, her cheekbones stick out in an ugly way, she's got no jaw (except her chin), her chin is horribly shaped, and, good god, what's that thing on her chin? I can't for the life of me figure out how anyone thinks she's attractive. And, to top it off, she's got an ugly, skinny body.
I looked up butt-ugly in the dictionary and they had her picture there!
Number 1 ugliest in my book. Impossible for me to understand how she gets work. I always think it is a satire of some sort when they pair her with a handsome actor. I sit and stare in disbelief waiting for the punch line that never comes.
[Newest]She is ugly with a horse face
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2Paris Hilton
1 word: skanky. Well they want more words so nasty, disgusting, scrawny, etc.
She's ugly and stupid. She can't do anything. She's a hooker. She can't sing or act.
Unattractive girl with the nose of the toucan bird
She is extremely overrated and I don't understand why she still deserves her fame
[Newest]Ugly animal torturer that locks animals in closets to die, evil and manly looking. Celebrity animal abuser.

3Miley Cyrus
Squinty eyes, messed up teeth, ugly body. Get some braces and some singing lessons!
One word. OVERRATED. To the max. She's not a good singer, I don't know why people are so crazy about her.
Looks like she is inbred. Giant head on a little body. Terrible role model as well
[Newest]She just grew up ugly
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4Rosie O'Donnell
Fat and extremely ugly. Water on the brain big head. And she is not a "good" person. She is rude, hateful and nasty. If you have an opinion different from her she will be even more nasty. Vile mean spirited person.
Well, I don't really pay attention to her and most of the time I hear people calling her "fat". I'm sorry but fat people can be pretty too. HOWEVER, I saw what her personality is like and boy is it f***** up so I'm gonna have to agree that she's ugly.
When are people going to see that beauty is only skin deep. It's the most horrible you can do to a person. The real beautiful people may not be winning any Miss America Pageants, but I bet her heart is a big as good.
[Newest]Ugly inside and out

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5Yoko Ono
I hate this woman. Please look at her singing on YouTube it will make you laugh. I don't think it's a matter of being ugly but she ruined the best band in the world then when apparently in love with John Lennon she was sleeping with male prostitutes.
First of all, Yoko Ono didn't break up the Beatles, it was John who chose to be influenced by her, and if he loved her it doesn't matter.
Ugly and sad. She looks like a bad nightmare and boy is she scary. She thinks she can sing and thinks we care what she has to say. The only decent thing in her life is Julianne Lennon and that ain't her biological son. At least he has talent.
[Newest]What a piece of junk how John Lennon pick her; he was probably on heavy drugs.

6Lady GaGa
This creature is truly ugly, she needs to be NUMBER ONE. How in the world did this beast become regarded as "hot"... I can't figure it out.
Just Hideous in the flesh, perhaps the ugliest person of all time! Why do you think she tries to dress crazy all the time? Not because she's "gaga" but because she is so horrid, ugly and physically repulsive.
Urgh. Weak chin, droopy small mouth, concorde nose, skinny face, no cheekbones, cellulite, stupid pretentious tattoos... I could go on but I haven't got all day. Surely she's older than 25?
[Newest]One work FREAK! I mean she is just a truly ugly person and also shes out of her mind and shes crazy.

7Megan Fox
She has a horrible personality, she acts as she owns the world. I also do not find her attractive, she is very fake, and the only reason she is considered "pretty" or "hot" is because of her posing almost naked, and playing a slut. Bad example for girls, and I do not think any normal guy would bring Megan Fox-like girl to meet his parents. But again, it is just my opinion, I do not look up to any celebrities, they are all fake and overrated.
What the hell has she done to her face recently? She looks like shes a 60 year old woman who's had a ton of plastic surgery to make herself look young again! And how about those fake I didn't have botox forehead pictures?!
I don't think she is ugly as a whole, but her stupid attitude and her plastic surgery amounts which make her looks unattractive both inside and out.
[Newest]I think she's pretty, but not as pretty as everyone says she is, especially since she doesn't really have a body.

8Jocelyn Wildenstein
What a train wreck she is! She is so god damn ugly, it almost hurts to look at her. And the worst part is, she thinks she looks good!
It's really quite sad actually how she thought she would win her husband back by getting lots of plastic surgery.
I wonder if in the past she had an unhappy love episode and wants nobody to hurt her again.
[Newest]She is HIDEOUS I've never seen anything uglier in my life

9Courtney Love
Gross overall, weird word requirements to meet minimum requirement.
There is a beauty to courtney love. Such a sad person but she
Shines from within. Her eyes are full of emotion. She tries so
Hard to look better. I love her sadness and her radiant warmth.
I think she looks kind of peaceful and ethereal after all her plastic surgeries. Before I did not think she was attractive to much, but she had some good surgeries and her hair coloring and style looks nicer and she looks cleaner.
[Newest]Skank for real.. She's nothing but a drugged up dope head who gives a care about her.. I can't stand her.

10Tea Leoni
This is a joke, right? She was and still is totally gorgeous! I agree with some of these, but this just seems wrong to me! Ki
Seriously? She was in a show that lasted only one season. Maybe it was the early 90s. She had red hair and was stunning! Her husband (or ex? ) is a different story, but in her twenties she could not be beat. She's still quite lovely.
I don't know why she is on this list. She's pretty and hilarious. Love you Tea!
[Newest]I'm embarrassed to have the same name. She looks like a MAN. Everything on her is BIG and masculine. That head of hers is shaped like a HUGE block. So square and ugly. Ugly huge feet. Squinty eyes. Big ass choppers. I could say a lot more...

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11Donatella Versace
That is what happens when you visit plastic surgeon more often than dentist... Poor woman must have some psycho problems.
Yes, Miley and Paris are ugly, but seriously. This creature redefines ugly. Her face is entirely plastic, and after all that surgery, she looks like her face is constantly being smashed against a window.
But that wasn't the way she looked before her surgery. She is to be pitied rather than ridiculed.
[Newest]She has no eyebrows and her teeth are ugly

12Oprah Winfrey
When I started reading it I had in my mind, her name will definitely come. I did not wonder for I am assured of the fact that she scores well when it comes to ugliness.
Monster, beast, creature. There aren't enough words to describe the hideousness of the once crack smokin-bone thug who believes she's received a bad deal, though her billions state otherwise. She truly is as ugly on the outside as she (well, IT) is on the inside. Go get another $34, 000 purse, while the rest of us eat SPAM and weep.
When you donate as much as she has you might have something worth while to listen to
[Newest]She's a beautiful woman!

13Angelina Jolie
Most overrated woman on the planet. Let me toss this at you, my lunch.
Nasty looking all boney and tattooed. And the WORST is that set of fish lips!
Artificial, edgy baby faced. Rather self-obsessed, mimics interest in peoples stories in (so called) "developing" countries, while ignoring fact that people like her are part of the problem really. Her image stands on a slippery slope.
[Newest]Well its weird so many think shes not that pretty but I do... I think she's a good actress I don't think she's ugly at all she's gorgeous in my opinion..

14Amy Winehouse
I think she was a special kind of beautiful, before the drugs. And that voice. Loved her.
The poor girl is dead, so sad she will forever be remembered for these very assets that we have commented on.
She needs to eat more drink less and cake on less makeup; looks like the bride of Frankenstein.
[Newest]Just shut up if you hate her shes sadly dead and SOME people are going around and making fun of her.

15Kristen Stewart
You have to have expressions to be attractive, right? Well this womans already lost the hotness competition. Get a life "bella"
By far one of the most uncomfortable in public, I want to be a star but leave me alone non- stars today. Is it me or does she look just like trailer-trash? She is ALWAYS wearing see-thru clothes. News flash honey: you got nothing' to show. What a skank!
Definitely. Not pretty... Mostly its that every movie she's in that started out with strong potential for being a great movie, gets demoted to poop as soon as her name has anything to do with it.
[Newest]Looks and acts like a dog

16Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift shouldn't be on this list
Taylor is ugly, her eyes are so stupid and she's ugly on the inside. She think she's all the. And one week she dates a boy and the next 2 weeks she breaks up with them to make a new song.
She has very squinty, cat-like eyes, and I cannot even fathom how she manages to make it onto a "most beautiful" list. I'm floored. She has nasty, uneven bucked teeth, and she's painfully scrawny. Very, very unattractive.
[Newest]I don't understand why shes on this list. Shes far from ugly, just like a lot of the celebrities on here. This list is bull!

17Kim Kardashian
She just looks so unnatural! Way way to fake looking.
a whiny bitch, whore, ass waay too big, and has the face of a horse... I want to go up to her an hold a sugar cube in front of her to see what she does.
Fake looks! Anyone with a wig and a ton of makeup can look like her bleach! She is fake, selfish, bitchy, whiny and a classic narcissist.
All her tweets are of a desperate self loathing insecure borderline personality. Confirmed by her wedding and 72 days later divorce.
[Newest]She looks like a drag Queen.
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18Julia Roberts
Finally people who agree she's ugly.
Thank god someone said it! If I saw her on one more "most beautiful people" lists, I am going to start thinking the entire world has gone insane
I don't know why people think she's that attractive. Hollywood can make feet look gorgeous.
[Newest]Ugh! I can't watch anything she is in. Horse face. Big lips. Ski slope nose. Those round eyebrows bug me. I cannot stand her fake laugh and fake down to earth crap!

19Joan Rivers
There is no amount of botched plastic surgery that could make her look young and attractive again.
When I see her, she makes me want to go stone blind. And her voice is even uglier than her hag face.

[Newest]Joan Rivers is dead :( Why are ya still saying these things? I kind of have respect for her but she used to look okay back then...

20Britney Spears
Fat no rhythm can't sing or dance get her off the stage!
Has she ever heard of common sense
Never hot... So made up it is not even funny.
[Newest]Britney just look tired now.. She has aged beyond her years sad to say... Drugs will do that to a person... She's finished now but she was good in her time..

21Tori Spelling
Looks like a cross between a drag queen and a horse. All yea daddy's millions not gonna make u beautiful honey!
How in the hell is goat-eyes not at the top this list?!?
The only way to describe this washed up once kind of T.V. star is disgusting. I honestly don't know how her husband can kiss her without throwing up. Is she really that surprised he cheated on her? I mean its probably happened like 6 times because if I had to go home to a woman who looks like a mix between the Elephant man and a horse with a ton of the trashiest make up and a whiny dumb annoying gross and all around insufferable valley girl personality I would probably kill myself. Someone needs to put this THING out of its misery and take its spawn away before she gives them whatever kind of insecurities that will lead them to get 583 procedures to turn them into the anus of someone who just ate leftover chipotle from a gas station like their mother. Disgusting pieces of white trash should be sent to Translvania, emphasis on the trans, maybe he doesn't want to sleep with you because one penis in the bedroom is enough to add on to the fact that he might as well pour chemicals in his eyes so that he can kiss her and pretend that she is maybe satan because she's not even 1/10 as pretty as the devil. Frankenstein is probably feeling like miss america when he looks at this trainwreck.
I really like what you said about the mix between of elephant man and horse! 😅
[Newest]Ugh a god damn ugly butt face... She just doesn't belong lol

22Lindsay Lohan
Thank god someone sees how ugly is this woman inside and out! Seriously she looks like a 40 year old prostitute! Her face, and body are so plastic and yet she still looks ugly!
Shes the most trashiest skankiest female celebs in hollywood, ugly, looks like shes 60 years old at least, ages by the day with those wrinkles and freckles, drunk, high, drug addict, bi sexual slut, bad role model for her sister, is broke right now because she doesn't have any job offerings, spends her money from left to right, and last but not least shes plain stupid, and UGLY!
Cannot, for the life of me, believe anyone out there thinks she is good looking... Very plain face, freckles, HUGE forehead... She's a ging, for god's sake!
[Newest]I love Lindsey... It's sad her parents are idiots... I hope things turn around for her; she's a fantastic actress in my opinion...


23Renee Zellweger
She always looks like she's sucking on a Lemon
Can you imagine what Kenny said when he woke up the next morning after that 3 days of partying, what! If she married everyone in country music, it still wouldn't help her. INBREEDING!


OMGG lady oppen ur eyes, squniting is not cuteee bitch is hitt!!!!
[Newest]I can't stand this girl... I can't stand her acting shes so fake with the way she moves her mouth... She looks retarded...

24Shelley Duvall
She is absolutely hideous... It made the shining hard to watch. She's a great actress but I couldn't get past the teeth... SHUDDER!
I agree. This girl is not attractive at all. The Shining wasn't scary until Jack cut down the door, and we had to see her screaming. That still gives me nightmares.
The scariest thing in the Shinning is her face. It's the only scary movie I saw as a child and actually hoped the bad guy would go ahead and off the protagonist. Every reaction she had in the movie just got more ugly and irritating.
[Newest]She looks like a combination of a mosquito (huge eyes) and a horse (huge teeth). Without the horse teeth, she would've done fine, but combining those 2 features makes her the monster in the Shining.

25Sarah Michelle Gellar
Yeah. She's over rated.
Shes cute I don't see her as ugly and her acting is awesome...


She looks like sad mouse, a mouse who really needs a hug
[Newest]Guys, she is not ugly

26Scarlett Johansson
When wearing lipstick and glam dresses she looks like a podgy teenager trying on her mom's clothes. When in casuals just looks dumpy, spotty and out of shape. Not very fit at all. Massively overrated.
Finally people who share my sentiments about this woman. Everything about her is vulgar in my opinion- her boobs, her lips, her expressions. It's like each part can become a sole porn movie in itself. She is vastly overrated and sleazy looking. Her views on polygamy is also disgusting, when Ryan Reynolds married her I was like what WAS HE THINKING?!
NOT ATTRACTIVE AT ALL in person and her personality makes her hideous! Heard an obnoxious person barking out orders at a French flea market and turned to see Scar Jo talking down to (not one, ) TWO assistants! I'd love for some of these DIVA'S to lose their fame and fortune, then see how they cope with having to be human and normal like the rest of us regular folks!
[Newest]Not toned, fat arms and back fat, has a nose like a piggies and looks a little trailer park trash to me.

27Melissa Ethridge
Not bad... For a dyke

28Sandra Bernhardt
, I didn't know who she was at first, then I searched it, and I SWEAR she got hit by a train at some point in her life...
More manlike than female. Extremely annoying personality goes with her incredibly ugly face.
Every branch on the ugly tree, then she climbed back up and did it again.
Thank good most of her work now is done in dimly lit comedy bars
[Newest]Butt ass ugly... That mouth is so repulsive.

If she is hot than I am the hottest man on the planet.
How would anybody find her hot.
Sings through her nose and a forehead like an IMAX movie screen
She just lip sings, they only want her cause shes pretty but she probably sounds like a fog horn without lip singing or affects.
[Newest]NOO shes beautiful in my opinion... I love her music..

30Mariah Carey
Horrible attitude! She "thinks" she's all that and God's gift to the world... But she's not. She's annoying to look at and watch perform. I wish she would just wrap it up already. Enough is enough!
Ohh darlin she ruined American idol she's not even classy she is a dumass drugatic. She thinks she is a girl with a fairy wand in fact she thinks SHE'S A FAIRY and gets whatever she wants
I think she's beautiful, but has put on a lot of weigh over the years, but still looks decent for her age. She has nice boobs though.
[Newest]Yeah her attitude has made her ugly.. Shes fat and washed up.. Its time to stay home and be a mommy shes too old now...


31Cate Blanchett
She's just all around ugly, no talent actress, with the face of a horse, she needs to stay out if movies because she completely ruined the Indiana Jones one, I bet people walked out of the bloody theaters because of it. She came in Vogue how? It was all photoshop that's how. Get a life Kate by staying the hell out of ours!
She's just all around ugly, no talent actress, with the face of a horse, she needs to stay out if movies because she completely ruined the Indiana Jones one, I bet people walked out of the bloody theaters because of it. She came in Vogue how? It was all photoshop that's how. Get a life Kate by staying the hell out of ours!

32Rumer Willis
She is so sad to look at... Her mom and dad are so beautiful. I mean I'm ugly because my parents are both ugly so I got it from them. So its just sad that she came from two pretty faces in hollywood and she came out like me(ugly).. She's like my sister.
This has got to be the butt ugliest "so called celebrity" I've ever seen, shes really sickening to look at, I mean she should go and hide somewhere forever!
The daughter of ugly and fugly... Uf. Poor thing didn't have a chance. Maybe the personality would help if not for the fact she is as personable as a roll of wet toilet paper...
[Newest]What happened to here huge misshapen head and beady black eyes.

HIDEOUS! Her face can't even show emotion... who the hell gets botox in their 20s!?
Fergie has had so much plastic surgery, who knows what she really looks like. But it didn't do her any good.
Her hair line is touching her eyebrows..
She is so ugly..
Get real Josh Duhamel.. You can do better.


[Newest]Never liked her! Even in black eyed peas-er singing ability is also a question!

34Nicki Minaj
Why the hell does the radio keep playing her crappy voice!
And why does other poor rap artist keep featuring this retarded public toilet?!
Would literally prefer to listen to the sound of children on crack crying.
She is a fat, ugly, fake individual who makes my ears bleed.
She is just fake, nothing about her looks real. Her ass and boob implants, yuck!
[Newest]It's funny how you guys say all that extra stuff, but know that you don't look ANY better...

35Hilary Swank
Disgusting. This woman's face reminds me of a gourd. I see women that are more beautiful at the mall all the time. Unreal that she is considered attractive at all.
Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of very large teeth
Horse teeth! Neigh! How can anyone think shes hot?
[Newest]Yeah shes ugly to me too...

36Kathy Kinney

She's really overrated in terms of looks. I think she looks like a drag queen and not like a normal woman most of the time.
Does not look as good as the average women. The most overrated person on the earth. Men would be very upset if they were to ever see her with out make-up and butt pads
I agree she is ugly especially her mouth when she smiles she resemble chuckie The woman as no chin ugly!
What about her English? She is ghetto!
[Newest]She's pretty, and a pretty voice!

38Kathy Griffin
The only thing funny about this poor excuse for a human is her looks. She is about as funny as three day old dog crap.
She looks like a shaved animal, a slimy and pink. Let's not forget her voice, the ugliest voice of all. It/she turns me off. Did her 'life on the d list' fail? Nasty, ugly, annoying. Some people say they became funny to deflect from their bad looks, but her looks and voice are so bad I have no idea if she's funny. I hope she dies alone, knowing her all around ugliness
Anybody can dump a five gallon bucket of makeup on their face and paint a new one. Did you see the pictures of her without it? Holy crap that "woman" is insanely ugly!
[Newest]Sad in looks and personality

39Cindy Crawford
Get that old and disgusting removed! I would not be caught
Near anybody who is not smart enough to see MOLES ARE never
Pretty nor are they necessary. Small town girl was misled
By some moronic model agency or photo hack.
You moton id like to fight the person writing this she looked the same for 20 years your just jelous I idiot I wish I could have her go Bern in hell

40Maria Shriver
There's prettier corpses than her. Skeletor called, he wants his face back.
Face looks like shes been run over by a mac truck!
Is extremely ugly and very weird looking!


[Newest]Agree looks like a corpse that needs some food and water and sleep for 19 days!

41Sarah Silverman
The one who listed this survey is the ugliest of them all! I believe it so. Just look at your face on the mirror.. You will see

! To think that people actually like this weirdo!


She shouldn't be on an ugly list.
[Newest]Sorry excuse of a woman

42Katie Cassidy
So ugly... No body.. Long pointy horse face and teeth... Eyes set very far apart... Stick thin legs and no ass not to mention the non acting ability... So tired of them putting these non attractive women in attractive characters roles I mean don't you have eyes that work when you audition them..
She has a horse face! Big bulgy eyes, huge nose, and too skinny. Amber Heard can give her a run for her money! Amber is hot I'd go lesbo for her but not Katie!
Horse face, ugly, her thin eyebrows over those weird eyes, yukh. Someone please kill this thing with fire.
[Newest]Ugly face and a terrible actress

43Roseanne Barr
If I was to be eaten by any ugly celebrity, she would be the one.



Yikes! Wrinkly lizard skin hanging on an even uglier frame. My theory is that she created photoshop just to lessen her "fright factor. "
She is the ugliest why isn't she number 1. She has a bad, ugly face. I can't even look at her. Not even for a second!
One word: makeup 2 word: much scariest 3 word: most scariest singer


[Newest]What is most ugly is her attitude. I live in her hometown in Michigan and no one speaks with that weirdly fake British accent here. It is like she thinks she is the queen of her own made up country. Very strange.

45Rebecca Black
She looks like she was beat up with an ugly stick, and that song of hers makes me want to stick nails in my ears.
She looks like a witch

46Aretha Franklin
I just saw her in person in Detroit. Her stylist should be shot for letting her wear what appeared to be a $50 Walmart gown with her boobs hanging out in all directions. The poor thing is talented but someone needs to tell her she is 100 pounds and 50 years older than when she was first famous.
She's a beautiful woman!

47Heather Matarazzo
I think if this list had pictures next to the actresses names, you'd see her higher up the list. She is a level of ugly that makes Rocky Dennis look like a beauty queen.
One of the ugliest celebs I have ever come across
I don't care that she is ugly. She is just a horrible actress and makes lesbians look bad. I swear, she must be getting jobs based on someone she knows. I was glad when her character was killed in Hostel 2.
[Newest]She looks great now, plastic surgery.

48Janet Reno
She looks like Will Farrell in a dress

49Natalie Portman
She never does anything real. The fact that she won an Oscar doesn't mean she's such a great actress as much as it means that Darren Aronofsky is a genius. Portman, get over yourself. Just. Get. Over. Yourself. You self-centered Only Child blah blah blah.
I agree... I don't see the attractiveness here.. Very very average looking to almost ugly
She is horrible, lost all sort of respect for her when she done black swan. Her voice was so annoying. Trying to be a baby., BLARGG

50Esther Rolle
She is dead first of all. Respect the dead
This woman is proof of Darwin theory of evolution. Very ape like features


Stunningly attractive, with a body to die for. Not pretty, but exotically beautiful!
Ya you wish to look as good as her at 60 something she looks better older than she did before you moron drop dexx

52Gwen Stefani
She is uglier than hell with those gums that look like they are going to jump out of her mouth and attack you every time she smiles. She dresses like a damn clown at 40 years old, not realizing she looks completely ridiculous.
She is ugly, I agree. She wears a ton of makeup, but her gums are the real problem.
I just can't stand her oh I'm so cute act. Its irritating.

53Demi Moore
, she looks like a chipmunk now with her fat cheeks and I almost did not know who she was. She went from skinny and withdrawn to UGH!

54Ellen DeGeneres
She cute for a dyke and has some boyish charm and style about her. I like her talk show, think she charming and appeals to the masses in a girl next door way.

55Tila Tequila
Shave her bald and paint her green and put her on a spaceship back to her planet.
I really don't think she's all that ugly... On the outside anyway. On the inside she's just plain grotesque.
She looks like the the ant's queen with gross fake rock hard tits.

56Selena Gomez
She looks like a chipmunk and she has a little girl body. She tries to hard to look sweet and innocent and her earlobes are huge that's why she always hides them!
You are simply jealous. She is perfection. The most beautiful female to ever live. Anyone who thinks otherwise, just doesn't like females obviously. I want to kiss her feet and worship her.
If you think I'm a belieber, well: I HATE JUSTIN BARBIE TOO, get it? But Selena is just too overrated and just because she is famous right now and she wears sexy clothes, many guys say she is "hot". Don't just watch Disney, there are many other girls who are much more beautiful and talented than her. Just search for pics of Kaya Scodelario and tell me if that mouse is "so damn hot".
She needs tons of makeup to look ok and her face is way too big. Her name should be Selena Ewomez (if you don't know what an ewok is, watch Star Wars ). She also can't sing, for god's sake! (I know this is off topic, but I don't care)
[Newest]Big head and seriously bad judgments. Career is ruined by dating that girl for so long, can't hang on to someone else for your fame, now it is gone, because that girl was a homosexual all along and you were to dumb to see that.

57Rachel Dratch
I can't believe she isn't riqht after renee zellweqer on this list!


This girl is so ugly, she has to sneak up on a glass of water.

58k.d. lang
She use be be fine, very good looking, but... she got fat and ulgy when she go older!

59Tyne Daly

60Gwyneth Paltrow
she's not Grace Kelly. Take away her hair & make up & it's Plain Jane even a/the plastic surgery tweaks.
Finally!...someone else said it. I don't know what people are looking at when they put her on the most beautiful list. Her mother is WAY more beautiful...she just looks hungry and pissed off
Lousy actress. She only made it in movies because her mother is an actress and her father was also in the business. Nepotism strikes again.
[Newest]Well she's grace Kelly to me!

THIS TALENTLESS ORANGUTAN SHOULD BE FIRST ON THE LIST why in the world is if on T.V. she is a slut she puts her self out there in a very bad light I had to block her show just so my children's iq wont drop to 0 she looks like a tiki doll
She looks better and not like a little midget now that she lost all that weight, but the hell happened to her face? Ever since she got her teeth done, her lips look hella thin and weird.

62Juliette Lewis
! I can't stand this ugly woman. She looks retarded. Big forehead, beady eyes and smashed mouth. She also has the body of a 12 yr. old boy. If that's not bad enough, she acts like she really is slow or has a learning disability. Just ugly!
She kills me in her new show Secrets and Lies. I like the show but she is really hard to take. Maybe she is a good actress because she is really strange and ugly. Someone should tell her she is playing her role too well.
Yeah. I think she's terminally gross as well, and a perfectly horrible actress. Even if one could tolerate her whiny, ingoramus-ette manner, her corner drooly, cross-eyed goon grin - the only expression she has to indicate everything from lust to explosive anger - her hideous nose, bird legs, flat butt, nickle sized titties with $1.50 hose bibb nipples and obvious lack of anything close to a three digit I.Q. would produce waves of nausea in in men that still get a woody for Imogene Coca.

63Keira Knightley
Ugly skinny! What really makes her ugly is the fact that SHE says she is pretty!
Seriously, I know it is not constructive or even nice to speak down about another person, but after seeing comments on here, I have to agree that the producers made the biggest mistake putting her in "Pirates of the Caribbean". She wrecked the whole look of the movie. She is way too thin and has no shape whatsoever for a sex symbol in any movie. If she put on at least 15 kilos she may do better.
Boxy features, a very strange mouth accompanying an odd collection of 'sounds' or accents that make me cringe, and she has a huge cube-like head atop the boxy features she carries with her. She really is not 'that skinny'... That is not what makes her ugly. It is the way she carries herself - inside and outside. She's disgusting. Please do not pay to watch the Pirates series. (for those of you who can stand it and are above the age of 10 - at most)
[Newest]Scary flat-chested skeleton looking lady, but her face isn't the worse.

64Kathy Bates
Talented... But... Ugly? Hm... She is who she is. Rather look at her than be subjected to Sarah J. Parker.
I love Kathy bates. She looks shed be a cool person.
And I bet Kathy looks way better than you you pics of crap your aloser

65Brooke Hogan
Take a good look, is this a drag queen or woman? Hard to tell isn't it?
Brooke Hogan is just a straight up hoe. Sorry but skunk hair never looks good on anyone!

66Leann Rimes
Just take a look. Enough said.
Ugly squinty eyes, a smile like the Joker, nostrils like Falcor, an anorexic body and worst of all, a skanky, narcisstic personality.
You just jealous most of these woman are gorgeous and your just trying to lower there self esteem real mature all there facial and physical and personality is what makes them who they r as individuals but saying these rude things makes you a rude immature little insecure jealous self centred human being! I feel sorry for you I truley do

67Christina Aguilera
She's fake, fake booty, fake boobs, fake new face. Emulating Marilyn Monroe for everything, can't Christina just be herself?. Ugly attitude, ugly bowed legged legs. Christina was never a natural beauty but she was 100 times better when she was natural and herself.
Christina Aguilera is the ugliest. Her personality that she presents is the topping to her natural ugliness. And what is up with that lazy eye. She looks fake and I only laugh when her lazy eye makes her look cross-eyed! What an ugly HO HO HO
Ugly inside, ugly face, also looks like Snooklera needs a bath like she smells. This 5'0 Monroe imposter needs a new hobby and a new makeover. Piglitera oversings even though she has pipes.
[Newest]Ugliest bowed legs, big nose, ugly speaking voice, fake laugh, fake looking boobs, scraggly over fried platinum hair.

68Celine Dion
"The ego has landed! ". Probably one of the worse looking stick insect I have ever seen!
She looks a lot like a horse without makeup. When God handed out looks, obviously Celine Dion was last in line. Seriously, has anybody seen that photo of her pregnant on the beach with her creepy husband?
I have seen better looking Donkeys than Celine. She makes the back end of a Bus look good
[Newest]She knocks at my door every Halloween... Wicked Witch of Quebec.

69Barbra Streisand
Something about the way she looks overshadows all her performances. I don't mind a big nose, but her lips are just so weird looking.
I've never understood her popularity. She's definitely not attractive.
Barbra should be at least in the top 4 UGLY!

She is beyond overrated...50% of girls look better than her! Her nose is bigger than Mount Everest. Ugliest model I know for sure.
Super overrated her face is just not on par with the praise.. Very few people speak up too
Only closet homosexuals think Giselle is attractive. She's not on any 'Hot-chicks-I-wanna-bang' list that I've ever heard of when openly talking to other guys.
[Newest]Most overrated woman of all-time. The other good thing about her is that she tall with long legs, of it wasn't for that she would have nothing. I feel sorry for Tom Brady, he could do better.

71Cameron Diaz
My mom said that she looks like an old grandma when she's not wearing makeup.

Even though she is quite nice in the past, but after that she's just sucks
Let's be honest - the blonde hair is fooling everybody! (comment valid for Britney, Paris, Sarah J, Uma and other ugly fake blondes)
Cameron Diaz looks HIDEOUS. Surprised Jennifer Aniston is ahead of her... Cameron has a wrinkled face, ugly eyes, wears too much eyeliner, thin lips, pale face, too thin, no boobs, no butt, no nothing. And her hair is so plain and weak. Why she is considered 'hot' I have no idea...
[Newest]She was kind of cute when she was younger and she has nice legs and a cute butt, but now she just looking scary, especially without makeup.

72Zooey Deschanel
It's those thighs that kill me. Is it some kind of a disease? Because in earlier roles (Almost Famous) she had normal thighs. Now, her body is the same as it was then but those thighs just blew up. They're disproportionate to the rest of her body. What's up with that? Elephantitis maybe? And she's always wearing short skirts. Geeze, you'd think with all the money she must be making she'd get liposuction or something done to get those dumpy stumps back into proportion with the rest of her body.
Obnoxious, has a deep annoying smoker's voice and almost sounds like a man, tries way too hard to be "quirky" and "different" when in reality she's exactly like every other overpaid, overrated actress out there. Hideous... Pasty, pale vampire skin, big nose, wrinkles around her mouth, ugly outdated 1960s haircut, not even a natural brunette (aka a FAKE, ) creepy looking alien eyes that to be perfectly honest are probably enhanced and edited to the point that they aren't even real anyway.
Katy Perry is so much hotter than Zooey. At least Katy has boobs and a butt. Zooey has the body of a 12 yr old boy. Flat chest, flat boobs, no curves. And she has thunder thighs and cankles. Her legs are disgusting. You'd think she'd learn to cover up those nasty tree trunks with skirts. She could learn a lesson or 2 from Katy. (who is gorgeous)
Big nose. Pasty skin. Greasy, 1960s style haircut. Tree trunk legs. Flat butt. Flat boobs. Dresses like an old lady. Annoying voice. Need I say more? She can't act, she can't sing, and she makes herself come off as such a bitchy, judgmental hipster poser. Some people say she looks like Katy Perry, but I think that's an insult to Katy as Katy is MUCH prettier!
[Newest]Nice looking, not beautiful.

73Kate Hudson
It's pretty sad when your 70 year old Mother looks better than you do.
I totally agree with you... Haha... She will NEVER compare to her gorgeous mother... :/


There is absolutely NOTHING attractive about her! No wonder she can't keep a man... Who wants that? She looks like a rodent of some kind
Nice figure but average to homely face. She has access to every makeup trick and plastic surgery gimmick on the planet and still looks plain. But acts like a perpetual prom queen. Good to have Hollywood genes to get your career going.
[Newest]Such a homely, talentless girl. Narrow, squinty eyes, narrow mean mouth, huge jug ears, and a figure like a 10 year old boy. Even worse, she cannot act.

74Hillary Rodham Clinton
The post below is from a very angry person. I'm shocked since frightful frumps like Palin, Bachman, Brewer, and others who are advocates for hatred are left unscathed. Mrs. Clinton has served her country honorably and the only people who disagree are those who obtain their "news" from Fox and Limbaugh - propagandists of the most destructive and dangerous. Mrs. Clinton is has served honorably. Look up why the embassy did not have the funds to beef up security - republican Congress cut the funding.


75Kirsten Dunst
Plus nasty ass smoker breath

76Jennifer Garner
Garner should be in the top five ugliest with Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston. BARF. Whatever happened to glamorous stars, indeed. Bring them back, throw these bones back to the dogs who watch MTV and imagine they have something to live for because we're subjected to these vomitrocious images as if they were in any way attractive. To flies, maybe. I had to lmfao that Garner thought she was ugly when she was "fat" with pregnancy. CLUE, twit: it's your hideous HEAD... Face, ears, ALL, that needs to be hatcheted off your body before we can care whether that is skinny or fat.
Onion head with constant mouse ears, fake innocence and over-the-top bad acting behind manish eyes.
Nasty sloppy lips buck teeth. What happened to glamorous stars in hollywood?
[Newest]I always thought this girl was ugly... What does Ben see in her? Strange O. O

77Uma Thurman
She is very odd looking, but loved her in kill bill!
I have seen a few of these list and wonder how come she is always left off.
We were talking about her the other day... I can't stand this girl shes so god damn ugly... It's hard to even look at her... I don't get this one at all... The only thing I can think of is she has money I don't know :/ not talent..


78Vanessa Hudgens
Nope. She is hot
Nope also. She has all what selena gomez doesn't have. A constant Boyfriend, sexy Body and what the hell she is hot man.
Tiny breasts, strange out of proportion body, duck lips
[Newest]I agree I think this girl is so ugly... How she made it I don't know O. O


79Katy Perry
Kate perry was actually very beautiful before the plastic surgery to make her look like this plastic doll. The doll look works for her career, I guess, but I was floored to see how she could throw away her original looks. She was so soft looking. Now she just looks hard as a rock, Just like a plastic doll.
Katy perry is gorgeous, with or without makeup. Sure, she may not look as good as she does with makeup, but I'm sure the same thing goes for all girls.
I l
Ike her and shes funny but shes not hot or sexy and m talking about the face and shes not attractive at al without all the make up
[Newest]I love katy Perry... I don't think she should be on this list shes so cute..

80Jenny McCarthy
Some might thins Jenny is ugly BUT I love her she is beautiful in her own way.. She makes me laugh and shes with Donnie :O wow


She has really ugly face and her fake boobs look botched. And just because she's a scorpio that doesn't give her an excuse to always talk about her sorrid sex life, especially with Donny Walberg, yuck.

81Ashely Tisdale
Why does she always have that stupid smirk on her face? I wouldn't mind showing her face the business end of a claw tooth hammer.
Nice body, but very masculine and ugly face.

82Glenn Close
Fabulous actress, but her squinty eyes and square, manly jaw and super high forehead and thin hair are way unattractive!
Butt Ugly! Even uglier when younger... That is putting it tenderly.
EEEW looks like a male witch that had a real bad hair transplant!

83Drew Barrymore
This girl is so lovely and no one even has anything bad to sat about her for obvious reasons...
It's not her looks so much, but her voice! It's just like fingernails down a blackboard. If she comes from such a wealthy family, why didn't they correct her speech impediment? Honestly, drives me crazy. Just like Cindy on the Brady Bunch.
Franken-face! Her face is also crooked as is her smile. Thin lips, big chin, large cheekbones, nose doesn't have that good of a shape.

84Julianne Moore
She's hideous. How anyone thinks she is attractive is beyond me. She's disgustingly pale and looks like a female version of Rocky Dennis from the movie Mask.
Moor is the poster woman for ugly. All ugliness should be in comparison with her. She really does remind me of the movie mask.
I never noticed how ugly she was until my boyfriend mentioned it, she's pasty and a ginger, enough said. She kinda looks like a corpse. I had to stop myself from throwing up when she had sex with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Don Jon".

85Christine Baranski
She should be number 1 with Tori Spelling 2. It really bugs me that they spend so much money trying to make Baranski looks attractive and glamorous. It looks like they set her face on fire and then extinguished the flames with baseball bats. I mean the is among the ugliest women in the world period.
She's extremely ugly with her disproportionate face. Her nose points too far upwards and it's too narrow from the front with skinny nostrils, but her side profile is long and bulbous. Her eyes are tiny and too closely set, and her face is too long. It looks like a reflection in a mirror that distorts the face by making it bigger and longer as you go from the eyes down.
She has the weirdest nose and eyebrows which swoop up onto her forehead.

86Kelly Clarkson

87Anne Hathaway
I don't know why everyone hates her, I think she's beautiful, not really curvy, but a cute body nonetheless.
She looks like a bloke
She's hated by Hollywood that's all. Beautiful!

88Sandra Bullock
Ugliest bitch shown in Gravity 2013, I don't know why in the movie is she showing her ugly fat ass meat, man really made me sick. Great thing I didn't finish the movie because I would have puke out the day before yesterday's dinner. Please kick this old as fugly stupid looking bitch out of movies, and don't try to sell sex when your body make the audience sick.
She just got voted the most beautiful woman of the year by People magazine so someone must think she is pretty besides me. Just saying...
Most certainly a man in drag

Posing, too-much makeup wearing snozzberry. Bad influence on girls and she knows it. Tells girls it's cool to party and slut around. She's not the only one.

90Queen Victoria
She's royalty and you are sitting on a computer calling her ugly as she RULES over some place.
You mean Princess Victoria of Sweden? Biggest jaw and chin ever. Lost the genelottery of looks, her sister won.

91Wynonna Judd
OMG I just google imaged her, SHE'S SOO FERAL


She's with out a doubt the ugliest country singer ever. She looks like the Marshmallow man from Ghost Busters. She's a whale.

92Carrie Underwood
She's actually really pretty, its just that her saying she does her own makeup is such a lie. But she is very beautiful, and a good singer to boot. Let jesus take the wheel right off this list.
She makes me think of a girl from the trailer park that is kind of hot at first but when you look closer she's kind of not.
Well said. anorexic with tons of makeup. Definitely nothing special here.
[Newest]Well, I see fat chubby today.

93The Olsen Twins
Catfish faces + pigeon toes + vacant looks = these two morons. I hope they are thankful that their parents exploited them as babies, otherwise they wouldn't be on this list!
I cant stand it when someone thinks they are pretty when they are far from it, they always try to stick out their lips to make them look bigger, they have these huge eyes that r as big as their whole skinny disgusting bodies!
They are the main attraction at a freak show. Scary looking girls. Remind me of starved cats.

94Angela Merkel

95Nancy Grace
What an opinionated, fat disgusting pig who has to get her fat ass out from her chin lit desk to expose her whale blubbered ass on a network show that only women watch for additional ratings. And what about her exposed putrid fat sagging right milk jug on the network? Thank God there was an industrial strength knocker holder there to save us from all vomiting. Sorry Howard.
Damn she has a punch me face! And well, she is sorta chunky *snigger* It also almost seems like she is cross-eyed
Why would anyone say anything bad about her? Because of her, many missing children are found and rapists, kidnappers, and murderes are caught!
[Newest]Horse faced, eyes too close together, and that ridiculous hair style doesn't make matter look any better!

96Heidi Montage
Heidi=Horse face with fake boobs and jay leno chin. Thank god her and spencer broke up and didn't have kids that kid would have had a messed up chin lol
I hate this blonde bimbo because she acts so stupid and she also sucks big time at singing, she is famous for nothing besides for being a famewhore along with her so-called husband Spencer Pratt. FYI, she has the face of the horse and the waxy looking typical Barbie doll with fake breasts and hideous looking tan eww...
Thinks she's pretty and her body was nice when she has implants, but she seem stupid and annoying.

97Darryl Hannah
If this one isn't a drag queen I don't know who is
She's somehow dirty looking, like she smells of garbage!

98Serena Williams
She is built. Not skin and bones. Are you jealous?
No I am not jealous of a camel face man in drag! Hahaa! Serena williams has a face like joe cool camel and a body like ru paul without the fake boobs.
[Newest]She makes tennis looks cheap. It was supposed to be a classy sports.

99Sheryl Crow
I never understand why so many people hate on Sheryl Crow and whine about that she's had a lot of affairs with other famous what a lot of those rockers have had tons of affairs too but no one is calling them out for their indiscretions. Obviously this woman can sing and play a guitar or she wouldn't still be around. Rock and roll was always such a man's world for so many years so when a women can play rock at a talented level men seem to be in denial about her talent (oh it must be that she slept with someone)/
Mr. Ed with a guitar! Has slept with all grammy committee members. Takes credit for other peoples work. She never misses an opportunity to toot her own horn."Look At Me, Look At me: I Have Cancer." "Look At Me, Look At Me: I'm a global warming activist." "Look At Me, Look At Me: I adopted a child."
Ugly and conceited. Her face needs a slap. Maybe that would improve it.
[Newest]HORSE FACE SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 awful singer too. Totally masculine!

100Hillary Duff
I'm not interested in looking up celebs but my younger sis left this page up. I find this very sad laugh out loud I'm about to exit but I saw this females name on a "ugly" list, she is very beautiful. I believe I've seen her on random movies, who created this list?
FAT! And a terrible actress and singer. Couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, she needs to keep her oversized butt out of the spotlight. Wait, the spotlight hasn't been on her since her terrible acting days of 2007.
She has the worst square looking head I ever seen. She was so ulgy on Lizzie McGuire and allways will be.

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