Jennifer Aniston

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This is a very homely woman. Jennifer has features that are all mismatched. She has a terribly crooked jaw, eyes to close together, paper thin lips, crescent roll smile, jay leno chin. You call this sexy. They are making a ass out of this woman. Everyone is laughing at her. What a backlash she is getting out of this. Her pr men really screwed up this time. They probably paid for this title.

I have agree about Jennifer Aniston, I really don't understand why others see her as beautiful, every body in my house, feel the same as I do, and that is she is really ugly.

Whatever her body may look like.. And it's nothing special, her face makes me nauseous. Even Fergie's got a better face than her.

She must have a nice personality that makes people forget she is ugly. But seriously she is not pretty! But I like the way she had made it even though she looks like that.

Ugly ugly mouth and lower face!

She's just a plain neurotic skank. Somehow she manages to look totally unsexy even in her nude scene in that movie...

Huge chin and the longest ears I have ever seen. No wonder she covers her face with her hair all of the time. The nose still looks big too. Too much botox and face-lifts now make her looks like she has frog eyes. She has man hands and feet.

I've never seen what people see in her. Her nose looks much better after surgery, but she has a protruding jaw, small eyes, and terribly shaped lips. I don't know why she is not higher!

Very homely woman. Never understood any of the hype about her looks. Feature by feature and placed all together not attractive what so ever. Dumb too.

She got a chin like a chisel sharp, wow, she ugly

Has some type of sex appeal, as "the all American girl type". But with her big nose (already had one nose job), and long skinny face, she definitely does not meet any definition of pretty.

A face only a mother could love!

I don't think she is physically ugly not great, but not ugly. PHONEY for sure, which makes her extremely ugly!

She has such a leather face with ugly mouth and close set eyes. Her hair looks like a stringy pile of hay.

She has that square jaw line looks like she fell on it running after Brad Pitt!

Sorry to those who disagree, but I think she is quite ugly with her huge nose and weird chin

I understand why Brad Pitt would choose Angelina Jolie

She reminds me Dalton Brothers in Red Kit :D

Too much of a clown.

Ugliest actress ever. after meryl streep

Plain Jane's hero. True bobfoc (body off baywatch face off crime watch). Amazing body, great style but that chin & nose!

It's a tie between Jen a and Sarah j Parker.