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Eww... just ew. I couldn't remember most of the names though. Not my generation pokemons ;) But anyway, I think this "Ludicolo" is actually pretty cute

Jynx is by far the most hideous pokemon I have ever seen. Next to mr. Mime.

Jynx is totally the ugliest Pokemon. Zoroark is a close runner up though. - michealbaldon

When someone calls a female singer not saying her name a Jynx lookalike *pulls out gun*

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Really? Who thought this was a good idea for a Pokemon? Nobody likes trash, people want to stay away from trash, and if trash became alive into this abomination, I'd avoid it. Can we stop with the poison types that glorify pollution, when I think of a poison element, I think of natural toxins like toxic chemicals secreted from glands for protection or venom. Basically, for my unova poison type, without question go for the venipede line, you get a cute little centipede, then a rolled up spiked wheel, then a giant centipede that has a body suspiciously like a llama, not this pile of feces.

There aren't that many poison types in the Unova region let alone good-looking ones. I mean, who were they trying to appeal to? Hobos in trash cans? Then some of them have that stupid ability Weak Armor where every time you are hit with a physical attack your defense goes down or something like that. I don't know why Roxie made this her top pokemon at the Virbank City Gym either! - Pikachulover1

Garbodor is a bad Pokemon, Pokemon's are inspires by dragons like charizard, or dinosaur like Venusaur, or turtles like Blastoise, all of them look cool, either some Pokemon are cute, or awesome, but Garbodor is inspired by trash, just trash, the name is even bad to say, Garbodor is unpleasant to look at and disturbing, it's just disgusting, Exeggutor looks cute to me, Muk isn't that ugly but still awesome from the outside and inside, hey, maybe Garbodor is a well behaved Pokemon, oh no! Garbodor is both ugly from the inside and outside, it's rude, mean and annoying, it's even useless in battle, while Exeggutor and Muk are really strong, Koffing was inspired by pollution but still a good Pokemon, I've never seen Garbodor in anyone's party and I will never see one, I suggest you give it a skip if you encounter one. - Cobbleborg

Why would they make a trash pokemon. That is kind of insulting to pokemon.

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Wow maybe nintendo went to a circus and based this thing off a clown or something. Like really nintendo a nose pokemon

I am only voting to disagree with the lot of you.

I like Nosepass. I have never caught him before, but if I got the chance, there's a 70 in 100% chance I would. He is very cute, and I bet he'd be useful in battle, too.

So, please, stop hating on the Nosepass and the rest of his generation.

Thank you.

I don't like Nosepass that myself, but it's good that you do. Nice job stating your opinion without fear. - FluffyBanana

They had to be bored creating this - disturbedbomb

Why don't they make a tissue pokemon to go with it?

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Koffing is better than Weezing I think Weezing should be on this list instead of Koffing.

Koffing is cute with its smile. Weezing should be here; it's always unhappy.

Koffing is cute. I like his smile

I think he is very cute

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FINALLY! Weezing is on this list! Not only is it completely ugly, but it has a lazy design. Just give Koffing 2 heads and BAM! A new Pokemon has been created! Weezing looks even more ugly the way it frowns! At least Koffing has a smiley smirk

This Pokemon is not only ugly but distrubing and a health hazzard as well I'm not even in love with Koffing let alone it's evolved form. This Pokemon can cause pollutaion and severe poison gas.

I like koffing it looked so happy... UNTIL IT EVOLVED INTO THIS MONSTROSITY! It's just down right hideous!

So if weezing is ugly and ash once did a face that looks like weezing but some girls still like him does it mean that weezing is handsome

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its an ugly version of magikarp and magikarp is pretty ugly too. - dragon13304

It was probably existing to make it ironic by making an ugly and filthy Feebas into a beautiful and clean Milotic.

Well feebas is the ugliest in my opinion.. Thanks to its evolved form Milotic that it got even uglier cause Milotic is just too gorgeous.. It's like a fish caught in a red tide or worse, water polluted ocean

How can something this ugly and horrifying turn into something beautiful!?

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Like his evolved form, he is hated for what he looks like. Its unique. The eeveelutions are just a bunch of foxes with decorations. I thing rubbish is quite adorable.

It's a " so ugly it's kinda cute " thing

Sorta cute in an ugly kind of way

Nobody said all gen 5 Pokemon sucked. Chill out.

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Golbat is annoying and what are you bigger open your mouth than your pre-evolution zubat

Besides it's abnormally large mouth, this thing is normal

Golbat is a lazy design, its just a zubat with a huge mouth. At least Crobat is cool

It could probably fit ten cheeseburgers in its mouth

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Cleffa is adorable! Who would think that it's an ugly Pokemon, it's so cute and sweet!

Cleffa is cute. Whoever put Cleffa on here is a huge hater. Think of Clefairy, this is what evolves into Clefairy so... YEAH. Clefairy is cute and Cleffa is CUTER. Come on people, look at Jynx and look at Cleffa. WHICH DO YOU THINK IS UGLIER?

Umm I have no idea what you are talking about. Clef the is adorable. I don't know how you see a pink fluffy tiny ball of happiness as ugly but I guess everyone has their own opinions even if they are weird

Cleffa is only number nine cause you guys keep voting on it just so you could complain.

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She is pink and her lips are disgusting and she kisses everything she sees, I hate smoochum. It's ugly and rude - Cobbleborg

She is ugly - mostly because of her spiky hair in my opinion

I'm just glad It didn't find any lipstick...

She is kinda cute

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But cofagrigus is awesome ghost is my favorite type

Why is this here? Its one of my favourite ghost-types!

This Pokemon is not ugly! You're a genwunner if you think this Pokemon is bad or ugly!

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Come on it's name even says that it's pure UGLY

No, its name meaning is purr and ugly

Come on! So ugly! Its name even has UGLY in it!

She's not that ugly though. - Powerfulgirl10

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Imagine a purple blob with eyes and arms. That is mostly what Muk is. Also, it kills plants by touching them, which must really be bad for the environment.

Looks like moldy muk backwards

So polluted I'm learning he is so gross that butts are jealsous

Come on, Muk is 12, should be 1

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Come on this Pokemon is so ugly it's way worse than feebas. Probably just becasue it came out late.

Of course she had to be on there. The hideous cry, the face make her my very least favorite Pokemon! Beedrill is better than 'Uglyquen'.

Why would you do this! COMBEE WAS SO CUTE! Then when you made the female one so rare, I was like, I gotta see it's evolution! Then I saw this and thought, I'll just stick with the male

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Where should I start? Basically just a carton of eggs. And if you go to the Pokemon day care centre, if you breed an exeggutor with another exeggutor you get an egg. And when the egg hatches there are 6 more eggs inside it!

I love the other Pokemon on this list just this is out of control and lazy! It is just a palm tree with crap faces on it!

It is an ugly egg Pokemon. But not the ugliest

Ugly but beast

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It's based off of tapir it an big ugly elephant pig that was lead to believe to eat dreams it's called a baku musharna is all so based of off that Japanese folklore look at baku from the yo kai watch it's a better design except for big teeth

You also have a penis for your nose

It looks weird. It reminds me of Baku and Babblong from Yo-Kai Watch. - Powerfulgirl10

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Now we know what Kirlia looks without it's makeup.

This thing looks like a distorted flatfish. Whats with the beak? And its a Ground type. IT LOOKS LIKE A FISH! What in the world is a Ground type fish doing in the Pokemon world?!

Stunfisk looks like a pile of horse crap

It's a sloppy disc

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Purugly + bunny + shovel ears = This muddy thing

Why did Nintendo have to ruin rabbits for me!?

Well it has one of those so ugly it's cute faces

Diggersby though

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He actually looks like a bit of a jerk when you think about it. It's wearing a crown on it's head, like it's a king or something, when he's the worst Pokemon ever! He's the king of jerks, really.

It's a stupid goldfish and its weak it only learns splash it's a crap move

He has the move splash even if he is ugly I mean splash the best move of all time

Magikarp is so cute

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Ludicolo is based off of a kappa not the greek letter the mythological Japanese yo kai it has a bald head with leafy like hair around the head called a bowl if it drys out the kappa will die and they love cucumber they have webbed feet and hand and they can dround people and kidnap kids and they look like a giant turtle had a baby with a duck it's mess up

Ludicolo is awesome! That sombrero is adorable!

Ludicolo is a cute coconut with a sombrero! Your so mean!

What? This thing can dance!

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