Top 10 Underground Native American Rappers

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21The Individual

Great emcee from Tulsa with intelligent lyrics better than most Native American rappers - Musick123

His "This World" sets him apart from other Native hip hop artists - 918Fiend

Original lyricists. first heard him on a G Sharp track. HUGE! Plus he can hold his own. only been at it since 2012.

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Shortie's holding it down for the Navajo nation he is like a rapper that can easily go mainstream!

This guy is amazing, he's go mad flow and as colaboated with artist like mallow mac of hi power ent

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24quese IMc
25Rez Made Rydaz

Dyazz spitting in the native tung. Jumping back and forth. Indo with his flawless lyrics to them schism.

Dyazz hailing out the Navajo Rez and in do hailing from the standing rock Sioux. Ththis dynamic duo down the rise to the top bound

Very lyrical, can adapt to east and west coast beats, makes great hooks. Time for these RezMade, RezGrown, RezLovin Natives to take the spot light and make it shine again. Rezmade Rydaz coming to the top!

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262 8 Tha Native
30Native Son

Lyrical and never main stream. If you want to hear realistical verses plus bad ass beats this is the man/group you need to listen to

31Beyoh WellohV1 Comment
32PITTFOXV1 Comment
33Pipes Dirty

12 years of making beats producing and ghostwriting has decided to grab the mic and produce his own music from New Town North Dakota 3 Affiliated Tribes,

36MaJR The Chief
37Lil Spade
38Buggin Malone
39Blocc Monster Boheez
40Marcus Obi
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