Best Underground Rappers 2015

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My favorite song from them: Taken By The Night

These two are both individual rappers but when they collab together it's amazing. Their songs have a jazzy, laid back beat to them. Something you could sit on the roof with and just stare at the stars


Reminds me a bit of Action Bronson in his flowing style but has more of an entrancing use of beats in my opinion. You can turn his music on, sit back and think about life


My favorite song from him: A Fools Lullaby

This guy has a definite underground sound but in the best way. He generally has a positive message or feeling to most of his songs


My favorite song from him: Pictures of You

This guy is very genuine but you can tell he obviously doesn't take himself too seriously. His songs seems very honest and sometimes slightly self deprecating


My favorite song from her: Why Don't You Do It Right

She has a laid back flow and kind of jazzy beats


My favorite song from him: Story 2

One of the best storytellers from hip hop. "Story 2 " paints a completely full picture and delivers emotion as well. Their sound is "experimental." Their songs sound very stripped down, with only the basics of what they want to convey. You don't always need a thousand sounds at once and they prove this very well, the lack off "extra" makes you focus on the words more but their beats are still great

27Rejjie Snow

My favorite song from him: Lost in Empathy

He reminds me of Tyler, The Creator if he was mixed with Open Mike Eagle

28Pac Div

My favorite song from him: Savages

You know when the beat drops in Dubstep? That's what his entire songs sound like. More of a grandiose rapper than a lyricist but his songs are still enjoyable, good work out music


My favorite song from him: POS Is Ruining My life

His beats are like if you turned the instrumentals from metal music into rap beats but not quite as fast as metal songs tend to be

30Kero One

My favorite song from him: So Seductive

He uses a very jazzy sound in most of his beats and it's awesome


My favorite song from him: 5 A.M.

He's kind of like if you took a rapper directly from the 80s/90s and brought them to the present and they discovered the new beats sounds (think of Drake), Logic would be the result. A little braggadocios but also talking about the community he came from


He is kind of like Kendrick Lamar and Drake mixed together

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