Most Underrated Albums of 2013


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1Britney Jean - Britney Spears

Not the best Britney album but still good. Her agents didn't do a decent promo for this album. Some songs are brilliant - Irina2932

2Swings Both Ways - Robbie Williams

The best album of 2013 without a doubt.

America doesn't know what it's missing here

I bought this one

An album that was worth buying

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3My Boo (Together!) - Ruslana

Still fun and catchy plus Ruslana's powerful vocal! - Irina2932

Absolutely catchy, every song is special!

4Loved Me Back to Life - Celine Dion

My personal most anticipated album of 2013! I wasn't disappointed at all. Celine sounds fresh now. - Irina2932

5Girl Who Got Away - Dido

This record should've been much more successful. Dido sounds different here - Irina2932

6Flashing Lights - Havana Brown

The album is much better than I expected. 'Warrior' and 'Spread a Little Love' are fantastic tracks - Irina2932

7Trouble - Natalia Kills

Surprisingly interesting and adventurous record - Irina2932

8Wrapped In Red - Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album with great songs - Ajkloth

9The Midsummer Station Acoustic EP - Owl City
10Moon Landing - James Blunt

Poor james... He makes 10 times better music than 2005... But he's also 100 times less popular than back then... He is really a man with a lot of talent... Breaks my hearth that at then end he was just a "1 or 2 hits artist"

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11Construct - Dark Tranquillity
12Hollow Bodies - Blessthefall

Awesome metalcore album. Easily one of the best of the year!

13All the Lights In the Sky - Area 11
14Bula Quo! - Status Quo
15Now What?! - Deep Purple
16Yeezus - Kanye West
17Zendaya - Zendaya
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1. Loved Me Back to Life - Celine Dion
2. My Boo (Together!) - Ruslana
3. Girl Who Got Away - Dido



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