Most Underrated American Idol Contestants


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21Colton Dixon
22Jasmine Murray

She is the most underrated finalist of season 8, for her voice was immature during her time on the show. However, she was still better than Michael Sarver, Matt Giraud, Megan Joy, Kris Allen, Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey, Anoop Desai, and Lil Rounds. She was sabotaged during the semifinal round. She should have gotten 5th place, not 13th place. The judges should have saved her instead of Matt Giraud.

She was very underrated her voice may not have been completely matured yet but still she was better than Micheal, Matt, Meghan, Danny, and Anoop!

23Jordin SparksJordin Brianna Sparks is an American singer, songwriter and actress. In 2007, she rose to fame after winning the sixth season of American Idol; at age 17, she became the youngest winner in the series' history.
24Ruben Studdard
25Casey James

Casey is the most talented overall musician that has ever been on American idol

Casey was outstanding and was treated poorly by AI producers near the end

26Ace Young
27Syesha Mercado
28Jackie Tohn

I was rooting for her from auditions. She was rocking, and then suddenly, poof! Gone! I was so mad! I wish she's put out an album!

30Jessica Sanchez
31Adam LambertAdam Mitchel Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and stage actor. Since 2009, he has sold over 2.5 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide.
32Kellie Pickler

She is such a star! I love her voice.

33Kristen McNamara
34Von Smith
35Kimberley Locke
36Siobhan Magnus
37Anwar Robinson

He should have made it a lot farther than he did! The fact that Scott Savol and Anthony Federov beat him irked me

38Tamyra Gray

Some said she was a better vocalist then Kelly. I disagree, but she was still way underrated after the show.

39Sundance Head

Sundance is hands down the most underrated contestant. Check out his two albums since for proof "2016 and Gruene" and "Soul Country" which can be found on iTunes, amazon or

40Haley Scarnato
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