Top 10 Most Underrated Disney Characters/Groups


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1The Willie Brothers - Home On the Range

Extremely funny, especially with interactions with Alameda Slim, watch Home on the Range! - alexcousins

2Kaa - The Jungle Book

Love his voice, and his song Trust in Me is actually well written - alexcousins

3Tweedledee and Tweedledum - Alice In Wonderland

Forgotten by people, they are humorous and strange - alexcousins

4Si and Am - Lady and the Tramp
5Fillmore - Cars

Has some awesome lines: " Respect the classics, man! " - alexcousins

6Hamm - Toy Story

My favorite character of all-time! The reason he's not number #1 is because he's not the most underrated - alexcousins

7Tuck and Roll - a Bug's Life

Hilarious and I love their stunts. - alexcousins

8Wiggins - Pocahontas

His hedge-building skills are really funny - alexcousins

9Terri and Terry - Monsters University

They are overlooked but they are still really funny and they are good contrasts to each other - alexcousins

10Mama Odie - The Princess and the Frog

She is funny with her low attention span - alexcousins

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11Carolyn McAdams - Flight of the Navigator

I don't think you've even heard of Flight of the Navigator. It's a time travel movie that Disney made in 1986. - RockFashionista

12The Sugar Rush Racers - Wreck-It Ralph

Disney could've made a whole franchise with these guys and their world, but with their acquisition of "Star Wars" and continuing to milk "Cars" to death they couldn't be bothered.

13Captain Hector Barbossa - Pirates of the Caribbean

I know, he's got fans, but he is very often ignored because of Johnny Depp's equally good performance as Captain Jack Sparrow.

If you go through the movies and name off quotes you can pick off the top of your head, you'll probably notice most of them come from one of these two guys.

14Wasabi - Big Hero 6

He always seems to get overshadowed by the rest of the six, which stinks, because he's a pretty cool guy.

15Lilo - Lilo & Stitch

Even though Stitch is a great character, Lilo always seems to get thrown to the side, which is a shame because she's the one who helped Stitch become a better creature.

16Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox, and Br'er Bear - Song of the South
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1. The Willie Brothers - Home On the Range
2. Kaa - The Jungle Book
3. Tweedledee and Tweedledum - Alice In Wonderland



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