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Truly underrated Iron Maiden song. Virtual XI may fall short on many accounts but this song is one of the best Blaze does with Maiden

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42Run Silent Run Deep

Definitely an underrated song, very good. truthfully seems no one really knows about this album now a days

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Definitely the best track on the album. It is the definative paul Di'ano song. 10/10

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44The Prophecy

Just listen to it and answer - HOW CAN THIS ONE BE #89?!
Please, people, vote for it! - SnaGem

I could listen to the last 2 minutes for an eternity.

45Murders In the Rue Morgue

A top ten Maiden song. Paul is awesome on this album, and this is my favorite of his.

Absolutely one of my favorites. I can't believe it is so low. Paul's finest moment!

Seriously!? How can this be rated 58? This might be the greatest song with Paul. The chorus is amazing and extremly memorable. This might be the most underrated maiden song (in my opinion)

46Where Eagles Dare

Whatever the problem, Clint Eastwood's gonna fix it!

Amazing performance from Nicko and probably the greatest six minutes ever in a Maiden gig when they played this in 2005.

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47Judas Be My Guide

Probably Maiden's most underrated song in my opinion, there is literally nothing to dislike about this song.

OH God. come on, Judas Be My Guide is the most underrated Iron Maiden song ever. It's even underrated on this list. It's definitely one of the best songs from FOTD and my personal favorite as well

Pity they've played this live. Such lucid melodies by Dave.

Its probably the most underrated metal song ever!

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48Fates Warning
49Caught Somewhere In Time

This song is considered to be "good", but it's better than that. It's the best song from Somewhere in Time (a solid album in itself). The lyrics, bass line, Bruce, the synths, EVERYTHING works.

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50Hooks In You

Almost no one talks about this tune! Its a good rocker, its catchy, and Bruce's raspiness shines through well in this song. Very underrated! In fact, almost all the No Prayer album itself is underrated! Its a good album too.

Whoever commented above me, you are so right this is definitely underrated!

51Age of Innocence
52The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

One of my absolute favorites. Definitely needs to be played live. Would love to see how Bruce sings this beautiful song.

One of the best & most underrated song of Iron Maiden. Greatest Guitar riffs that purely rock! Up The Irons!

An amazing epic, maybe a little slow to start, but amazing guitar work and vocals.

The solo that begins at 6.13 is the most sad solo of the maiden and it is awesome

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53The Wicker Man

Underrated? There's probably no fan who really dislike this

This is honestly their greatest song from one of their best albums

Best track off of their best album

I think this song is a bit overrated, really.

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54For the Greater Good of God

The fact this isn't on any Iron Maiden list is sad. Gotta love Hallowed Be Thy Name, Aces High and Number of the Beast, but this is a pretty awesome song. Very aggressive sound for them and one of the first Maiden songs I fell in love with.

The history told in this song and the chorus melody. Out of this world!

56Different World

tell me what you can hear
and then tell me what you what you see
every body has a different way to view the world

i would like you to know
when you see the simple things
to appreciate this life
its not to late to learn


Yeah this song is lovely, both this one and children of the damned are so underrated it hurts, people are just idiots.

57The Fugitive

This song is so underrated that is ridiculous!

58Sun and Steel

Sunlight falling on your steel

This is a great song on piece of mind and it has not much lyrics and its the shortest song on the album about 3 minuets thr onlh songd on piece of mind that is better is the trooper, revelations and still life to tame a land is better to and all songs great on this album but quest for fire

59No Prayer for the Dying
60Burning Ambition
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