Top Ten Most Underrated Items In Minecraft


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Dirt is actually useful! If you need a filler block to block off your door, you can use dirt. If you want to make a tower to show where your house is, you can use dirt. If you need to create a stairway up a hill, dirt is perfect!

What about trees? If there was no dirt, there would be no trees... Which means no wood... No crafting tables... No awesome things...

Dirt is whats underneath us. It would be pretty weird to have something like sponge always under us. - SomeRandomStickboy

You can make noob traps with it! - ABBCC

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If it wasn't for wood, you couldn't really do anything in Minecraft. - Minecraftcrazy530

Wait you can punch trees? Minecraft is way better than I thought.

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3Iron Ore

Iron is useful and easy to find iron ores make armor and weapons


You can use it for so much! It really helps with projects!

6Wheat Seeds

Wheat seeds are great you can plant them for wheat, get them from grass. Once you have the wheat you can then go trade with villagers or make some bread or breed some animals.


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11Rotten Flesh

Rotten flesh can get very annoying because it can fill up in your chests. But once when I went mining my hunger bar was down to 1. Rotten Flesh saved my life. and I was able to continue to mine.
It's a great emergency food in my opinion

I hate this and it filled my hunger bar but then it drop down to 2 hearts.

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13Nether Wart

Think about it. They are useful for making manu many potions and Minecraft would be lame
without potions. It can also be used for decorations. This is not even on the Top Ten
Most Useful Items In Minecraft.

14Hay Bales
15Dead Bush

Enchanting? Hello! It is the new must in mc because without it you can't enchant... And dye for collars and clothes.


Without it you can't farm! Farming is a really good food source!

18Coal ore

You use it to cook ore, yet when people find it they hate it what

20Shulker Shell
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