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21 Harvester of Sorrow Harvester of Sorrow

I don't think people think this is underrated. But it's a great jam! Number 2 on this album! Second to one!

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22 Suicide & Redemption Suicide & Redemption

This an awesome intrumental from death magnetic. - dragon13304

The last minute and a half is why it gets my vote

The 4th best instrumental by Metallica.

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23 Whiplash Whiplash

Yes I find this song way underrated. It's my dads favorite song and it's underrated! The solo is one of Kirk hammetts best! It's just an all around great song!

24 Don't Tread on Me Don't Tread on Me

I listen to this song almost every day. It's so good yet nobody likes it. I've been riding in the car with friends and we'll be listening to the black album and they'll skip this song! It's such a good song and nobody likes it! Drives me nuts!

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25 The Thing That Should Not Be The Thing That Should Not Be

Such a great song, I never knew why it was always said to be a poor song. Not to mention it's based on literature it's also a masterpiece and highly underrated.

Such a good song, it may be repetitive but who cares?

The only reason this song is underrated is because it would probably summon Cthulhu if it was played too often

... Brilliantly evil

This is 2nd Best from Master Of Puppets album!

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26 No Leaf Clover

Reminds me of a "Whiskey In The Jar" type of song by them... in my opinion this is a top 20 Metallica song at least

Should be WAY HIGHER like 12 because this song...A song to show they can change sound and still be epic!

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27 Seek & Destroy Seek & Destroy

This song is not underrated! It's tradition for Metallica to end a show with this song! So how is it underrated?!

What? This song isn't underrated. It's been played 1419 times live, and it's one of Metallica's most well-known songs.

28 The Day That Never Comes The Day That Never Comes

Yes, this song is very underrated. Death Magnetic is the most underrated album of Metallica, this song is so good, that album is so good!
This song has a awesome Guitar Solo. - TheGodOfNewWorld

Solo and power cord drop! One of the best exhibitions of musicianship of any album

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29 The Judas Kiss The Judas Kiss
30 Blackened Blackened V 2 Comments
31 Ronnie Ronnie

It's not their best one, not even in my top 20, but it's actually a great song. But why doesn't anyone understand "underrated"? I mean, Orion is better than this but never underrated.

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32 Motorbreath Motorbreath

Kill 'Em All is Metallicas greatest album. I just wish more people could understand that

It's a underrated song but ride the lightning is the best Metallica album!

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33 Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder

Really good song from probably my favourite Metallica album, give it a listen.

Has one of the best riffs of Metallica and is highly underrated, last time played 14 of july 1989...

Good song not underrated but a good song.

34 That Was Just Your Life That Was Just Your Life

I think it's rating is just right.

35 Dirty Window Dirty Window
36 (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

YES UNDERRATED! Best instrumental ever!

37 Phantom Lord Phantom Lord

Apparently, people don't understand the concept of "underrated. " Fade to Black is NOT underrated. Phantom Lord is beyond underrated, no one seems to like it! The into is mind-blowing, I get chills every time!

This is easily my favorite track on Kill em All. The main riff is just amazing. And the lyrics are just awesome

The reason nobody likes this song is cause IT SUCKS!

38 All Nightmare Long All Nightmare Long

This song is quite famous but doesn't get the credit it deserves. by far the best chorus Metallica have made.
St. anger is also underrated. but the most underrated song I feel is Judas Kiss. It's a brilliant song and its actually a Metallica great.

This must be one of Metallica's best ever. Don't get why it gets so little attention.

I agree famous but gets no credit!

39 Fixxxer Fixxxer

Who is voting on this list? None of the top songs are 'underrated' by any means. They are some of Metallica's most popular songs. Welcome Home is #9. Really? I've always thought Fixxxer was an undiscovered gem, especially lyrically. Give this song a careful listen. Definitely Metallica's most underrated song.

This song just says a lot to me and I really love it

Terrible song. Why start an album with a song like fuel and end it with fixxxer!? It's not a good song!

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40 My World My World

I'm glad this song is underrated because I don't like this song. One reason is because the drums in this song gave me a headache. The other reason is that it doesn't sound too good! Please vote.

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