Top 10 Underrated Pokemon Moves


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It has a max power of 200. To achieve this, use it when you are low on health. - GREATEST

2Acid Spray

Drops special defense by half... Need I say more? - GREATEST

3Gyro Ball

This has a max power of 150. Use it with slow Pokemon. - GREATEST

4Fury Cutter

So many people just look at the power and throw it away. However, if you use it multiple times in a row... Good stuff happens. - GREATEST


The most disappointing thing ever is when an elite four member uses a full restore. You can predict and prevent that with this move. - GREATEST

6AcrobaticsV1 Comment

This move can be strong, but it requires some psychological warfare between a real life opponent. If it hits a Pokemon switching out, it does double damage! - GREATEST

8StrengthV1 Comment
9Rock ClimbV1 Comment
10Mach Punch

This move is basically quick attack cranked up to 11. For one, it is fighting type, which means it can be super effective. Also, it goes before quick attack! - GREATEST

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1. Flail
2. Acid Spray
3. Gyro Ball



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