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41 Too Much Love Will Kill You Too Much Love Will Kill You

This Song is just a Masterpiece of the best Songs of all Time for me

Too deep to fathom... just too deep and that what makes it haunting

42 Need Your Loving Tonight Need Your Loving Tonight

You've got to hear the live version from Argentina 1981. You'll know what I mean.

43 Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon
44 Mother Love Mother Love

There seems to be a common misconception that The Show Must Go On was the last song that Freddie ever recorded before he died. In reality, it was actually this. The poor man couldn't even finish this one, but even when he was just 6 months away from death, he still managed to give a truly chilling performance in this underrated gem.

The fact that Freddie Mercury was unable to finish singing this one means it deserves much more recognition. Besides, it's one of their greatest songs.

45 Seaside Rendezvous Seaside Rendezvous

I LOVE the part with the kazoo! Oh how I love this song! The whole song was Freddie's and Roger's voice along with Roger tapping on the desk or something and a piano. And of course, the kazoo.

Quite amazing, actually. This, Good Company, and of course Spread Your Wings. Well, all the songs are. But these are just a few of my favorites.

I agree, this might be the most fun-loving queen song, and no 1 has ever heard of it! - I<3Queen

They have so many underrated songs that people don´┐Ż't even know (Who wants to live forever is not one of them), but this one is the happiest so I vote for it ) - Ange014

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46 Bicycle Race Bicycle Race

I recently became obsessed with this song it makes me laugh every time I hear it how is it not more known?
It's so catchy too I annoy my friends by singing it

Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my
Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like

One of many Queen songs that deserve much more attention. Very fun too! - AlexandeHoyte

47 Save Me Save Me

Considering this song came after Don't Stop me Now on Greatest Hits 1 it was easy to overlook this song, which is a shame because this tune is truly beautiful.

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48 Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley

One of their most overlooked masterpieces. Freddie's performance is so believable it just breaks your heart.

Although it may be short, it's an absolute masterpiece.. Gives me chills every time

49 Brighton Rock Brighton Rock

The vocal part is the best thing that I could hear in my entire life

One of the most insane guitar solos ever. - KyleDCrocodile

That guitar solo is mind blowing

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50 Tenement Funster Tenement Funster

My favourite Queen song of all time!

51 Now I'm Here
52 Let Me Live Let Me Live

Another underrated song from their underrated album made in heaven. -

Not only is let me live from the album made in heaven, wich I sconsideret the best queen album ever, it is also a song about freddies hardest time of his life (with his sickness) and with that I personally feel that you can't find a queen song with more emotions from freddie then this song even though freddie do not sing in half of it.

53 You're My Best Friend

Although it wasn't actually underrated as it was quite popular, still wasn't as big as it should of been.

54 Scandal Scandal
55 Mustapha Mustapha

Why isn't this on here? Freddy's voice is amazing and the Middle Eastern feel to it is great. The tempo is also catchy and just makes me headband whenever I listen to it.

I love this. Way ahead of its time.

56 It's a Hard Life It's a Hard Life

"It's a hard life, to be two lovers together, to love and live forever in each others hearts." come on these lyrics are just amazing

My favorite Queen song in my opinion, lyrics are extremely powerful... Long Live the Queen!

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57 Father to Son Father to Son

Completely ignored by many people. This is my favourite Queen song, just listen to that mid-section.

Phenomenal, mind blowing, incredible, mesmerizing.

I just never grow tired of this song!

58 My Melancholy Blues My Melancholy Blues

This song is so so beautiful, I get goosebumps every time. definitely one of my favourites

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59 In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited
60 Bring Back That Leroy Brown Bring Back That Leroy Brown
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