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1If You See Kay - The Script

Great song, absolutely an underrated band. The Script is one of my all time favorite bands. Talk you down and for the first time are also two classics by this band.

How much I love this song and this band cannot be explained merely in words This generation deserves to listen to the best music there is possible, yet they choose to listen to those made by mediocre artists. The Script will forever and ever rock my world... Especially with this awesome song! )

This is one band than can really play music in this pathetic era of Justin Beiber (I don't care if it's spelt wrong) and Lady Gaga. Great beat, great lyrics and great meaning

Extremely underrated band, they seriously deserves more views, they have wonderful music, great meaning, are way better than many other artist buy yet have so little views.

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2The Cut Runs Deep - Deep Purple
3Over the Hills and Far Away - Gary Moore
4Can't Let You Go - Rainbow
5Crying In the Rain - Whitesnake
6Eyes of the World - Rainbow
7Killer On the Loose - Thin Lizzy
8She Is - The Fray
9Sugar Mice - Marillion

Underrated songs by UNDERRATED ARTISTS, why do I read Nirvana, Rammstein, Megadeth or AC/DC?! Marillion is just the band that fits the well on that top, well, for me. Awesome band, needs more and more listenings.

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10Morphine Child - Savatage

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11Shot to Hell - Laaz Rockit
12Hundred - The Fray

Explained very briefly, beautiful. This is one of the most beautiful songs that I have ever heard, and the piano solo at the beginning also makes it even more breathtaking than it already is.

13Millionaires - The Script

The Script is an awesome band (one of my all time favorites) and I can't believe now people are filling their ears with crap like one direction and Justin beiber. by the way this is coming from a 12 year old girl.

The best song ever heard by the script... Which is the best band of rock currently in U.K.

What...what is this song doing here..guys please take it to top...i bet you wont be dissapointed..

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14Sympathy - Uriah Heep
15Wish 'Em All Away - Embrace
16You've Got a Friend In Me - The Zutons
17Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
18Faster - Matt Nathanson

Good song and beat... Can't believe I haven't heard it!

19Jigsaw - Marillion
20Garden Party - Marillion
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