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22Army of the Pharaohs (AOTP)

This is the best group I mean they are a power house everything vinnie paz touches is a hit

These guys are beast either together or on there own albums

This is as underground as it gets

They are the bomb

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He may be in the top 10 best

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Logic by far one of the most meaningful and hard working rappers with true lyrics along with lupe fiasco

Meaningful lyrics. Personally my favorite rapper

Powerful storyteller, so meaningful and the a true artist.


K-Rino is probably the greatest rapper alive, seriously. He don't get no love though. There is people in Texas that only listen to Texas music and ain't ever heard of this guy! That's a damn shame

Class by himself...and by a wide margin

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The most underrated rapper of all time

28Ab Soul
29Living Legends

honestly from my small town kamloops this group has made it so far and should go all the way i mean purple kush and nothing less are amazing songs! another great group from canada is the random humans or topher

30Brotha Lynch

He's pretty twisted and dark but he's still good

31Flatbush Zombies

Meech is incredible Erick is one of the best producers in the entire game these guys are criminally underrated

They should've gotten higher, they have Meechy Darko's dope voice and lyrics, Erick the Architech's amazing producing skills and amazing lyrics, and you got the hype man/dope lyricist Zombie Juice

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32Big LLamont Coleman (May 30, 1974 – February 15, 1999), best known by his stage name Big L, was an American hip hop recording artist, born and raised in Harlem, New York City, New York. Coleman embarked on his career in rapping, with the hip hop trio, Three the Hard Way. His first notable appearance came ...read more.V1 Comment

Most unnatural sound.these are aliens.forever!

These guys are so good! All of their albums are dope!
For me best tracks are :

1. Karma
2. Enemies with benefits
3. Beautiful Girl
4. Dream
5. Lynguistic

34Chance The Rapper

Sick rapper. Listen 2 (Brain cells, Juice, Coacoa butter kisses, and smoke again) you wont regret it

Why so low? He's better than Mac Miller


Papoose is like Jay Z... If Jay Z wouldve smoked crack in his moms house all day instead of selling it. His "diss tracks" are just attacking people that he can't get close to lyrically and just copies their beats. And he is dumber sounding then chief keef (but at least sosa sounds cool). He is overrated as it is, If youve heard of his name, and he doesn't live on the same street as you, then he is overrated

He is the best dising and he always relising a song with the other people beat and no one can not respond him, so he must be in the top 5

36The Underachievers

How are they not HIGHER ON THE LIST, you got Issa Gold's super deep/dope lyrics and AK The Savior's insanely dope voice and deep lyrics

AK and Issa slay. Their style is different but I absolutely love it

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37Chino XL
38PJ Tha Rap Hustla

From the group boss hogg outlawz with slim thug... Hes sick

39Dennis Maniatakis (Nasty)

He has amazing selections to listen to!

"Survivor" "I Don't Care "Life is Unfair" which deal with not conforming to society

"So Cold" "Tired of Bejng Broke" Talking about his experiences living in the ghetto

"Farewell" "Love Ballad" "No Lies" "Moving On" "Watch the Flames" recalling past, failed experiences with love, yet he chooses to move on from that

He even has other songs like "Emma" which talks about a girl who is going through identity issues along with other adversity, and "Change the Road" which gives an insight on two different lifestyles through the eyes of teens.

He is truly an amazing artist


A legend in the underground at one point. In my opinion, was Eminem's toughest rival in all of em's beefs

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