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342Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots

One of my favorite video games. - Ededdneddyfan55

343Yoshi's Woolly World

Underrated? Definitely. I Love This Game!

345National Geographic Animal Jam
346Hungry Shark Evolution
347Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

This Game Underrated? Really? Well... That's Surprising.

349Wario: Master of Disguise
350Star Wars The Force Unleashed

Nope, not talking about the first one. The second one is entirely canon (which is fine) but not as good as the first one. The first one got a rating of 6/10 by Steam, which is defiantly underrated, most negative reviews due to software errors and glitches for the PC version. But trust me, Xbox 360 and PS3 made sure there weren't many glitches for you to deal with. The only 2 glitches I've encountered are one where I get unlimited energy and health, and second where on Imperial Felucia where you kill a Bull Rancor. Rarely, you get to go inside its mouth, which basically transforms the arena into some kind of plasma pool on Raxus Prime, where you have to stay on the sides to survive, as the rancor and Maris Brood just disappears. Not very bad glitches, as the first one only occurred in one save slot.

351Super Monkey Ball Adventure

People complain about the load times because they're impatient bastards. I really like the story mode.

352Megaman Sprite Game
353Axiom Verge
354Shadow Hearts: Covenant
355Timesplitters: Future Perfect
356Vagrant Story
357Star Ocean: The Last Hope
359Psycho Waluigi
360Earthworm Jim 2
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