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21The Simpsons: Road Rage

So what if it's a crazy taxi ripoff? Its fun

22Super Princess Peach
23The Itchy and Scratchy Game
24Paper Mario: Sticker Star

My opinion I only hate 2 mario games this one and hotel mario

It's Underrated Because It Sucked!

TTYD fanboys need to stop whining about a TTYD remake. Yeah, TTYD was good, no need to scream it directly to our ears.

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25Kirby Air Ride

I'm pretty sure Conner The Waffle on YouTube said this is the most underrated game ever

A fun racing game that really lets you play to your fullest potential. COME ON Nintendo. MAKE A SSB STYLE GAME. EXCEPT WITH RACING.

26Pac Man World 2

I can't believe this: we're on a list of the most underrated and overlooked games ever, and Mario and Zelda STILL get the top spots. Why? Because they're so huge that I'm willing to bet Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi's Mansion, and Majora's Mask are the ONLY "underrated" games many of the people have played. Pac Man World 2 is among the epitome of underrated - it starred a well-known figure, was adored by fans and critics, and nobody knew it existed, and wouldn't often give it a chance anyway. Don't be one of those guys: Pac Man World 2 was easily one of the best platformers in its generation, with fun graphics, an amazing soundtrack, brilliant design, and six unlockable previous Pac Man Games. It may not be as good as games like Disgaea and Beyond Good and Evil, but it's so little-known that it's not even featured on lists of good little-known games! Don't pass this one up.

No other game on this list has truly stuck out to me as much as Pac-Man World 2. I love this game to death, and it saddens me that many people overlook this game. Great Graphics, Phenomenal Music, Stellar Level Design, Cool Levels, Epic Boss Fights, an Aracde; seriously! How is this game so overlooked? Buy this game this instant. It's truly fantastic.

This game was my childhood. But in the internet when I mention it people go "Huh. I never knew that game existed." - BigTree

27Spartan X
28Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Wonderful game! Greatest Mario Game of all time! Too bad that the Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64 overshadowed it, so it only sold about 1. 4 million copies worldwide. If you find it though, like on eBay, a yard sale, or used game store, then get it!

I don't understand why people harp at this game so often. It's very engaging for an RPG, has the best graphics on a SNES games, a story so compelling you'd actually care about Mario, a lot of depth, plenty of sidequests, many characters with their own stories, and for once; THE WHOLE GAME ISN'T ABOUT SAVING PRINCESS PEACH! This is a game that people definitely need to take a bit more seriously.

Sweetest RPG on SNES. Not the best, as they're overshadowed by Chrono Trigger, FFVI and some more, but still it's the sweetest. How's that? Lovely graphics, great music, many jokes that will make you laugh out loud all the time, nice combat system, and more. - Igurusama

Yet again, not really underrated at all. Great game though. - TwillyFSniper

29Dead Island
30The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

People may worship this game now, but it deserves as much acclaim as Ocarina of Time, aged better, and would have changed the outcome of the franchise for the better if it wasn't met with so much rage at the time for its graphics.

It was underrated back then, now it's just rated. - Keb

Also in no way underrated. Do you know what the word "underrated" means? - TwillyFSniper

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31SpongeBob SquarePants the Movie

I used to play this all the time when I was a kid - XtremeNerdz12

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32Sonic Unleashed

People hate this game when it's a really good game

This is often considered better than Adventure 2!

Out of all criticism towards Sonic games, as unfair as critics were to Shadow's game with his guns, this game had even more unfair criticism towards the werehog (HD)! I mean seriously, I would say people initially hated the werehog more than guns! I mean seriously, F IGN's review on the HD version (how dare you call this game worse than 06 when it has better voice acting, better controls for everyone, better gameplay including the werehog, immensely better graphics, immensely fewer glitches, an immensely better story, an immensely better hubworld, and an even better soundtrack! How does this game deserve a score worse than 06?!?! It doesn't! )! This game (HD) needs rereviewed by critics and get an actual score it deserves, especially considering how well the game has aged!

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33Sleeping Dogs

One of the best games I've ever played - ahmedaser

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34Rise of Nations
35Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkV2 Comments
36Spec Ops: The Line

The single greatest storyline in the history of video games.

38Shrek: SuperSlam

Actually a fun game with some interesting gameplay. Part of me wishes I was joking.

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39The 7th Saga
40Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL
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