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41The 7th Saga
42Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL
43Mario Party 8

I know I'm going to get a lot of dislikes on this but I don't like Mario party

I LOVE MARIO PARTY 8! Me and my sibling would play it all the time! It's so fun! Why is it underrated!? - SeeU

44Lollipop Chainsaw
45Star Fox Adventures

While not a perfect game, it's not as bad as most people claim it is (and I can guarantee, those people either never played it, only watched Jontron's review, or are 64 Elitist scum).

46Jet Set Radio Future

JSRF was one of the best games that were ever made!

Ultimative good graphics (now at 2010 it even looks good! ), good gameplay, good story, 10/10)

A lot of these games are underrated compared to the rest of their series, while actually they are overrated. Most people haven't even heard of this game! - Jammer196

Fun, edgy, and interesting yet not well known - WeirdSmells

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47The Simpsons: Hit & Run
48Kirby's Dream Land 3
49Resistance 3
50A Nightmare on Elm Street

This game is criminally underrated.

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52Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky

I love this game it's a work of art and should get more attention one of the greatest games of all time

It gets the love it has and for all the right reasons

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54Unreal Championship
55Final Fantasy VIII

I couldn't stand playing the game on PC, the keyboard set up was intolerable. I have always thought it would be good to to give it another go with a control pad, but never seem to ge over my initial disappointment.

56Saints Row IV
57Future Cop: L.A.P.D.

Very awesome shooter. Destroy everything and kill bad guys!

58Sonic Colors

Wait? How the hell is this underrated? It saved the sonic franchise after '06!

I have no clue what this game is doing here! Who knows, maybe they mean the ds version only. Either way, neither version belongs this high! But Unleashed should have been the game to save the franchise if only people could GIVE THE WEREHOG A CHANCE WHEN THEY DID WITH BOTH ADVENTURE TITLES!

This isn't underrated but it is definitely how a 3D sonic game should be - Keb

59Sonic Unleashed

People hate this game when it's a really good game

This is often considered better than Adventure 2!

Out of all criticism towards Sonic games, as unfair as critics were to Shadow's game with his guns, this game had even more unfair criticism towards the werehog (HD)! I mean seriously, I would say people initially hated the werehog more than guns! I mean seriously, F IGN's review on the HD version (how dare you call this game worse than 06 when it has better voice acting, better controls for everyone, better gameplay including the werehog, immensely better graphics, immensely fewer glitches, an immensely better story, an immensely better hubworld, and an even better soundtrack! How does this game deserve a score worse than 06?!?! It doesn't! )! This game (HD) needs rereviewed by critics and get an actual score it deserves, especially considering how well the game has aged!

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60Metro 2033
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