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1SansSans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult more.

Badass mofo

too bad I've beat his boss fight so many times it isn't challenging anymore - Rematar

I agree with everything this post has to say! Sans is amazing and hilarious and in my personal opinion is the most important character in the game when it comes to the actual story line. So basically all I'm saying in this comment is that well sans is the best character in undertale in my heart and it will stay that way as long as I'm part of this fandom!

Sans has been my favorite character right from the start. He makes great puns, and has the power to control a human. He might be like a skeleton who makes bad jokes and doesn't want to do work a lot, but in my mind he is a wonderful and funny skeleton who will always be my favorite no matter what.

His gaster blasters. His agility. He's lazy and cool. Let's not forget his puns. What reason is there not to love this skeleton?!

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2PapyrusProbably the second most popular character from the already insanely popular 2015 indie RPG known as Undertale, Papyrus the skeleton is Sans' taller and skinnier younger brother (much like how Luigi is to Mario in the Super Mario Bros series, except that Papyrus is physically stronger than Sans) who more.

Papyrus is prideful, sure, but he also has a kind heart. He's willing to help his friends out with any problems they might have, and he's nice to everyone-even if you kill him in Genocide, he still supports you. He's also the most hilarious character in the game. His quirkiness and niceness makes him my personal favorite character. - Garythesnail

Papyrus may act like a dork, but that's the reason why I love him! It's kind of adorable and hilarious to see him behave like that. He's such a big sweetheart, too, he just doesn't like to show it. Also, I'll be honest, he's quite relatable. That moment when you feel like a useless being, wanting to have friends but have none... I had depression due to those things. But what I admire about Papyrus is because he stays positive, and he knows there are still good things in his life. I don't care if Sans is cool, popular, powerful, edgy or "Funny"... Papyrus will always be my favorite.

Papyrus lost himself in popularity, but you always know his heart is in the right place. He's the only monster that truly downright refuses to kill you, no matter how you act. While seeming like a loud and popularity craving fanatic, he truly just wants a few friends. He's probably the most outgoing character in the game as well. Papyrus' philosophy and his talkative nature makes him a great character.

Dude I think papyrus has a glowing eye and gaster blaster but since he never wants to kill you he will never use the gaster blasters in a human battle

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Undyne is so awesome. We're supposed to think she's a big villain at first, but then we find out later that she just wants to protect monsters. She's HILARIOUS in the pacifist run, and a badass in the genocide. In every single run, she's not afraid to lay down her life to save everyone else. If she isn't one of the most awesome, hilarious, and well-developed characters in Undertale, I don't know who is!

Undyne touched my heart in a way that hasn't been done by any other video game character for years. Her smile, her humour, her love, and her DETERMINATION to fight for her friends, everything about her is incredible.

Smells like sushi. - Meredy

Such a tough character. Makes us think she's gonna be a "bad guy" but then befriends you. The genocide battle with her is AMAZING. And she's just so strong. Always believes in you. Undyne is just awesome. You kill her and SHE DOESN'T DIE. She's the only monster able to have determination and not melt into pieces straight away. And the music during her battles are magnificent.

She a fish.. Cool

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4Flowey (Asriel)

I love Flowey. He is like my first favourite video game villain of all times! He is sinister, sympathetic, mysterious, evil, selfish, creepy and a double-crosser! I mean he is the first character you meet in the game and what happens next? He turns into a nightmare-fueled beast! Flowey is the ultimate video game, and being an antagonist to a child is such a cool idea! - Daviddv0601

I used to think Flowey was Satan...until I saw that he was just poor Asriel - WitheredBonnie

Asriel is my favorite character in the entire game! It doesn't help that as Flowey, he reminds me of my favorite cartoon character, Bill Cipher. And the first thing I saw of Undertale was the Omega Flowey battle.

Flowey is something special -- his character development and his boss themes are just incredible, and the ultimate plot-twist that he was Asriel Dreemurr blows me away... And then there's his theme... (See what I did there ) It really hits me in the feels

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5AlphysAlphys is an adorably dorky, lab-coat-wearing, bespectacled, yellow-skinned lizard scientist who resides in her lab in Hotland in the critically acclaimed cult classic RPG known as Undertale, wherein she partakes in the daily act of watching insane amounts of anime and having a vast majority of the more.

She is like the female lizard version of myself. I can totally relate to her. I am always on social media annoying people, I have a crush on someone who acts as a great friend, I can't stop writing stupid fan fictions, I sometimes feel suicidal, I am always nervous around my friends and new people, I love anime, I like to get creative when I think of new things and I make A LOT of mistakes. That's why I love her so much. She is one of the most realistic characters of the game. - Daviddv0601

Alphys is the best character in the game in my opinion, closely followed by Sans. She is relatable, kind and loves anime. Awesome. In the pacifist route she shows us nerds that we can get past our insecurities, and that is why, Alphys is my favourite.

She's like a lot of people. Mad at themselves, and so nervous. We support you, Alphys!

She is the best! Plus she is like me and she is adorns!

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My favourite character, I love you goat mom

Who wouldn't vote their one and only goat mom? Toriel is so awesome ever since! She also sweet and kind, and I love her butterscotch pie or whatever flavor it is even if I can't eat it in real life

When I just started playing Undertale, Toriel was my favorite character.

Gotta love Goat Mom!

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I took a quiz to see what character I was most like, and my results were Frisk. I AM FILLED WITH DETERMINATION!

Same! I wonder if someone had Chara as a result, and they were being honest the whole way. - WitheredBonnie

I looked so much like Frisk when I was in kindergarten! I had the short haircut and everything (Oh my Asgore she looks like an Asian Dora.Cute.) - WitheredBonnie

Frisk is filled with determination in the underground! This character is amazing! -Anonymous

*This human fills you with DETERMINATION!

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8AsgoreAsgore Dreemurr is a boss monster and the king of the monsters in the 2015 RPG Undertale made by Toby Fox . Asgore is the portrayed main antagonist who plans the acquire seven human souls and use their power to break the barrier that seals the monsters underground . Aspects of his character are hinted more.

Asgore is such a lovely character. He doesn't WANT to kill you, and isn't the 'disgusting monster' that the fandom portrays him as. He gives you every chance to go back when entering his battle-- and even though he could easily kill you in just one hit...He doesn't. He's just a big sad goat dad!

Seriously, this guy needs way more recognition. He's my favorite character in the game, just because of how sweet but powerful he is at the same time. And you never really ever get to see his true power, because you can tell he's holding back by the look on his face when the battle starts. The music is the best music in the game in my opinion, and just seriously, who could hate this guy?

Asgore is what every Father should be, a sweet, goofy guy with a heart bigger and thicker than his skull. The poor guy had to choose between the hope of hundreds of his friends and citizens or his family. Give Asgore a chance! When you fight him, he can't even look at you, he's too beside himself with remorse. he's not a bad guy, and he is not the terrible creature the Fandom portrays him on. Oh, and am I the only one who thinks that Asgore would smell like flowers and spices?

Asgore is so underrated. He's a loving father, and a good king.

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9MettatonMettaton is a character in the popular 2015 RPG game, Undertale. He is a robot with a soul built by Dr. Alphys, and is the sole television star of the underground. Mettaton is a popular character in the fanbase. His notable features include his legs, and his catchphrase "OH YESSSS!"

Haha, Mettaton is amazing! He's really funny! And random, too. He's pretty fabulous in his EX form, but I prefer him in his normal form.

I love how he is basically running a show and trying to kill you at the same time.

Mettaton is the best! And it's not just because of the legs! He has a great character, and who can't love his relationship with his cousin? he may have been a ghost, then a robot, but everyone knows he, unlike others, has a soul. This is just such an amazing character. I love him.

With legs like these, who needs arms?

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HOW DARE TEMMIE BE SO LOW! ;-; Temmie is obviously the best character in Undertale, people can't disagree with that. #TemIsLoveTemIsLife

It's a cat.

Its cute.

What more do you want

Temmie want to go to college to all of you proud

Temmie is good.

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I feel so bad for Asriel! First, he was killed by humans. Second, he is a flower. Third, in the genocide route, Chara kills him!

Asriel is an evil, murderous and terrible person, but he's still one of my favorites

During his boss fight: THE FEELS ARE REAL!

I'm gonna kiss you

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He is just so adorable! I definitely would smooch this ghost.

Napstablook fight theme is in my opinion one of the best songs in Undertale. Also, his personality is familiar to mine.

He's a cute ghost with a love of music.

He is just so damn likable.

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You think that you can blame your faults on Chara. That, it doesn't matter that you did a genocide run- because it was Chara's fault...Just shut up. YOU did the genocide run. They're young, impressionable...they need to be taught how to act, because they sure enough didn't live a happy life on the surface-- There's no villain in Undertale, and there doesn't have to be, unless YOU decide to take that role.

Quit blaming them for your mistakes. They didn't murder everyone, YOU, THE PLAYER, did. So man up and take some responsibility. Chara's done some things wrong, but they never decided to mass murder.

"I am the child known as "Chara." I whom you have named without knowledge of my name. I was so innocent, so pure, yet now look at me. Feeding on what you created. I never wanted to kill. I had to, to save my new family. He resisted, and yet I came back? Why? Because their screams woke me up. And yet, I couldn't feel anything. Just a desire to feel again. And when your knife went through her heart, I felt stronger. Glimmers of emotion flitted through me. I wanted more. You didn't stop. Papyrus, Undyne, Mettaton, Sans. I want to die. Erase the world, and forget all my sins, your sins, what I did to my brother, my family. Just kill everyone, and go on with your life. Forget I ever existed. I won't stop you. (You chose ERASE) Thank you. Now I can die a hero, finally stopping the killer. You started this. I finished it with desire."
This is what I'd think Chara should say at the end of a 5th Genocide Run, because of what you did over and over, and how she may feel guilty about killing ...more

Chara is cool only because if you end up feeling bad for genocide and don't erase then you have someone to blame. But I also just feel bad for CHARA.

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I know it's weird (since she's such a minor character) but Muffet is probably my favorite character in Undertale. On the surface, she seems overly-greedy and mean, but you realize that's not the case when you look at her below the surface. All she wants is to protect her friends: the spiders. Though it may look like she's fighting you because she'll get paid to do so, but in actuality, she only attacks because she thinks you hate spiders, and she has been told that you rejoice in killing them. The moment she finds out that's not the case, she immediately forfeits the money and lets you go, going so far as to apologize for the trouble. After that, she looks at Frisk as another friend, and goes so far as to try to protect him/her from Flowey at the end of the game. Her love for her friends and selfless willingness to stand up for them makes me admire Muffet. She's like Undyne in that regard. However, the fact that it isn't as obvious as it is with Undyne, I feel, makes her a very ...more

I love how all the characters tend to have these deep motives for their actions, and Muffet's just like, "Give me your money."

I'm surprised Muffet is this high up. Either way she's my favourite character and I wish that we got to know more about her.

I loved her theme song, and the purple soul was very fun

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15Mettaton EX

He's already on this list by the way

She thinks she is hot but the reak hit is...Grillby.You got it? Because he is a flame

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16GasterW . D Gaster is one of the characters from the very popular game, UnderTale . Basically, he was once the royal scientist long ago, but then was forgotten and left in the void . more.

Perhaps it's the mystery that captivates the players.

He was removed and left in the source code

Beware the man who fell into the void for experiments.

Implying Gaster is a character.

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17SANESSV5 Comments

Who doesn't love this stage-ready monster?!

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Burgerpants is life. Easily the realest character for me.

"I can't go to hell. I'm all out of vacation days." This sentence sums up why I love burgerpants. HUMOR

Burgerpants is definitely one of the funniest characters in the game. - Garythesnail

Sums up my entire life in a single character

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20Annoying Dog

So funny! Absorbing the orb, it's theme song, it even represents the creator of the game himself Toby Fox come on!

His theme is really good for trolling and awesome.

Annoying dog is a great character. Even though... not being a main character, it's still a funny dog. Come on, it's awesome.

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