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21 Annoying Dog

So funny! Absorbing the orb, it's theme song, it even represents the creator of the game himself Toby Fox come on!

His theme is really good for trolling and awesome.

Annoying dog is a great character. Even though... not being a main character, it's still a funny dog. Come on, it's awesome.

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22 Burgerpants Burgerpants

Burgerpants is life. Easily the realest character for me.

"I can't go to hell. I'm all out of vacation days." This sentence sums up why I love burgerpants. HUMOR

Burgerpants is definitely one of the funniest characters in the game. - Garythesnail

Sums up my entire life in a single character

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23 Heats Flamesman Heats Flamesman

We should never forget his name.

Heats Flamesman is love Heats Flamesman is life. He should be a more important character. If you don't like him you should die

Heats Flamesman is the god of the underground.

Magma Fireball? Fire Heatsman? Little Fireboy? Heats Flamesman? HAA YES I GOT IT!

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24 Omega Temmie Omega Temmie V 2 Comments
25 Lesser Dog Lesser Dog

Pet him to much he go's where no dog has been

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26 Omega Flowey

I like Flowey so I like Omega Flowey too. Simple

27 Doggo

I like it when he barks he's kinda cute and funny

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28 Red

This wouldn't count. She's from a fan made game

Red dose not count she is from a fan made game and some really good fan fiction however she is a really good character=)

Um... this is a fan made undertale character with her own game shes not undertale just a fan made battle - lucario_ninetales

He is from the NES Godzilla creepypasta! - TemmieHoi

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29 Mad Dummy V 1 Comment
30 Icecap

Ice cap is obviously the best character in undertale he's funny, cute and has a great and interesting personality.

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31 Snowdrake
32 Greater Dog Greater Dog V 3 Comments
33 Catty
34 Endogeny Endogeny

I love monster characters like this!

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35 Snowdrake's Mother
36 Vulkin V 1 Comment
37 Aaron V 3 Comments
38 Tsunderplane V 1 Comment
39 Aphmau

Yes, Aphmau. The best Undertale character

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40 Monster Kid V 1 Comment
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