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21Heats Flamesman

We should never forget his name.

Heats Flamesman is love Heats Flamesman is life. He should be a more important character. If you don't like him you should die

Heats Flamesman is the god of the underground.

What's his name again?

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22Lesser Dog

Pet him to much he go's where no dog has been

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23Omega Flowey

I like Flowey so I like Omega Flowey too. Simple


This wouldn't count. She's from a fan made game

Red dose not count she is from a fan made game and some really good fan fiction however she is a really good character=)

Um... this is a fan made undertale character with her own game shes not undertale just a fan made battle - lucario_ninetales

He is from the NES Godzilla creepypasta! - TemmieHoi

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25Mad DummyV1 Comment

I like it when he barks he's kinda cute and funny

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Ice cap is obviously the best character in undertale he's funny, cute and has a great and interesting personality.

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29Greater DogV3 Comments

Why does everyone forget Grillby? - QuarterGuysApprentice

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I love monster characters like this!

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33Snowdrake's Mother
34VulkinV1 Comment
35AaronV3 Comments
36TsunderplaneV1 Comment

Yes, Aphmau. The best Undertale character

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38Underswap SansV1 Comment
39Omega TemmieV2 Comments
40ChairielV2 Comments
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