Most Unique Voices In Boy Bands

Those are the best Boys in bands with the greatest voices at all do you agree vote for the best

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1A. J. McLean - Backstreet Boys

He got the most unique voice made all the people around the world know that this is backstreet boys I love him so much and he is too funny and always bring enjoyment to the watcher - AJSAMIH

His voice makes my heart melt. Since I am an R&B fan, It was easy to relate to his voice, and that's why he's my favorite.

Listen to his voice in songs like "I Still" and "Incomplete". It's just awesome :)

The coolest Backstreet Boys singer and performer, most inviting energy. Backstreet Boys forever

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2Brian Littrell - Backstreet Boys

His voice is really amazing. To be honest, I love all 5 guys from Backstreet Boys. They all have unique voices but Brian is my favorite - Irina2932

His voice is emotional and it's music to my ears

Brian's voice is the beautiful voice I ever listen!
His high note can hypnotize people!

Angelical voice

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3Lee Ryan - Blue

His voice is different you can see it's like there's something in His throat I love him also - AJSAMIH

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful voice! Truly one of the nicest singing voices I've ever heard

4Shane Filan - Westlife

He make the band amazing he is the main vocal and everybody loves him - AJSAMIH

His voice is unique, versatile and angelic.. The best among the rest..

Shane is the best singer in the whole world. No one can ever replace him

Can't forget the unique voice of Shane Filan, his the best...

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5Robbie Williams - Take That

Love his British accent - very sexy voice

The most unique voice you are ever likely to hear

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6Harry Styles - One DirectionHarry Edward Styles is an English singer and song writer, known as the least talented member of the boy band One Direction.

I think Harry's voice is very unique. There's just something about it that's so calming and keeps me transfixed. His voice is always full of emotion as well. This is just me though, I'm sure it's different for everyone else

Hmm... I didn't think Harry would be on this list! But to be honest, I'm proud. I think he has a very wonderful, strong voice,

I love Harry styles he is so cool and talented. I love him!

I love you harry styles!

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7Mark Owen - Take That

Everyone knows that Grey Bralow and Robbie Williams the best vocals in Take that but also Mark Owen got a different voice - AJSAMIH

8Simon Webbe - Blue
9JC Chasez - N'sync

I do feel JC Chasez has a better singing voice than Justin too. He's my favorite in NSYNC due to his R&B style voice.

He is cool person good writer and nice vocal I think him better than Justin - AJSAMIH

Best voice better than Brian and aj

10Duncan James - Blue

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11Zayn Malik - One Direction

Truly zayn has one of the most amazayn voices especially when he sings those high notes... It feels incredible I think he should be at least in the top ten please vote for him guys

Zayn has the most unique voice, he should be number 1 in this list.

Zayn is truly amazing. He is the best of 1D

He is the best in the world!...

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12Abz Love - 5ive

He is cool person singing rap and make nice music vocal he is the soul of the best boyband ever 5ive - AJSAMIH

13Howie Dorough - Backstreet Boys

Return to Backstreet Boys Howie always the hottest and the most different sound in the all band - AJSAMIH

Listen to his voice in "Never Gone" or "What Makes you different (Makes you Beautiful)". It's amazing :D the amount of emotion he has in his voice captures your attention.

14Jordan Knight - New Kidz On the Block

His voice so small cool voice I like to hear him singing - AJSAMIH

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15Antony Costa - Blue
16Mark Feehily - Westlife

It's just simple as you can determine his voice over the others... HIS VERY NICE VOICE.. I love him'

Nobody can sing like Mark. He is incredible.

His voice is unique in the world I've heard.

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17Piero Barone - Il Volo

He has a powerful operatic voice that is also beautiful even when he is singing pop songs, check out Se Me Falta Tu Mirada, his voice give colours to the band Il Volo

18Gianluca Ginoble - Il Volo

Has rich velvety tones that embraces each song he sings and adds deeper dimension of feelings to the sound. Once you hear his voice--it's unforgettable.

Gianluca baritone voice gas a soft tone which can croon you into peacefulness. This is angelic baritone ever.

A velvet baritone that melts your bones!

19Michael Jackson - Jackson 5

Michael all the way!

Jermaine brought the soul

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20Nick Carter - Backstreet BoysNickolas Gene "Nick" Carter is an American singer. He is best known as a member of the pop group the Backstreet Boys.

He's amazing, if you disagree with me, please listen to "Backstreet Boys - I still", and hear his voice.

Listen to "I Need You Tonight" by the Backstreet Boys. His vocals are absolutely amazing hitting every note smoothly to sooth your ears.

A lot of boy bands voices copied Nick's.

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