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Southwestern University


I wanna study here... I think it's the best school to take up dentisry
It's nice to study here in Southwestern University... It is a prestigious institution and provides an excellent education... So be with us.. Be a SOUTHWESTERNER...
More foreigner students studying in this institution and their curriculum is worldwide granted and credited. They produced competitive graduates in competitive era. They always produced board topnotch students and lead every Filipino to excel in other countries because of their excellent education. They are striving for excellent...
My Alma Mater... I had wonderful learning experiences at South Western University back in my college years. I admired the facilities provided by the school, they have the best of what a school should have, and environment very conducive for learning. I remember the school had so many foreign students, which means internationally accredited. Great faculty members and school produced a lot of top notchers. I am proud I graduated from South Western University, Cebu. Thumbs up!
I like southwestern because of very high technology like having good facilities one of this is the elevator it could you give you comfortable in going upstairs. Very nice faculty and staff they have good service to the students. The learning was so great, you have to be fill success in southwestern university.
There are only two university in the Philippines... The SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY and other university.. So why not choose to enroll here... Best medical shool...
the best to take up is medical technology because there are lot of students here who are board passer and there is also a big percentage of passers.. the best school for medtech..
Southwestern university offers the most highly recognized form of college education in the different field of colleges such as medical technology, commerce, education, engineering. Our vision is to produced a globally competitive individual...
Where excellence is a virtue...
It provides quality education for almost 70 years no just here in Cebu but in the whole entire archipelago of the Philippines... and so with to the whole Asia and entire world...
Southwestern university is preferably the best. Established way back in 1946, running very successfully. Very good to pursue medicine and the merit students get chance to be transferred into Loma Linda University (California) for clinical rotations.
Southwestern is in comparable.. Its not about the school, the facilities and etc. Will make you a better one but it is all about you on how you motivate yourself to be a better one... A good ambiance of the surrounding where only you can find at Southwestern university.. Best athletes and free drug campus,. Miss Cebu 2012 is a bonafide southwesterner... Thumbs up.
I like southwestern university because it provides excellent education... That's why I never regret hat I enrolled here...
It has the capacity to help a poor one individual through offer scholarship...
"Southwestern is one of the few jewels of the Southwest whose mission is to prepare a new generation to contribute to a changing society, and to prosper in their jobs, whatever and wherever in the world they may be. "

-casey :D
Top 33 university in the Philippines as of 2012.. Wooh... Very proud to be a southwesterner...
I am proud of this university... As we learn in our most convenient... The faculty and staff are highly specialized and intellect...
Thanks to SWU, I'm on my way in pursuing my career in life. Because of their scholarships, I am able to continue my studies. And because of their activities such as sports activities, academic activities, I have improved myself and I have enhanced my abilities and talents because in SWU it is where you can find the virtue of excellence.
Extreme students! Everything is in there! Approachable staff and faculties members ^_^
My alma mater. They motivate their students to excel in their chosen field.
I am proud to be a southwesterner, a university which has a large number of foreign students.. Nice people. Instructor and environmental friendly. Best school for medicine and medtech.
Whatever they might say against SWU, but I love that school
Southwestern University is the first medical school in Cebu..Southwestern University is ranked as the 3rd Best Optometry School in the entire Philippines?
Good environment for smart students. I love Southwestern University
I'll study here soon. ;)
Southwestern university is a place where students could be the best of them.

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