Top 10 Unnoticed Underrated Rappers

These are rappers probably most of you don't know at all and a very small chance you guys do know them. but anyways, here they are, enjoy

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OGwinner is a sick rapper with incredibly amazing flow and rhymes. His brother also getting into a career makes sure he doesn't get noticed which is why he's never heard - Bronceye


EClipz is a British rapper that raps about almost everything. He is disrespected because he's not respectful. Therefore no one notices him for skill - Bronceye


YoungV is a female rapper with amazing skills and can make serious beats. She is rarely respected or noticed. - Bronceye


Hutch performs almost rarely, he sits in his room recording and do whatever he can to get to success. But no one respects it nor reacts - Bronceye


This guy is definitely underrated, people rate him "annoying" and "spam" but all he really wants is someone to listen to his music. he works very hard to get into fame - Bronceye


This is a dude who will very unlikely get famous but he still performs at clubs and that's pretty much it - Bronceye


Ratbag is a rapper with fast delivery and skills at best, he performs at concerts and clubs. But nobody wants to sign him up - Bronceye

10Nick Grace

Nick Grace is noticed but barely, he is on the rise, great rhymes and flow and on his way soon, but no one notices him unless someone is in the same location - Bronceye

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