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21 Maractus

It's forgotten a lot but it's so cute! I have a shiny one named Monolo after the protagonist from Book of Life

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22 Scrafty

Never have I seen such unique typing. Dark and Fighting? A good match! That way scrafty has the immunity of a dark type and neutralizing the dark's bug weakness with the fighting's bug resistance. And with moves like dragon dance to pump him up to be a sweeper, drain punch for damage dealing and longevity, hi jump kick for the risk-takers, crunch, outrage, stone edge for flying type coverage, and zen headbutt for fighting type coverage, this pokemon kicks ass. And lets not forget about its stats: 115 for both its defenses? sweet cheese balls, that's bulky; couple it with a 90 base attack and a speed of 58 (which it wouldn't matter due to dragon dance), this think is a a gifted tank with a potential to be a physical sweeper. Surely, the fairies arrive and nerf this amazing pokemon in gen 6, and pangoro stole its thunder, but remember this is the first dark-fighting pokemon line that started it all. With its wide coverage and unique stats, scrafty is one of the best

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24 Zekrom Zekrom

I still think that reshiram is the best

How is the legendary from black sososo far down in 25? An emboar too? What is wrong with you guys these Pokemon are awesome!

So powerful 150 attack choice scarf set or choice band wrecks common kyogre and with teravolt it breaks another common Pokemon lugia multiscale to help kill it. Definitely my favorite legendary Pokemon of all time then probably mewtwo or xerneas

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25 Carracosta
26 Lilligant
27 Darmanitan

My darmanitan got me out of several situations. and is the star of every team I ever made. he has a lot of power with sheer force. this Pokemon isn't the coolest looking but he is the best overall

A fire type who is totally more than meets the eye. Though he may look funny, his battling skills are no laughing matter. It has both great attack, defense and speed, learns a lot of really killer moves all on its own, and interestingly enough its pokedex number is 555. (lets see them starters top that).

When you use Flare Blitz with Sheer Force, you are doing even more than RESHIRAM and probably even more than Rampardos. Lv35 is a long wait, but it's stats are through the roof. Put this in the top 10!

28 Excadrill

Got good defense and knows fissure and horn drill

29 Gothitelle
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32 Durant
33 Kyurem Kyurem

He is by far the coolest looking Pokemon in the game and he is really strong and you catch him at level 75 so he is good as soon as you catch him. Problem is there are a lot of dragon type Pokemon in Unova so there are a lot of Pokemon just as good as him

Kyurem is the strongest dragon type there is. He can use the power of Reshiram AND Zekrom. That is what makes him a boss.

He looks even cooler when he's fused with reshiram

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34 Cofagrigus

I just found out about him. When I was younger I only knew 70% of the Unova Pokemon

I'm obsessed with ancient Egypt, so when I found out that there was a sarcophagus Pokemon I was like "I'm sold"!
Also, Ominous Wind!

35 Druddigon

It is so BEAST! It is strong, when you use moves with phys. contact on it, user takes damage! Only 2 weaknesses! I LOVE DRUDDIGON!

36 Audino

Has a beautiful mega evolution!

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37 Tepig Tepig V 1 Comment
38 Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation. V 3 Comments
39 Deoxys Deoxys

This is not unova pokemon right?

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40 Vanilluxe
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