Top 10 Unusual Countries You Must Visit

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I plan on visiting Sweden and also Japan in my life time. I have actually promised myself. I can't break my own promise!

Sexy woman and crime rarely happens. You should visit Gothenburg. Beautiful city

Sweet! You should definitely check out Gothenburg! Great place!

Beautiful country the best city in Sweden is Gothenburg.

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I've been twice for ski trip, amazing place!


Great place to visit. Cool natural landforms, friendly people, and basically no crime.

You can pet baby puffins on Iceland

For me the most beautiful country


I went to Bulgaria when I was younger and it was amazing! Definitely need to go

Using Bulgaria as a report for school! Don't you just love it when a fat European guy says "Bulgaria" in a thick accent?

My mum is from bulgaria we go there every year and its lovely there

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7North Korea

I met Kim Jong-Un he is a nice man. He doesn't truly HATE America.

These people who are giving credit to Kim Jong-Un are secretly Kim Jong-Un himself. Who else would praise North Korea?

Probably the most unusual country in the world.

He is actually a very nice man. He even invited me to go dinner with him.

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10The Faroe Islands

I've been to Faroe once and it is amazing! It's green, friendly people, cute girls and rich culture! I also highly recomend Greenland :D

I've never been there before but it sounds great! - MusicalPony

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Recommend it!

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Must visit taj mahal. If you go to India and do not visit taj mahal, that means you have not seen anything in India. I am from usa and I visited India in 2014. Nice country. And delicious recipes. India has the most cuisine's in the world. Every state of this place has different cuisines.

I think kerala is the best place to visit in India! And if you are interested in having fun and drinking lots of tasty wines then GOA is the best place! And rajasthan is most amazing beautiful place in India.

India is an amazing country with big diversity in culture language and food. The food is amazing everywhere you go. Culture varies from state to state. If you want to enjoy the desert and the amazing culture and color that is so tipical of India, go to Rajastan if you want more of a tropical ambiance go to chennai and the southern part.

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A lot of people will never visit Greenland because they think it's just a baron tundra. But upon arriving you will notice it is one of the most beautiful islands on Earth!

Greenland is the most beautiful places in the world EVER

Want to visit Greenland... - zuni

Greenland is not a country it is part of Denmark

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When my grandma went here she said great food but not people


I love Norway! Its such an experiense to live here! I recommend you take a trip..


Go there because its cool.


Really this country sucks ass Albania is nice for a small country I'm form there and its really nic with its butifal beaches and historic cites all you guys should go there not Serbia :( eww


Philippines offers beyond the usual places to visit because it's a very diverse country.

it's more fun in the philippines:)

Philippines, home of the weirdest but coolest tourist spot in the world

Go to philippines its nice... Must be on the top 10

18United Kingdom

Home of harry potter, it has lots of story's on how long the island has existed and magical secrets that English writers write about and add to books like Stonehenge, Hadria's wall and the London tower, where lots of people die/prosecuted; they now do tours around the place and it was said to be the one of the top 10 in the world. Pules the island britain is shaped like a girl, their is more then one photo of Britain as a Gothic anime character on a map an Ni-channel community noted that the British Isles had the shape of a person. It's got more legends about angels, fairies and wizard/witches.

The UK has many tourist attractions. Eg. Lake District, Stone Henge, Even the Severn Bridge is on the tourist attraction list. You also have the islands on the west coast of the AMAZING Scotland. The UK is truly Wonderful
Did you know it is shaped like a dog - the Highlands are the head and Devon & Cornwall Make a Tail

I think that the United Kingdom is amazing even though I've never been their!


I always wanted to visit Italy because of all its culture and when I am old enough I am going to travel there because I think Italy is a beautiful country!


I just love Slovenia, because there is all green,you just see nature,water...and in other countries you can't see these anymore!

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