Top Ten Useless Blocks/Items In Minecraft

5 blocks and 5 items. Does not include ores that also have survival mode alternatives. Example=iron and iron ore will not be in here. This list also contains strictly vanilla minecraft and NO mod items/blocks. Sorry for any spelling inconveniences,i'm typing most of this on Kindle. The keyboard really sucks :/

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Low armor bonus. Unless it raining spider-chickens, its useless. Why couldn't they make the other armor have more durability? Or maybe add a replacement that has better durability? - SomeRandomStickboy

It's a good item, the maker of this list does not know! - iiKyodaiKickz

This one IS useful because if there was a spider shooting arrows at you and one fly and hit your head,without helmet,i think it will damage you with at least 1 and a half heart.And with helmet it will only damage half heart or 1 heart


Honestly, the only thing this does is get you to trade with villagers, and their prices are obscene. They are also VERY difficult to acquire and has no strategic advantage, WHATSOEVER! Pray for good emerald tools. Pray. - SomeRandomStickboy


I know what you're saying: "But the ruby isn't in REAL Minecraft! Its only a texture buried deep in the Minecraft files! " that's exactly right! Its an ITEM texture. It counts as an item because with a few clicks it can replace the emerald. But now you're saying: "But that's a mod and you said vanilla Minecraft! " That's exactly WRONG! The ruby texture is buried deep within the Minecraft textures. Not a Minecraft mod texture. AND it doesn't have any use WHATSOEVER! But since this isn't default Minecraft, I'm afraid the #1 title goes to all goldy. - SomeRandomStickboy

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All you do is eat it,and it doesn't give you much health, for such an uncommon food. And I'm not even sure you eat it! - SomeRandomStickboy

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5Snow Blocks

It has barely any use in Minecraft.(Unless you're becoming an Eskimo. :3) - SomeRandomStickboy

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We can use it to craft stone weapons

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All it does is suck up water, and the amount it sucks up is mostly random. Its just a decoration that can be easily replaced by yellow wool, stained glass, stained clay, etc. - SomeRandomStickboy

8Dead BushV1 Comment
9Poisonous Potato

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11The Queen Spawn Egg

Spawn her of course just to make her fight another player if two players are playing."TROLL MY FRIEND QUENN"

12King Spawn Block
13Default Spawn Egg
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