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Interview with a Vampire
I'm Sorry But Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise Vs Robert Pattinson! Film With Meaning vs Film based on a girl who is clumsy dumb and boring. Ha! It's A no Brainer! Interview With The Vampire All The Way!
this is the best vampire movie ever
i have a friend and she loves twilight very much I told her about interview with the vampire now she hates twilight
Twilight is an embarrassment to the genre with a very dull, unattractive leading lady and a horridly cliche storyline. The only thing that sets it apart from other vampire films is the "pussification" (yes, I said it) of a creature that should be considered seductive yet notably dangerous nonetheless.

Interview with the vampire has more substance to it, is more complex than some teenage girl meeting some awkward boy who just so happens to be "unusual". The two are not even in the same league in terms of quality of story to be compared. Twilight is new "pop" age trash geared toward hormonal teens, whereas Interview with the Vampire is for a more mature audience.
[Newest]Forgive the pun but Twilight sucks
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Are you kidding? TWILIGHT! Having to see that movie was the worst 3 hours of my life!
Anytime I go to the theater to watch a new movie I always watch twilight before hand so the new movie I watch won't seem so bad. Thank you Twilight.
[Newest]Twilight was the movie that ruined the vampire movie genre... Dracula should rise from his coffin and kill the whole crew of Twilight

Underworld is the best movie! I've seen the whole series so much that I lost count... And who the hell sparkles? Fairies that's who! Real vampires burn. This movie is better than Twilight!
This is called a perfect vampire movie, action, thrill, story... all, that a movie needs..
Kristen Stewart CANNOT act. She is just her awkward self. Sure she is nice to look at but Kate Beckinsale... Enough said.
[Newest]Kate beckinsale enough said.

430 Days of Night
BEST and scariest EVER! Should b #1... Most beautiful and realistic depiction of what a vampire would b like if real. Not all foo foo and romantic... Blah! They r supposed to b brutal killers not sparkly or change into bat. This movie scares me and I love it... Kudos for Danny Houston, very sexy yet super scary.
Best vampire movie EVER! The vampires do not look like sparkling constipated models, nor like some gross wrinkly fetus. Another great vampire movie is Daybreakers.
Vampires at their most vile and bloodthirsty nature? You don't see vampire movies that depict vampires as they really are? Its always sugar coated. But the upcoming Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter movie will follow this trend! And what a welcome sight? Vampires are disease just like AIDS OR CANCER which has to be iradicated and wiped out, before it infects another person. They are contagion.
[Newest]How the heck is twilight number 2?

5Bram Stoker's Dracula
I truly love watching this film. I finally got to add to my movie collection after looking for it for so long. It is creepy and has enough action to keep you sitting through the entire film until the dramatic ending. Gary Oldman is truly scary in this film and is along side many strong performances. This is the true Dracula and the greatest vampire film ever created.


Moving, romantic, great music and powerful performances makes this movie tops for me. I think it won best picture for Costume design too. I still quote lines from it. "Your friend, D." D meaning dracula. :-) The Scene with the absinth with the music is magical to me. Almost other worldly. Thanks so much for this film.
Gary Oldman's performance is classic.
[Newest]Winona was stunning and gary oldman was perfect

6The Lost Boys
This should be number one and twilight is good if your into the whole love story films but it's just a different way of showing a vampire But the lost boys is amazing it's like a cross between the type of vampires in buffy and true blood :D xXx


Heck yeah. I remember watching this and I fell in love with all of the boys.


The Lost Boys is just awesome! If you haven't seen it and you like vampire movies then as soon as you get the chance watch it.
[Newest]Ground breaking! I just watched it, and it is as good now as it was in 1987!

7Van Helsing
Its a reealy kick ass movie but (spoiler alert) when van helsings lady died it was extremely messed up


It's the best vampire movie, besides the film has the best image of werewolf aka hagl jackman
Its a good action movie
But when van helsings lady died it was extremely messed up
[Newest]This movie is fun, great special effects, and Hugh Jackman, love it!

Probably one of the best superhero movies of all time, yes its a superhero movie as well as a vampire movie, but its definitely better than twilight, anybody who thinks that twilight was good is somebody that is wasting our precious oxygen.
An underrated Super-Hero movie, a rare vampire film that is actually entertaining to watch. Now if only we could get a Blade/Twilight Crossover?
This is a must, one of the best vamp movies ever!
[Newest]It's marvel. It's vampires. It has Daryl Dixon. Epic.

9Queen of the Damned
Queen of the Damned was a great Vampire movie because it had Aaliyah cast as Akasha in the movie that's what made the movie sexy and hot it was Queen Akasha played by Aaliyah, not only was Aaliyah beautiful and gorgeous in the movie but she also wad really scary and creepy and she was very convincing as scary in the movie and beautiful at the same time this role was made for Aaliyah she was born to do this role and the costume she wore in the movie really made her embodied the character in the movie she was a sexy Beast in the movie and Vamp.
Amazing vampire movie if you like a twist between vampires and love And the guy who play lestat is sexy! The music in this movie is amazing, enough said.
Queen of the Damned best vampire movie ever Aaliyah embodied the vamp Queen Akasha so good channel T.V. guides ranked Aaliyah number 18 on T.V. guide's sexiest beasts of All time she got into this character great and she was beautiful the Green eyes were so beautiful on her face Wow and let's not forget Aaliyah Dance moves she is one of the best Dancers of All time love you Aaliyah.
[Newest]As a big fan of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, I was very disappointed in this. Rather poor production values, a poor mis-mosh adaptation of parts of 2 solid books, and, despite decent performances by 2 leads, very poor characterizations of the other vampires and a weak supporting cast.


10Fright Night
Twilight... I know it's good but I think this should be #1! It was an amazing movie with great actors in it. Especially Chris Sarandon! I would go buy it when you have a chance. This movie is really awesome! (: And by Fright Night, I mean the 1985 one.
This movies also have some good vampires in it. One of them if remember was the main villain in the movie and he also had a very famous scene.
This is number one in my opinion, still watch it to this day!
[Newest]David Tennant alone put this movie in the top ten.

The Contenders

The first time I watched this I hated it, because of the nonstop pounding music, just too much. I know silent films had music throughout, but this was way over the top, pure distraction, and nausea inducing. Well, I watched it a second time, only this time I did so with the volume off... Let me tell you it was fantastic, especially for 1922. Without the music I was able to concentrate, and realize how good this was. The vampire scared the poop out of me!
The absolute best representation of what a vampire, and a vampire movie, is supposed to be. Twilight is a love story not a vampire movie. Trust me there's a differance. Besides, the people in twilight aren't vampires anyway...


To be completely honest, I only knew who Nosferatu was because of the SpongeBob episode called "The night shift". I did my research and watched the movie. It is very is from the 1920s so I didn't much out of it... But I highly recommend it. Definitely shows what a vampire is suppose to be like.

12Dracula (with Bela Lugosi)
This is the master of all vampire's movie! The Lost boy is in the 10 top and Dracula? Don't make me cry (of blood tears of curse)

I first wanted to vote for Interview... But just because I'm a total fan of Rice!
This should be in the top 5... Yes it may seem a bit campy for today, but it is another that started it all. I still watch it every year in October, and I still love it!
Best movie about vampires anywhere. Bela Lugosi is a legend! Check this film out.
[Newest]Bite me. Really. This version of Dracula, a cinematic masterpiece, is behind Twilight. Same with Nosferatu.

13Near Dark
yeah its really underrated started off slow friends saying what the hell is this a romantic movie but later got really good especially the bar scene loved Bill Paxton in this movie. Had the romance in it but all Vampire movies have that a great modern story on Vampires


Atmospheric, Sexy, AND Extremely Underrated!

14Dracula 2000
gerard butler is the best looking dracula I have ever seen!
Such a low place for such a cool and intriguing movie!


15Salem's Lot
Even both adaptations were made for tv, the 2004 version is better, deeper and scarier, im not a robe lowe fan, but i most say i like his performance
One of the best made for T.V. horror movies ever. This is the original, the one to see... The remake sucks, no need for it. I mean Danny Glick scratching at the window messed me up when I was 12, and still scares the Bejesus out of me today!

16Buffy the Vampire Slayer
ItĀ's awesome and so romantic! I canĀ't believe that people choose twilight over this!
I love this show so awesome show that women have power too!
Buffy is best vampire series ever!

17John Carpenter's Vampires
A modern vampire film done with a western motif. Strong performances by cast including James Woods and Alec Baldwin. Plenty of action, yet including many horror and suspense elements as well. Soundtrack is very well done.

18Horror of Dracula

19Blade 2
Buffy is also a film..
Buffy is a T.V. show and this one was better than the first

20From Dusk Till Dawn
Come on! Started as action then went all out vampire! George Clooney, Tarantino?! Come on! Plus I ended up with a girl crush on salma
This is the first vampire movie I've seen, back when I was so young. From then, I loved vampire action movies
The Best. Pulp Fiction with vampires... Awesome!

21Shadow of the Vampire

22Moon Child
A vampire, abandoned by his maker, and the boy from the streets, who becomes his family.

Though this is certainly an action film, it's more about characters and family than special effects.
It's the best film I've ever watched, especially the ending is really great!

I normally don't like vampire films, but this one has got a total different storyline. I like that!
The most intresting, the most beautiful, the saddest movie what I've ever seen.


23Let The Right One In
Twilight? TWILIGHT? Really. This movie is amazing, and I couldn't sit through 5 minutes of Twilight. I swear people these days don't know what a good movie is if it hit them in the face.


Definitely my favourite vampire movie. I have read the twilight books and watched the movies but this is far better.
This list makes this website lose tons of credibility. Only 2 great movies on the top ten, and Let The Right One In is not even in the top 20! What a joke!


25Dark Shadows
My favorit vampire film
Awesome movie, funny, romantic and just what I wanted!

26Nosferatu The Vampyre

27Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
Guillermo Del Torro's vampire masterpiece...

28Let Me In
Let the Right One In is an amazing film, but the American remake is even better. Normally American re-makes butcher the foreign-film(ex. Vanilla Sky/Open Your Eyes), but this one manages to improve on the original. I think the two leads give very strong performances, especially Moretz, and give this film real bite. So much better than the Twilight nonsense. If any of the Cullens ran into Abby they would run for the hills.
Let Me In's love story owns Twilight and the 3 others combined. Great movie, really worth the time. Fell in love with Chloe Grace Moretz. And yes, Twilight can suck Harry Potter's You-Know-What!
Chloe moretz rocks. At least this movie shows how a real vampire deals with drinking blood and yearning for love.
[Newest]Without a doubt... Top 5 all-time. If you haven't seen it, get the DVD and see if you don't agree.


30The Hunger

31Stake Land

32Innocent Blood

33Vampire in Brooklyn

34Blade: Trinity

35The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
! This film is amazing and so romantic! My favourite!
I love this movie very much
It is really good

36Vampire Circus

37Lesbian Vampire Killers
I love lesbian killer.

38Count Dracula (Louis Jordan as Dracula)
Shown here on PBS' "Great Performances," this UK production is strong on acting and on portraying the grisly nature of the vampires. (A couple of brief scenes now get edited out, when shown on television.) Less emphasis on special effects.

Louis Jordan, a French actor who usually played romantic leads, is surprisingly threatening and animalistic, as Dracula.

39Night Watch

40Vampires Suck
So much better than twilight. Even though it was one of those brain dead films, it made twilight look like dog poop in comparison..
Funny made me laugh out loud and is toatly amasing

41Underworld: Evolution

Very best vampire movie ever made! I love it! It breaks the normal picture you get when someone says vampire. Totally different and new!
This was a lot better then I expected, really fun!
Great twist on vampires! I love this movie! Most people see vampires as humans with red eyes, dark hair and fangs. Not in priest! They are even more violent than human vampires actually! They are gross looking an have no eyes, nose, or ears, and are a gross fleshy blue. They can strike down humans left an right, and have incredible speed and look disgusting. What I love about this movie is that they change the look of vampires and its not some lovey dovey bullshit. Vampires are meant to kill humans and drink their blood, not have sex with and go to school with and all the other bullshit twilight portrays.


43Midnight Son
Edward is great, rob your cool!

44Vampires: Los Muertos
I love this movie! Jon Bon Jovi as Derrick Rose is perfect!

45Twins of Evil
These three films depict what vampirism is all about if you haven't seen them seek them note these films are definitely not for kids

46Vampire Academy
Best movie! Tops Twilight!
This movie in a way can be better than twitlight they should definitely make a second VAMPIRE ACADEMY!
Strong, mysterious vampire with slavic accent, Danila Kozlovsky and self-confident, funny, beautiful vampire, Zoey Deutch! + romance + conspiracy. What can be better! Love it
Much romantic than Twilight, there's more life in main characters, they are more firm, less vulnerable and undecided. There's not much philosophy, easy, funny movie. Love to see second part with Kozlovski and Deutch ending up together

47Dracula Untold
The best vampire movie ever it should be first

48The Forsaken
Awesome movie. Way better than twilight, the idea that vampires sparkle is just stupid. The story is great, the actors are awesome.


50We Are the Night
Awesome German vamp flick with undeniably likeable and interesting characters and beautiful soundtrack and mixes action, fantasy and drama all in one undeniably underrated gem.

51Hotel Transylvania
Ha, Ha, Ha, super cute, funny movie. I own it, and I am not ashamed to admit it!

52Day Watch
Since night watch was included, it actually has a sequel movie called Day watch. It's a Russian fil, by the way.


54Count Dracula The True untold Story

It's the best movie in the world to me
Excellent screen adaption of Bram Stoker's novel... It stars Frank Lengella ( Sorry if misspelled). Please check this out, you will be pleasentley surprised in my opinion.

56The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me Sir But Your Teeth Are In My Neck

57The Twilight Saga: New Moon
This is awesome movie full of romance and love and thriller
I have seen every movie of twilight saga and I love them all. They are all amazing.
Interview with the vampire must not to be the best twilight must be it damn...
[Newest]You all should see all parts of twilight.

58The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
Very good movie would watch over and over again

59The Twilight Saga Eclipse
Is a good movie I like bryce dallas howard she did really good job. Playing victorin and the newborns. Were great and the whole. Enter Cast was really good and nobody got drink any blood
Simply love it.

60Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
33 really and seriously... This is the best, with MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD make it more better
What's better than guys killing vampires? Abe Lincoln killing vampires that's what
Why is this so low on the list? It was different, but in a good way... I loved it, very entertaining, and good actors and story.

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