Best Vexento Songs

This is a list for the top ten best Vexento songs. And if you don't know who Vexento is, it's a dubstep/electro music artist.

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1Pixel Party

Awesome song, makes me happy and makes me want to dance!


Love the detail of this song, Ex: Can opening, drink pouring. It goes with the theme.

3Masked Heros

The first time I listened to this, it made me speechless. It's a good party song and definitely one of Vexento's best, you will most likely like and love how upbeat and addictive this song is Infinity/10

This song is really upbeat and happy. Its got a really nice rhythm to it.


This is a great club song. I could listen to it over and over again.

5The Lone Raver

Really really really great song. Love it and there's not much more to say!

6BulletProofV1 Comment
7Buckle Up!

Slow, but not to slow. Perfect melody and sounds a little bit different than some of there normal music.


Kind of sad at first, but then once it starts to kick in it gets better. Peaceful.

9Sons of Norway

Wow! This is a great song! Although I think Vexento is a great artist and all their music should be #1, this one is just a little bit different.

10Dream Catcher

The Contenders

11The Universe

Great song like all the others, but another song that's just kind of slow. Its very soothing I think, and there's something about the somewhat unusual sounds that gets me... In a good way.

12Where We Belong
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