Best Video Editing Software Programs


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Windows Movie Maker
The original movie maker is awful. Windows Live Movie Maker (the latest movie maker version) is so much better. I definitely recommend it.
The only problem in windows movie maker is that it is supported by certain operating systems only. Otherwise this is the most easy and nice software.
Its a good one to edit and enjoy around

2Sony Vegas Pro
simply very professional, you can make hollywood kinda videos with this. it might not be very simple to use at first but this list isn't for the easiest programm but the best one.
More features than movie maker. More accurate, more professional. Movie maker is for noobs. This software makes professional movies not retarded ones.
Sony Vegas! Truly best video editor. It has so easy interface. The Sony Vegas 7.0 is the best!
[Newest]This has to be in first:

3Adobe Premiere Pro
The Best and easiest software I had ever seen...
The best softwear in video editing

They probably don't know this editor yet... But this is simply the best... It's simple but elegant... It provides easy editing interface...


5Pinnacle Studio
This software is so awesome. I got it for my birthday and I just exploded. It is worth getting! Get it! I have made so many cool videos with the software. I have gotten so into it that I have been making videos every day. I use it for my youtube channel and I love it. So please don't hesitate to buy the Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate!

6Final Cut

iMovie is so easy to use it sometimes scares me.


8AVS Video Editor

9Adobe After Effects
If you don't know what this is your probably not that good at video editing. Windows movie maker is not the best it is a joke.
The Best software... With easy Interface
I like it so how can I get it

10MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

The Contenders

11iMovie HD

12Windows Movie Maker 2.6/Beta

13Video Edit Master 1.8

Its good. Really good.

15MediaImpression for Kodak


17Flip Share


19Corel VideoStudio

Easy to use youtube video editing software.It's nice choice for the beginners.

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