Top Ten Video Game Characters That Should Beat Up Henry Danger

Here are some video game characters that should beat up the worst nick show in the world

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1RyuRyu is a video game player character created by Capcom, the protagonist of the Street Fighter series.

Ryu? Seriously? Meta Knight could easily kill Henry with his tornado thing

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2MarioMario is a fictional character in the Mario video game franchise, created by Nintendo's Japanese video game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto. He serves as the eponymous protagonist of the series and is the mascot of Nintendo. The Mario franchise is the best-selling video game franchise of all time.

I hope Mario uses a mega mushroom on him


Pac man would chomp henry dangers head off!


He will kill him badly! Worse then Mario and Ryu!

5ScorpionScorpion is a recurring player character and occasional boss character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise created by Ed Boon and John Tobias.V1 Comment
6Solid Snake

He will blow henry to pieces!

8BowserBowser or King Koopa is a video game character and the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise.
9Sonic the HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.V1 Comment
10Meta KnightMeta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.
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