Top Ten Video Game Consoles With the Best Graphics


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1Wii U

Wii U have better graphics than PS3/360 so this should be number one!

You Dummys Think The Xbox One And The PS4 Have Horrible Graphics? - InTuRmIsHuN

2Playstation 3

This also depends on what game it is, for example in my opinion Battlefield has better graphics to me than Call of Duty and they are both on the same console.

I don't understand why people say PS3 graphics are better or worse than Xbox 360. The only difference is the online multiplayer and that's it.

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3Xbox 360
4Nintendo 3DS

These graphics are HORRIBLE!

7PlayStation 4

This game console should be number one! Everyone vote on this and Xbox One and Wii U! Ignore everything else! - Danteem

This consoles graphics are awesome If you want to test this consoles graphics play it with a Crysis,battlefield,Grand Theft Auto V and uncharted.

This list shouldn't exist because graphics aren't someone's opinion they're statistics E.G. 1080p, 60fps and so on.

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9Playstation 2
10Nintendo 64

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11Xbox OneV1 Comment
13Magnavox Odyssey
14PS Vita

PS Vita, You Failed To Correspond With The 3ds But You Tried Your Best - InTuRmIsHuN

15Sega Dreamcast
16Nintendo DS
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1. Playstation 4
2. Xbox One
3. Sega Dreamcast
1. Playstation 3
2. Wii U
3. Xbox 360
1. Playstation 3
2. Xbox
3. Xbox 360

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