Top 10 Best Video Game Franchises Ruined by Kids/Squeakers

In this list try to avoid games made especially for kids and focus more on games that are 16+ (that doesn't mean you HAVE to have games that are 16+)

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1Call of Duty

It was good until the little kids invaded.

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2Grand Theft Auto

Grand theft auto is a game full of crime and sexual content, and I'm no one of those hippies trying to censor the game but the amount of 10 year olds on Grand Theft Auto V scares me of the next generation


Okay this one is difficult as it is sort of a kids game to begin with. But we are talking about kids who swear and, again, say that they f'ed your mother. I once joined my younger brother's friend's server and I found penis statues, strip clubs with poles, a pink building with a sign saying "sexy time room"

I'm scared for this kid's mental health

That kid needs to see a therapist!... Or... He needs some milk.

4Five Nights at Freddy's

Kid squeakers that play Minecraft play this game.

This is not so much Kids in the actual game but the kids outside the game (Deviantart, YouTube etc...)

I can't even count the amount of fnaf milkers on YouTube (smike, Dazzowsky) and the amount of rule 34 and bad fnaf art on Deviant Art made me quit the thing entirely. Not even talking about the amount of
YouTube accounts with the name "freddy fazbear" or "Foxy the pirate Fox"

Fnaf also spawned the internet phenomenon I like to call "The fox fetish of 2014"
I don't even need to explain what that is and truly saying... I don't want to...


Same reasons as Call of Duty

6Sonic the Hedgehog

I know this is a kids game but this is another external issue (deviantart mostly)

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7UndertaleV1 Comment
8Super Smash Bros.
9Team Fortress 2
10Final Fantasy 7
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