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63Plants vs. Zombies

This should be three after Mario and Pokemon screw assassins creed screw midnight club screw all the dumb crap grand theft auto rip offs because at least this games addicting and different

65Little Big Planet

This Game allows for endless opportunities

66Far Cry

The best franchise ever. Everyone who hate this are stupid people.

I especially love Pac-Man World 1 and 3 on the PlayStation consoles.

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68Metal Slug
69Conflict Desert Storm
70Sly Cooper

SO close to making first. I still love this franchise as much as LoZ but a lot of people love LoZ but to me personally it's a tie. So it really "stole" my expectations. Ehh? Eh? Bad pun, sorry... ;( ANYWAY I LOVE this game and anyone with common sense would like it to. You play as a super agile thief who steals back the Thevius Racconus, the Clockwork parts, his family treasure. He also rewrites history I want you to check it out!

71Rock Band
73Wii Sports

The characters and story is really entertaining! The tutorial, though, is kinda boring until you get to Toriel's house. Except for the rock! Everything in this game has character!

75WWE Smackdown vs. Raw

You can hit someone with a chair! Come on People

76Age of Empires

I like skylanders so much, I have 117 and I have 2 more coming in the mail.

78Guilty Gear
79Donkey Kong Country
80Metal Gear

Best video game franchise of all time!

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