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81 Five Nights at Freddy's

It's overrated but it has an original concept, a ton of deep (and confusing) lore, and a ton of charm to it.

The best game was Sister Location because you could actually "Move" and there was an actual story instead of just lore. - DCfnaf

82 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw WWE Smackdown vs. Raw

You can hit someone with a chair! Come on People

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83 Doom
84 Metal Gear Metal Gear

Best video game franchise of all time!

85 Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption V 1 Comment
86 Rival Schools Rival Schools
87 F-Zero
88 Mario Party V 1 Comment
89 Total War
90 Dark Souls Dark Souls

Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne. Dark Souls 3
Wow this is going to be an awesome franchise by 2016. - 11ahmu

Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne. Dark Souls 3.
This is going to be an awesome franchise by 2016.
If Dark Souls 3 lives up to the hype the franchise could have one of the best video game trilogies of all time as well as the GOTY standalone to show how awesome this franchise really is and will be. - 11ahmu

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91 Burnout Burnout

Burnout is an awesome videogame franchise that has been going for 13 years

92 Pikmin

Very underrated, but it can be very fun.

93 Dead Rising Dead Rising
94 Prince of Persia Prince of Persia

I was gonna vote for this but my vote went to Uncharted instead. This was the most entertaining series for me and the protagonist is just amazing. - LightningBlade

Come on this should be number 1. It revolutionized action adventure gaming from 1989

Come on, if this wouldn't exist, AC wouldn't exist too... vote for Prince of Persia! - somekindofaguy

95 Bioshock

The characters are full of personality, the combat is deadly, and Rapture and Columbia never fail to amaze me.

Complex storylines, awesome twists, and amazing graphics, this is my #1

Good storyline and great characters. The graphics are amazing. - LightningBlade

96 The Walking Dead The Walking Dead

Powerful story, good character development. Makes you invested in the character's lives

Great storytelling and it's not afraid to pull any punches

97 Virtua Fighter Virtua Fighter
98 Empire Earth
99 Wolfenstein Wolfenstein V 1 Comment
100 LEGO Star Wars

Lego star wars is amazing, I have the complete saga and I want one to come out with episode 1- 9 - Harri666

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