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1Role-Playing Games

Action adventure is way to vague of a topic to be honest. I mean the only games that aren't action adventure are the simulation virtual creators. Seriously it shouldn't even be a genre. RPGs are the best genre for a number of reasons. 1 Every video game company makes them except for maybe valve.2 they include some of the best games ever for example: Zelda, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, Earthbound series, Mass Effect. 3 it is also incredibly vague when you think about it. Role playing can refer to anything people want it to refer to. I managed to list off all these great games by narrowing the topic to some of the more obvious ones.

I love a good, long story and getting to control one as it plays out is all the better. While most games have a story behind them, I find myself getting most attached to characters in RPG's. From Lavitz in "Legend of the Dragoon", to Tidus in "FFX" to Liara in "Mass Effect," when I feel connected to characters, games become something much more to me; something personal. Add to that some potentially stellar gameplay and seeing characters grow personally and physically, I now have an experience. I'm not saying I couldn't find this in other game types, but I most consistently find it here.

Favorite RPG of all time: Mass Effect 2. First game that made me cry

It lets you play who you want to be. It has better plot than other genres

Mass effect was the the best series

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Sandbox is the best by many reasons:
- You can do most things, more than any other genre
- You can play it the way YOU want, and decide the way you aproach the story and objectives
- No matter if you beat it or not, there's always something new to do and never gets boring
- You can explore it, and do millions of things, the feeling of Freedom is unmatched
These type will always be the most realistic and close-to-life type of game. Even if it is sci fy or stuff, the point is you are not constantly limited to game mechanics like loading screens, invisible walls, etc.

Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed, Just Cause, Saints Row, Far Cry, Mafia, Skyrim... And so on
I'm sure if a videogame masterpiece is ever created, it will be a Sandbox game. - Dodolodo

Who doesn't like going out exploring, doing what the game has, getting more stuff or helping/terrorizing people with guns, blades, magic, rope, explosives or any other stuff the game offers?! Sandbox games rule!

L. A Noire, The Saboteur, Mafia II, Scarface: The World is Yours, all of which are video game masterpieces

Definitely the best

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Action-Adventure come on. Portal, Metroid, star fox adventures, There the best games ever and are Action-Adventure. I just love Action with Adventure!

The arkham games are the best they provide the best experience you feel like you can do anything

The best games are all this
Rpg's, shooters, and puzzle games can be action adventure games too
Plus they give you the best experience

The games are so good

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4First-Person Shooter

There is nothing better than playing a game that is seen from your perspective

First-person shooters are personally my favorite genre

So much tension, unstoppable fun

Examples:doom, halo, far cry

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5Open World

Open-world games are the best in my opinion. I'll explain to you what an open-world is before I explain why open-world games are great. First, let me show you some examples of open-world games.

Examples of open-world games:

-Grand Theft Auto

-Saints Row



-Sunset Overdrive

-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


-Sleeping Dogs

-Xenoblade Chronicles

Hopefully, this made the answer to "What is an open-world game? " more understandable. Open-world games are very similar to sandboxes. The difference is one thing. Sandboxes allow you to manipulate the environment or even create your environment. There's an obvious reason for why those games are called sandboxes. Of these open-world examples, Minecraft would be an obvious example of a sandbox game. The player can create and manipulate the world he wonders. An example of a sandbox game that is not an open-world is LittleBigPlanet. You ...more

This is confusing me. A large number of games come under both open world and sandbox, it even seems illogical to split the two. This should be a subset of sandbox, not a separate genre.

Such great game example Grand Theft Auto san andreas. Col

Many open world games are also Action Adventure. Like Zelda and Skyrim.

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There great games. People really ignore the great gameplay behind these the only thing people see is beating up your opponent to the right, but it's so much more. Action-Adventue games are almost all ways credited for story and gameplay. Just think for a second, Mortal Kombat has a phenomenal story, Tekken has a good story, Soul Calibur has a good story. I find fighting games very good and I am unsatisfied with the fact that is is under open world games correct me if I am wrong but Open world is the same as Sand Box/ Free Roam so that could be changed...

In the 90's it was the most popular genre and I must admit, it's still looks good. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, DOA etc - Magnolia

It Should Be Number 1 Is The Best Video Game Genre Ever - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

Minecraft is the best fighting game

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What? A game you can actually pick-up, play, and have a blast with in the first thirty seconds? By far the most accessible and most enjoyable genre.

This should be number 1 for it gave a new experience in gaming and is a fun genre, best to me.

This is the genre that defined being a gamer, it created the video game culture

Everything else gets boring after awhile but this stays fresh forever

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I always like when you get to be sneaky in a game. - Glirkinsnoff

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93-D Platformer

Will always be my favorite no matter what. Action-Adventure FPS and RPG are all tied next for me.

3 words "super Mario 64" that was first 3D platformer and the best

Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Super Mario, Sonic, Banjo-Kazooie, Jak, Ratchet, Tak. Haven't played Sly or Conker, but watched Pewdiepie play Conker's Bad Fur Day. I'm thinking about playing it mself. This genre is stacked especially the Spyro games.

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10Third-Person ShooterV3 Comments

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These games should be at least 15.
These games just have such a unique feel to it, there's no way to describe this genre.
The defining feature about this genre is that in most rogue-likes you will never play two playthroughs the same.

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11Survival Horror

If done correctly, survival horror games can instill fear whilst remaining intriguing.
I feel that games where you cannot defend yourself to be the most impressive type of Survival Horror.

I find horror survival games fun and scary at the same time which is why I voted for survival horror

Best Genre ever in video game history. Resident evil and silent Hill are the best games ever.

Petty good 7 days to die

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Racing games can be experimented with like making an action game based on racing and things like that

I feel awesome driving a bugatti as if it were real life.

Racing should be among top 10. Racing is never fun without Mario Kart.

I really hate racing. In some (a good deal) of the games, the controls are so messed up you crash often.

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You get never bored with simulation.
Ex: the sims, simcity,...

Goat simulator is the best simulation game where you play as goat - Aleksei

14Hack 'n Slash

Devil May Cry series, God of War series, both franchises were universal acclaim, and also other great hack & slash video games like Shinobi, Musashi, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, etc. Bring this genre to top 10 RIGHT NOW!

I love hack and slash games mmore than anything else especially god of war games

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15Turn-Based StrategyV1 Comment
16Real-Time Strategy

No, seriously? Not even among top 10? Shame on you!

Raise an army or minions, kill your enemies!

You can make every single second of yours productive (even when having fun playing games)

How can this not be in top 5?

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17Beat 'em Up

Not like fighting, not like platformer. This is multiplayer, button mashing, awesomeness.

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It is one of the best genres to play with friends as it can be great for team building but it can also be fun alone.

The feeling of the night closing in with no shelter or fire is what makes a survival game a survival game.

Games like DayZ, The forest and even unturned are all in survival and the survival genre can last you so long and never gets old! plus you can feel satisfied when you have a base of operations up and running and good gear then you can go help others if its online or build a community! the opportunities are limitless virtually! all you need is a little imagination.


Come on people. Tetris, Portal, Bejeweled, Candy Crush. So many great games under this genre. This should be at least #10!

Hang on, seriously? 1%? Puzzle games are my favourite! (Portal and Portal 2 in particular.)

202-D Sidescrollers
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