Top Ten Video Game Systems of All Time

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The Top Ten

PlayStation 3
First off whoever had the first quotation for xbox 360 needs to at least get the facts he is writing correct. (1) Playstation3's have a much better anti-virus software system. (2) The one time in years that a game system has been hacked it WAS the PS3. However this incident was by an illegal hacker group known as Anonymous. The reason that Anonymous did not hack Xbox live wasn't because the were not able to. It was because the did not want to, the only reason they hacked Playstation Online was since Sony supported the proposed law- PIPA. (3) Honestly I do not understand how you relate mainstream music to Playstation [Playstation created their first game system in 1994 and Xbox created theirs in 2001]. (4) "Xbox 360 is better than ps3 because we have better online": This is 100% opinionated and I am sure you can find plenty of people [including myself] who think Playstations Online is better. In addition, everyone will say that Playstaions Online is free. (5) The better games you mentioned are also completely opinionated and you could say Playstation is better because of Killzone, Little Big Planet, Journey, Mag, Uncharted, etc. With this being said Playstation is definitely a better system the Xbox 360.
PlayStation is 1,000,000 times better than Xbox. PlayStation has better exclusives, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, Resistance, Infamous and so much more. I think Halo is way too overrated. There are three ways to turn on a PS3. Pushing the power button on the PS3, pushing the Home button on the controller, pressing the eject button on the PS3 and inserting a disc. But there's only one way for the Xbox 360. Pushing the huge fat button on the Xbox 360. PS3 has better online and you don't have to pay for it unlike Xbox. There's way more trollers and disrespectful players on Xbox live. On PS3, there are way more respectful players. It makes me sad seeing so much Xbox fans because there are not good enough reasons to like Xbox better than PlayStation. All of the PlayStation consoles were good but only the 360 was good out of the Xbox consoles. The Xbox one is trying too hard to be good. For example, Xbox one can measure your heart rate, why would you even want that? It's just pointless. I absolutely hate Xbox and its fans. Xbox is the wrong box. PlayStation all the way! I'm never switching to that ugly green machine!


I love both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox equally, but in the end I had to go with PlayStation because the first console I played was a PlayStation. It also has Metal Gear Solid. And by the way Halo is not overrated it provides endless hours of gameplay and people don't camp in halo. But I would still by an Xbox over PlayStation because it's more user friendly. But in the end I go for PlayStation because it has many great exclusives and it's free to play online

2Xbox 360
I think it's a fact that 360 is better. Sony makes TVs. Microsoft makes computers. A game system is much closer to a computer, so Microsoft has much more knowledge. Xbox is newer, and took less time to become more popular. That tell you something? PS3 all ways talks about exclusives. Uncharted, good for you. Great. Uncharted was really good. The Last of Us? Great. Again, good for you. You got two games. We got Halo, Fable, Crackdown, Gears Of War, and Forza. I think we win in terms of exclusives. Better Anti-virus system... think about that. In what way does that make it better? Anonymous didn't hack PS3 because they chose to hack PS3, they did it because they COULDN'T hack Xbox. Its too secure. I think if PS3 had a better Anti-virus they wouldn't get hacked as much. Xbox controllers are more comfortable than a PS3 controller. Xbox is more expensive, yes, but only because it takes them more to make it. If it takes Microsoft $10 to make an Xbox, and they sell it for $100, they only make $90. If Sony makes a PlayStation for $5 and sell it for $100, they make $95. However, if Microsoft sells the Xbox for $150 and uses the same amount to make it, who makes more money now? Microsoft. PS3 attempted to make a motion sense system, and it failed. Move just didn't work as well as Kinect. I'm also pretty sure if you ask Activision which console they make more money off of Call of Duty from, it would be Xbox. Xbox's have a lot less lag too. I've seen people use a PlayStation, and the console itself is laggy. I prefer Xbox, because it's better.


It is purely opinion, but I prefer the Xbox 360. The exclusives just really appeal to me, I've spent hours on Halo and Gears of War, not to mention Minecraft (i know it's also on PC but the point is there). I've enjoyed playing on the PS3 but I just find the 360 to suit me better
xbox 360 is better because it doesn't have that much virus, ps3 gets hacked easily. better games, and many people know ps3 better is because its more worldwide, which is like an example of being like "mainstream music" if you get what I mean, but xbox is for people who have good sense of gaming
[Newest]The Xbox 360 was and still is my childhood I have spent many a day playing its exclusive titles like Halo, gears of war, forza and many others and Microsoft may be stingy sometimes but they should be they made the Xbox 360 its that awesome

3PlayStation 2
Largest library of games, best selling console of all time, was on shelves for 13 years, and is home to some of the best exclusives to ever be made. It's going to be hard for a future console to have a legacy as big as the legacy the PlayStation 2 has.


Why is it that the three "new" ones are the best. They are not and never will be.
It was just good and easy to use it. I thing every one must buy it.
[Newest]I had a PlayStation 2 as a kid and I loved it

WII SHOULD BE number 1 it has the best games EVER Super smash bros brawl is the best game ever and the ps3 xbox360 don't have that and in what you do the game does. And the wii does have more games like mario and zelda and of course the Mario and Sonic at the london 2012 olympic games
Its the best because everyone plays it even my grandma and nintendo did something very unique by making motion controls and this is what the ps3 xbox 360 have but are gimmicks and real gamers prefer gameplay over graphics
First of all play station 3 is crappy xbox 360 is good. I love the wii you can download old games like metroid super metroid legend of zelda and other games too!
[Newest]The Wii is awesome

5Nintendo 64
Id have to go with nintendo 64 just for the sake of pure nostalgia! The games were so imaginative and unique! You had banjo kazooie, ocarina of time, super smash bros, super mario 64, goldeneye 007, mario party, mario kart 64! This was back in the time where people would play together and not be all separated through online gaming! I remember how my mother, father, sister, and I would all get together in the living room and play mario kart 64 together! I remember how me and my sister would play all night through midnight on mario party! Exploring banjo kazzoie's landscapes was so magical to me! So many great and imaginative games! First time 3d truly kicked off for me! Everything felt fresh, new, and exciting! N64 wins just for the sake of pure nostalgia, imagination, and wonder!
I'm a hardcore xbox fan and absolutely love any new game. I'm only 15 and grew up with the ps2 and other modern systems, but still my fondest memories were playing games like goldeneye, super mario 64, pokemon snap, and other great games. This here console revolutionized the gaming industry. Get your facts straight people.
#7 you got to be kidding me there is no way that the PS3 is better than this artwork. In fact it should take all ten places and throw the rest away in dumpster then light it on fire.
[Newest]Best system ever. Easily.

This is seriously one of the greatest systems to ever be invented. It was the console that got me into Nintendo. The controls were amazing. It had so many great games. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Super Smash Bros Melee, Pokémon : Gale of Darkness, and Luigi's Mansion to name a few. I play Super Smash Bros Brawl with its controller whenever possible. This system was better than anything Sony and Microsoft could ever throw out there, hands down. It has grown old, but it will forever be my favorite console. Nintendo Gamecube forever!
Are you serious number 12 Is there something wrong with you guys? Remember super smash bros melee super Mario sunshine luigis mansion Mario party 4-7? Those games were fun like hell!
Dude the gamecube can go though a lot of playing! I've had my Gamecube since I was 5 and I am 16 now! I am currently playing Mario Sunshine! I just got it from my sister in law
[Newest]It has the best games and controller

7Nintendo 3DS
The 3DS Brings everybody 6 and over joy with street fighter in 3d and mario land and mario kart and it is one of the best Christmas Presents of 2011
The 3DS went from a lifeless laughingstock to a must-own system. It already has multiple game-of-the-year contenders every year, but soon it will get first person shooters, Smash Brothers, and tons more. What else can I say?
The 3D is awesome, and so are some of the games (DT)
[Newest]I'm 12 and this still badly hurt my eyes

The PC is in my own opinion the greatest console, because it offers the largest range of options. No genre can elude it, few games slip by it, controls are rarely an issue, and in the cases in which they are an issue, they are adjustable. Less lag, less loading time, better graphics, and a wider range of games. Frankly, I'm not sure why this is even a contest.


PC's are the best things you can ever use for gaming. You don't have to pick up your phone while you play to ring customer support, you can just tab out quickly and search up the issue and such. You can record games, you have amazing graphics, you can mod your games. Best of all, you can use it almost anywhere.
You can play any games on pc even ti is not launched for it like wwe 12 and many other playstation games with the help of softwares like PCSX and emulators.
[Newest]This is first place.

This system should easily be in the Top 3. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Rayman, Tekken, Doom, Croc, etc, you cannot top those. This was the golden age of gaming.
It's a great console if you're looking to just play games...
This console is my Childhood. 'enough Said.
[Newest]Metal Gear Solid, enough said.


10Nintendo Entertainment System
This system saved the video game industry from going bankrupt and out of business. Enough said.
It belongs to Super Mario Bros. I wish it was still alive. This console is great!
Hell I never even played this system but its the best because a lot of video game franchises started here like mario link mega man etc.
[Newest]All the modern consoles would not exist if it weren't for this AMAZING console should be no. 1 by FAR

The Contenders

11Wii U
This and the Wii are my favorite systems. The Wii you should have a lot of sales. It's so much fun to play and there's a lot of awesome games coming out for it.
As much as I love The Wii I really love the WIiU
The wii you is so awesome but it's so underrated, everyone says it's crap when they haven't played on one or even looked at a picture of it


[Newest]How is the Xbox higher than this? Seriously how?

12Super Nintendo
The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was Nintendo's answer to the Sega Genesis back in the 90's. Nintendo said, "You think your so cool, with your 16-bit system, we'll show you." And they did. With amazing first party titles like Star Fox and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and amazing third party games like Final Fantasy VI and the greatest game of all time, CHRONO TRIGGER.
Favorite console of all time. The graphics hold up fairly well.The amount of high quality games is just astounding, and deserves to be at least in the Top 3.Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Link to the Past, Star Fox, F-ZERO, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3(actually 6), Eathbound, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby Super Star, Super Mario RPG, etc. SNES FOREVER!
Super Nintendo 15º Place?
Nowadays the Ps3 and Xbox 360 are better than SNES only because the graphics

SNES was way funnier than this newest game systems, now anything they can do is best graphics, FPSs...
But, that's my opinion, people aren't like me
[Newest]This console has my favourite games on it. A Link to the Past, Yoshi's Island and Super Metroid.

Why isn't this even on the top ten?

13PlayStation 4
Ps4... AWESOMENESS. I have had it for a year now and it has way better graphics than the ps3 and 360. It a lot of space to. Also it has faster load times to. Never freezes on me and you can be playing a game pause it go to netflix or something, comeback and its just as you left and you don't even have to leave the game. And then there's share play... you can play games with your friends even if you don't have the game, that's pretty awesome.


PlayStation is the best period
Playing this at E3 was so fun put this as number 1 PS4 PS4 PS4!

14Sega Genesis
The Sega Genesis is the greatest Sega console ever (behind the Dreamcast). It had one of the greatest video games ever, Sonic the Hedgehog. Don't forget about the others great games. Also, Sega was so hardcore that they made Mortal Kombat uncensored, and that "Sega does what Nintendon't"
How is the genesis so low it gave birth to games like sonic, streets of rage, mortal combat and put sega on the map. Any one who had one loved it way more than the super nintendo.
Genesis does what NintendoNT

Um xbox was the starter for the halo series and it started the xbox 360 witch is by far the best and most competitive online play in history of the damn world. Xbox and xbox 360 should really get a lot more credit. Although the playstation was a very good system and so was xbox, xbox is way better.
Yeah! Not Xbox 180, or any number. Just Xbox. This is the first Xbox ever invented by Microsoft. PlayStation is better.
This is my favorite gaming system no matter what. It had games such as wipeout, forza motorsports (favorite was 3) and who could for get the memorablr dead or alive.

16PlayStation Portable (PSP)

See, I was one of those kids who had a Dreamcast instead of a PS2. And, despite it dying young, it is my favorite game console. The console was made when Sega was really desperate and failing after the Sega Saturn. This led to the creation of one of the most creative game consoles ever made, and one of the best game line ups. The games that were on the system were unique, and on occasion, beyond weird. Examples are Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5, and Seaman. The controller is one of the most unique and most comfortable ever made. VMU baby! Just in general, unique is the best word to describe this console is unique.
The Dreamcast was a great system until the PlayStation 2 crushed it. But without the Dreamcast, revolutionary video game elements of a console would not exist. The Dreamcast was the first ever video game system to go online, which would later be implemented to the PS2, XBOX and so on. So, Dream on.
My cousin had PlayStation 2 in his house. I thought that was amazing. But I seen Sonic Adventure gameplay, and I completly forget about PS2. This console had hits like as mentioned, Sonic Adventure, Shemnue, Crazy Taxi, Phantasy Star Online, Space Channel 5 and Sonic Adventure sequel. This was the revolution.

18Nintendo DS
So many great games! Pokemon, Mario, starfy, and much more!
To harry yeah it did
I have a feeling that this is gonna beat ps2 in sales...


19PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita is better than PlayStation Portable!
PlayStation Vita is the best.

20Game Boy Advance
It was so annoying. Princess Daisy was only in one of them. What's with Pokemon: Ruby & Sapphire being the GBA bestseller? I prefer Mario Advance 4 to be the bestseller. In fact, all the Super Mario Advance games were unreasonably more bestselling than Super Mario All Stars.

I don't think it's a console, it's more a device.


Best thing ever invented besides basketball and volleyball
These things are so addictive!

22Game Boy Advance SP
That sound when you turn it on... Ah nostalgia

23Game Boy

24Power Kracker 2013

25Game Boy Pocket

You had one job...
What I'm on now
This isn't a game system. But it has game apps, so... Ok.

27Game Boy Color
Still the best selling and best received game system ever
No it's not the best selling game system ever.

28iPhone 5

29iPod Touch

30Nintendo 3DS XL

31Atari 2600
One of the classics. We had many awesome games like Space Invaders, Pitfall, Pitfall 2 and -insert ironic joke here-. It's awesome for it's time (like 1977 or something).

This is a video game not a system but I still love it.


33Chintendo Vii
The Chinese love this system!


35Sega Master System
You can't forget this one!

36Nintendo DSi

37Sega CD
The Angry Video Game Nerd Said Is A Peace Of Garbage


Although it failed the sega cd had some great games like Sonic CD, Sol Feace, The Terminator and Batman Returns

38Samsung Galaxy S4
I just love the HD big screen. Games like Clash of Clans work like a treat. definitely good.

39Sega Saturn
Even through Saturn failed, some people still love it. It could be saved by Sonic X-Treme, but they cancelled this game, so there wasn't 3D Sonic Game (exception of Sonic R). But we had games that we loved.

40Panasonic 3DO




You can't go wrong with one of the most classic consoles ever

45Neo Geo CD

46Sega Game Gear

47Atari Lynx

48Sega 32X

49Sega Nomad

50Action Max

51Brown Box

52Sega Sg-1000
Technological marvel for its day

53Atari Jaguar
Nice looking console but bad


54Neo Geo
My history teacher had this and how could she afford £500? Well its still a good console but a bit expensive


55Plug & Play

56Philips CD-i

57Xbox One
Laugh out loud it's 40th ( as of late May 2014 )

The Xbox one has a bad name and the wii you is much better than this. Xbox is more for movies and the internet, and it's such a waste of money for a big black box

UPDATE: i actually think its an ok dystem now. More games than the ps4. And of course this is better than any smartpgone or tablet or ipod...

It isnt as good as the wii u though


This system is doing a LOT better now, better thank Microsoft for removing Kinect, it has much better games now and a cheaper price, developers are now even with PS4 and Xbox ONE, so we should see some more titles for this system.
The Trash Box One


I love the user-friendly and ease of all iPhones. The just keep getting better. I have no complaints about the iPhone except that they come out with newer versions so quickly it's just mind boggling how many new features that apple can master and create. It's wonderful and I look forward to each new version. Thanks apple!
You can almost do anything an iPhone/iPod touch. This is a great present to get.

59Panasonic Q
It's a Gamecube and DVD Player In one It should be number 1

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