Top Ten Video Game Systems of All Time

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21Xbox One

Laugh out loud it's 40th ( as of late May 2014 )

The Xbox one has a bad name and the wii you is much better than this. Xbox is more for movies and the internet, and it's such a waste of money for a big black box

UPDATE: i actually think its an ok dystem now. More games than the ps4. And of course this is better than any smartpgone or tablet or ipod...

It isnt as good as the wii u though - Harri666

This system is doing a LOT better now, better thank Microsoft for removing Kinect, it has much better games now and a cheaper price, developers are now even with PS4 and Xbox ONE, so we should see some more titles for this system.

Well your lucky you said okay cause I was about to rage why I hate this system out of all the Microsoft consoles. - htoutlaws2012

The Kinect announcement just had to coincide with the American NSA surveillance scandal... - marmalade_skies

This should at least be number 2!

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22PlayStation Vita

Why is the vita number 23? I have one and the graphics are amazing and has plenty of games. Great portable device.

With smart phones playing games, movies and music, most consumers didn't feel the need to have a second PSP. - marmalade_skies

PlayStation Vita is better than PlayStation Portable!

PlayStation Vita is the best.

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23Game Boy Advance SP

That sound when you turn it on... Ah nostalgia


I don't think it's a console, it's more a device. - bestgamer

Best thing ever invented besides basketball and volleyball

If this was a consle it would be considered the worst consle of all time becase 1 worst game liabery ever 2 very last gen power

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25Atari 2600

One of the classics. We had many awesome games like Space Invaders, Pitfall, Pitfall 2 and -insert ironic joke here-. It's awesome for it's time (like 1977 or something).

One of the most successful and innovative. Just because it is not modern, it does not mean it is bad. Needs to be #1, not 31. - floridiancat

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27Nintendo 3DS XL
28Sega Saturn

While it failed and removed Sega from the console market, some games are so cool like NiGHTS into Dreams.

Sega Saturn was a fail but it did have some good games like sonic jam and nights into dreams - spodermanfan1000

Sonic X-Treme would have been way better than Sonic Adventure.

30Game Boy Pocket
31Power Kracker 2013
32Game Boy Color

Still the best selling and best received game system ever

No it's not the best selling game system ever.

One of the best made games for this console


Without arcades, there wouldn't have been a chance for Atari to bring the 2600 to life.

35Neo Geo

My history teacher had this and how could she afford £500? Well its still a good console but a bit expensive - Harri666

36Nintendo DSi
37iPhone 5
38Chintendo Vii

Should Be Higher Then Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii Ripped Off The Chintendo Vii

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40Plug & Play
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