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Bowser - The Mario Franchise
Bowser described in a nutshell, is the Darth Vader of video games. His look, his role in the Mario universe, sure he's always doing the same thing, kidnapping Princess Peach in order to controll the Mushroom Kingdom, but his rivalry with the iconic protagonist only makes him an even better character. If you ever mention video game villains, Bowser is usually the first to come to mind.
The king of the Koopas is by far the coolest video game villain of all time.
I think he's most definitely the cuteest bad guy but he can be very annoying


[Newest]He's not really a villain I mean he's just so easy to beat and follows the same routine

2Ganondorf - The Zelda Franchise
he never dies even with a sword stabbed in his heart or head ude
till "killing" him rocks
This should be number notice I didn't say he but ganondorf wants to kill every body and rule the earth while bowser just wants peach and ganondorf has been revised som many times
aside from the joker, this should be #1

3The Joker - Batman: Arkham City
The Joker is a villian who has been around since the 1940s. He is one of the most iconic and consistently popular characters in popular culture ever. Mark Hamill has provided the character with the best voice possible for nearly 20 years.
The thing that makes Joker so difficult to defeat, and so awesome, is his unpredictability. He causes destruction for the sake of destruction. Will he target one guy? Will he target a whole city? You'll never know. If that doesn't make a villain, what does?


The greatest villain of all time
[Newest]I like the Joker and all, but I don't think it would be fair to call him a video game villain. Probably a comic book villain or something of that nature.

4GlaDOS - Portal
Bowser, Ganondorf, etc. are fine, but they're boring. They're just generic "I'm the bad guy who wants to take over the world" villains. GlaDOS is so much more. Out of these villains, she's the most interesting because despite her being a robot, she's the most human. She has motivations for her actions, but they're different than "I want to take over the world". Her character is complex, sometimes she hates the player, other times she is amused by the player, other times you can even catch a bit of sympathy. Her character has a level of depth unmatched by the generic "TAKE OVER THE WORLD! " villains that plague video games today.
Sigh. GLaDOS should be #1. She's funny, psychopathic, and while usually sadistic, she does have a degree of humanity in her, although if you told her that, she'd kill you with a deadly neurotoxin.
Now, this artificial intelligence discovered to like killing people. And so she does with her test subjects. You, the protagonist, have the bad luck to be one of them.
[Newest]Not only is she villainous, but she is hilarious. Just look up her humor

5Eggman - The Sonic Franchise
I shall always remember Death egg robot, metal sonic, and omega

6Andrew Ryan - Bioshock
The best kind of villain is one who Is evIl but Is humanIzed and that you can sympathize with and nobody fits that description better than Andrew Ryan.
He is an amazing character who is so twisted that he almost convinces you he's right. He's a dominating and charismatic personality, indeed.

7Albert Wesker - The Resident Evil Franchise
How can you not vote for him? Bad ass. Enough said.
He's also a pain in the ass to beat if you don't have
A infinite rocket launcher. I looked at my stats and he got
The most kills off of me. He killed me exactly 52 times. So yeah,
Get infinite rocket launcher.
Not only is Wesker an original villain but also the coolest due to the fact he's in control of the virus in a way and the sunglasses add on to it
The best villains of all time

8Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII
Nobody is more badass than Sephiroth. Everything he does and says is awesome. He has the coolest sword ever too. Anyone who doesn't think he should be #1 either hasn't played FF7 or is an idiot.
Are you kidding me? This guy has gitta b the most badas villain calling has ever seen. Check other polls. Full find him to b the toughest villain to find his way into games

9Dr. Wily - Mega Man
Beware of Goo from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends!


10Super Dimento - Super Paper Mario

The Contenders

11Ridley - Metroid Franchise

12Vaas Montenegro - Far Cry 3
This guy is so awesome! He should be at top 10
Vaas was the best villain in any game... the first time I played FarCry 3 the begging was a twist. I thought it was real but it was Vaas showing me a video. If Vaas was real, I think he would be about the same as Hitler in evil.
An absolutely insane character, no doubt the greatest villain from any videogame.

13Vladmir Makarov - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & 3
You guys are all crazy, Makarov killed more people in one airport massacre then the rest of the villains on this list combined in their lifetime.
Makarov is one hell of a bad guy. He slaughtered dozens of people in an airport, killed 30,000 men with a nuke and killed Soap Mctavish.
A cold blooded killer who isn't above big airport massacres. "Remember, no Russian".


[Newest]He has made a massacre come on!

14Handsome Jack - Borderlands
A man who truly believes he is the hero all the while caging and forcing his daughter to help wake a monster to commit mass genocide and when you finally kill him, he still haunting Pandora as an A.I. what a great villain.
Also sticks around with you the whole game and just loves to mock you and threaten you in the end you get sweet sweet revenge.
Complete bastard, just someone you love to hate.

15Kefka Palazzo - Final Fantasy VI
Actually did what every other villain tried to do
This psychopath is AWESOME!


Oh god that laugh he has...

16Flood - Halo
relentless KILL ALL LIVING BEINGS attitude
Awesome villans and they're zombies how awesome is that. In Halo 4 the flood are terrifiying. I'm just glad they made them look and sound scary instead of just making them spartans with energy swords like in Reach.
When it comes to villainy, it's hard to beat the flood. But on another note, Ganondorf and even Eggman are WAY better villains than Bowser!

17Fawful - Mario and Luigi Series
For me fawful was awful.(see what I did there? )
He wants to take over the world. Big deal. If only that were all to this villain. This is THE funniest character in history. Period. Just listen to these lines.

"Snack on my wrath, fink-rats! "

"You inhaled like the hungry syrup pig at the all you can eat pancake buffet."

"All who resist will be beaten like naughty little eggs."

"The mustard of your DOOM! "

"I have chortles! "


He's much more than just memorable lines, too. He's a genius, and, like Gruntilda, a green cackling b*tch of a chatterbox. He gave Cackletta the power to live on. Inside Bowser... With boobs...

He found the Dark Star and almost destroyed the mushroom kingdom with it. HE NEEDS TO COME BACK! Come on, he's survived exploding. TWICE!

18Bowser Jr. - The Mario Franchise
Why is Bowser Jr here? He's just a whiny brat with an utterly annoying voice.
Bowser Junior is way better than his dad. his dad should be second. Bowser Junior ahould be number one. Bowser Junior is the one laughing in your face for the entire adventure ever since Super Mario Sunshine, not Bowser! Bowser is just there to steal away the final boss basttle!


Err, I think all the koopalings should replace this annoying bratty ugly turtle dragon. Just saying.

19Porky - Earthbound
I hate this guy so much, he manipulated ness, killed Lucas's mom and brother and caused wreak havoc on the whole WORLD
At least Giygas has redeeming factors.

20Ganon - The Legend of Zelda Franchise
He's on the list twice? Wow. He's that good?

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